Prod is at the mall

???: hey stranger
Craig: huh?*turns around* Keyera, hey!
Keyera: wasup?
Craig: nuthin much, u?
Keyera: yeah, and umm-(gco)
???: Kea, lets go!
Keyera: but im still-(gco)
Keyera: yes, Daddy *look at Craig with "help me" eyes* bye *walks off with her dad*

Craig pov
This girl is really beautiful but everytime i talk 2 her, she looks scared, and *puts his hand in his jean pocket and pulls out something* i still have her bracelet?!


Craig getting out the shop and gets bumped by some1

???: im sorry *runs away*
Craig: Keyera!! *runs after her*

Keyera turns the other corner and pulls Craig her way (its a dark alley)

Keyera: what the fuck is ur problem!?
Craig: my problem!? What the hell is ur problem!?
Keyera: what problem?
Craig: u robbing shops, are u 4 real?
Keyera: dont judge me, okay?
Craig: sorry but why are u doing this?
Keyera: psshh, its not like u gonna help me anyway
Craig: u not sure bout that
Keyera: *chuckles* what? U tryna be 'MR Nice Guy'?
Craig: no, im just caring and FYI, I hate seeing people hurt
Keyera: oh! *suprised* umm...
Craig: so u gonna answer me?
Keyera: look... I dont get all these things u get 2 survive okay? I have 2 fight! I've been fighting my whole life!*gets teary eyed* so who are you 2 judge me? Huh?
Craig: im sorry-(gco)
Keyera: *now crying* u dont know wat i go through everyday, wat i do everyday so dont just-(gco)
Craig: im so sorry ok? Im sorry *hugs her*
Keyera: i hate it! I hate it! I hate it!