Girls except Alexis: Thanks!
Walter: Come on boys it's time to start the show
Boys: Okay Walter!
Roc: So we'll see you girls later?
Mary: Fuck yeah you will! >:)
Prince: *laughs* Okay later
Boys: *Walks away*
Girls: *gose to their seats*
Announcer: Everybody give it up for......MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!
Crowd: *cheers*
Prod: Mrs.Right? I gotta find......Her......Her.....Her!
Alexis: Mohawk i'm right here!
Prod: *smiles*
Random girl: Prodigy smiled at me!
Alexis: No bitch he smiled at me!!
Random girl: *frowns*
MB: Where is mrs.right? I gotta see her travel all across the world just to meet her
Roc: Who wants to be MY mrs.right?
Crowd: ME!!!
Random girl: Pick me ROC!!!
Roc: I'll pick you *points to victoria*
Random girl: Lucky bitch
Alexis: Don't be jealous whore
Victoria: *gets on stage*
Prod: *grabs Alexis' hand*
Ray: *grabs mary's hand*
Prince: *gets off the stage and walks up to Jessica* Jessica?
The music stops and the crowd gose silent
Jessica: Yes princeton?
Prince: Will you be my Mrs.Right?
Jessica: Forever and always! <3
Crowd: Awwwww..........
Prince: *picks up Jessica bridal style*
The show is over and the girls are backstage with Mindless Behavior
Mary: Man, yall show was drippin'
Roc: Drippin'????
Victoria: She's Tryna start a new slang word.
Ray: What dose drippin' mean?
Mary: You know cool, sweet?
Roc: Ohhhhhh..........
Ray: So do you guys want our numbers?
Victoria: Sure!
Jessica: That would be awesone sauce
The guys and girls exchange numbers with one another.
Keisha: Boys it's time for the girls to go home
Prod: Can they stay please?
Keisha: The only way they can stay if ALL their parents say "YES!"
Boys: *looks at girls*
Alexis: WHAT?!?
Prince: Call your parents
Mary: How long is the tour?
Prod: It's not a year tour
Alexis: *laughs* How long is it?:
Ray: Six months
Mary: What about school?
Roc: Home schooling
Jessica: Who's the gardian???
Prince: The who?
Alexis: you know the person in charge
Ray: Oh, Keisha and Walter
The girls call their parents and they all said yes and then the tour bus went to girls houses so they could get their clothes and other things.
Mary: So what do we do now?
Roc: Go to the mall?
prince: What your problems?
Alexis: *grabs prince's shirts* AFRO DO I LOOK LIKE I GOT A PROBLEM???
Prince: No mama
Alexis: *lets go* Oh, iight
Prod: Let's get to know each other
Alexis: I'm Alexis or Lexi
Jessica: I'm Jessica or Jess
Mary: I'm just Mary -_-
Victoria: And i'm Victoria or Tori
Prod: Nice! i'm prodigy
Prince: i'm Princeton
Roc: i'm Roc Royal
Ray: I'm Ray Ray
Walter: why don't you guys say one interesting fact about youselfs?
Prod: i'm always hungry
Ray: I like tacos
Roc: I like rapping
Prince: I like Nikki Minaj
Victoria: I like turtles
Jessica: I like SPONGEBOB!
Mary: I like Justin Combs
Alexis: I like music
You guys are having a good time at the mall (cause your there now) and here come ___________ and the drama.

Quick note:
If you like Prod your Alexis
If you like Prince your Jessica
If you like Roc Your Victoria
If you like Ray your Mary