at school
prince n dray
dray-wat class do i hav 1st
dray-ill just go 2 watevr.

me n ray
ray-do i hav math or french 1st?!
ray-oh. rite.

tay n prod
tay-im going 2 science
prod-u got language 1st

bree n roc
roc-bye im going 2 class
roc-no spanish
bree-wat do i hav?!
bree-oh okay!

at home
bree tay ray n dray-I CNT BELIEVE WE WENT 2 THE RONG CLASSES!!!!
me-ray did u evn listen 2 me?!
me-no u ddnt!
ray-okay im sorry!
me-smh *goes upstairs 2 do homework*
roc-did u listen 2 me?
bree-psshht yeah!!
roc-*grabs her waist* bree!!!
bree-okay i ddnt!
roc-okay thn! *goes upstairs 2 study*
prod-i already kno wat u did!
tay-i ddnt want 2 see tht teacher!
prod-okay *goes upstairs 2 watch tv*
prince-i dnt blame u. cuz u ddnt kno

at table nobdy says anythng
prince-soooo u guyz havnt worked ths out
me-u tell me randy!
ray-oh come on i said sorry!
me-okay *sarcasim* im sorry 2!
prod-tay should hav knwn bttr
tay-but i-
prod-u should hav just went n not said ANYTHNG
tay-thts not how i do!
prod-we all kno tht
tay-r u accusing me of sumthng>!
prod-nope. just being stupid *leaves table*
tay-*sits there shocked*
roc-tht goes 4 u 2 breonica!
roc-yhu ddnt u listen 2 me! i had ur scheduale in my locker!
bree-*blushes* whoops!
roc-rite *leaves table*
me-y di-
ray-b4 u say sht can i tlk 2 u?
me-smh fine

in hallway
ray-im sorry i ddnt listen 2 u.
me-*crosses arms n looks at wall*

my pov
looking at the wall fasinates me

ray's pov
looking at her givs me bad ideas *hint hint*

ray-plz 4giv me?
me-*keeps staring at wall*
ray-kay? *takes my hand*
me-*snatches it away* dnt touch me
ray-im sorry!
ray-come on kay! y u gtta be so-
me-*turns head 2 him* so wat?! huh?! tell me cuz i wnna kno!!!!!
me-no tell me!!! i wnt 2 hear wat u hav 2 say!!!
ray-i said nothng
me-okay thn. *leaves n goes upstairs*
ray-*stays there*

at table
dray-im tired
prince-me 2. wnna go 2 bed
dray-sorry! i meant tired of ALL the drama going on in ths house!!!
dray-NOW i wnna go 2 bed!!
prince-lol okay! *carries her upstairs*

the next day *saturday* nobdy tlks 2 each othr but dray n prince

in livng room where evryone wtchng a movie.
tay-*mumbles* so boring
prod-well thn leave if u dnt lik it!
tay-who waz tlkng 2 u?! tell me tht prod!
prod-my name's NOT prod montasia! *leaves room*

evrybdy pov
wen we call each othr by their real names we're pizzed off

ray-im with prod *leaves*
prince-come on yall!
evrybdy-STAY OUT OF THS!
dray-*mumbles* God help us!!!!
prince-*laughs queitly*
roc-come on ray stay! i mean its a good movie! n i dnt wnna be in here alone!
prince-u got me!
roc-but u still with yo girl
bree-so u sayn we broken up?!
bree-u said he still with his girl!
roc-i meant...they arent fightng!
bree-smh watevr! *plays with charlie*
roc-*rolss eyes*
ray-im going 2 tha studio ths is just 2 much drama
me-bye randy
ray-*stops n turns around* bye Kenzie
me-*glares at him*
ray-*givs me look i cnt describe n leaves*
me-UGGG! HE GETS ON MY NERVES!! *goes upstairs*
me-*coming dwnstairs* bye guyz!
dray-where i going?!
me-2 pick up the twins
tay-k bye!

at studio
ray-hey keisha
keisha-2day iz ur day off!!
ray-ik. but problems at home
keisha-oh! wnna drop a beat
walter-*comes in* ray sum girl wnna see u.
walter-sumbdy who u go 2 school with
ray-okay *goes out n see's girl who always tlks 2 him*
ray-wat do u want?
girl-nothng. well ur autograph
ray-*signs CD n poster*
girl-thnks! *turns 2 leave*
ray-wait! hwere u going?
ray-uh...c-can u stay? *puts hand on back of his head*
girl-sure! my name iz Mari
ray-well nice 2 meet u mari!
mari-u 2
ray-*takes her hand n leads her 2 break room where they tlk n stuff*

at home aftr i get the twins
here u guys go! home sweet home!
roc-awww! they cute! wats they names again?
me-1st born Brazil 2nd India (those r wat im gnna name my real children)
dray-yeah but still dray would be a cute name 4-
me-shut up! *goes upstairs with twins*

at studio
mari-4real?! u did tht?!
ray-lol yeah! but i kno u frm somewhere
mari-i hang out at TH
ray-TH! now i remember u!
mari-yeah n i go there cuz my bf make me mad so i leave n go there
ray-i do 2.
mari-so i broke up with him
ray-i cnt. we're engaged n i luv her but she's 2 difficult 4 me 2 handle!!!
ray-n kids
mari-wow! how many
ray-2. their twins
mari-oh i got twins 2.
ray-do u hav custody?
ray-y not?
mari-he snuck in2 my house n put drugs in there so i cnt hav my own kids!!! who knos wat he's doing 2 thm! *cries*
ray-*pulls her in2 a hug*
mari-thts okay im fine
ray-*cups her head n his hands n wipes away her tears n looks in2 her eyes*
mari-*looks him in the eye n they bothe lean in 4 a kiss but thn*
alana-OH H3LL NAWL!!!
alana-SHOOT YO ASS N RUN LIK H3LL!!!!!!!!!
ray n mari shoot away frm each othr
alana-*tries 2 calm dwn n speaks thrgh gritted teeth* y the h3ll did kay call me tllng me ur mad at her
ray-she mad cuz i ddnt go 2 the rite class.
ray-*mumbles* cuz she's a-
mari-*whispers so only he can here her* ray!
ray-*blushes* sorry. *louder* cuz i ddnt listen 2 her wen she told me which class 2 go 2.
alana-stupid azz!!!
cassidy-n u!
alana-no the easter bunny! DUH U!!
cassidy-i got my eye on u!
alana-uggg! u kno wat! u make me sick! BOTH of u! lets go cassidy! *leave*
alana-*comes back* oh n tell tht trick u with @my twitter name so i kno its real! *leaves*

at home
knock on door
me-*gets off the floor in living room with twins 2 open door* hey guyz!
alana-he with a trick
cassidy-i snuck a photo *shows pic where they almost kissed*
me-*tears in my eyes*
alana-aww boo! dnt get mad!! *hugs me*
cassidy-i can get u another man!
me-i dnt want another one!!
alana-u need time alo-AHHHH!
me n cassidy jump
alana-ROC! I LUV UUUUU!!!! *jumps on him knocking him 2 floor*
roc-uh...i luv u 2?
alana-*gets out fone n takes a pic* HE SAID HE LUVD ME!!!!!
me-*pulls her off him*
alana-if tht girl dnt work out im here!! i always will be!!!!! call me! *leaves with cassidy*
me-ikr. *starts cryng again*
roc-*hugs me* dnt cry kay!
me-he's a cheater
roc-dnt tell me
me-YES!!!! *cries evn harder*
roc-*sits me dwn on couch n i cry on him 4 a long time*
me-*aftr i stop cryng a little* thnks roc
roc-np. i hope u guys work ths out
me-yeah rite
roc-*ruffles my hair n leaves*
ray-*comes in n almost goes upstairs but sees me cryng* u okay?
me-leave me alone ray!!!
ray-but y r u cryng?
me-ur a cheater!
ray-wat u mean?

ray's pov

me-*gets out fone n shows him pic cassidy sent 2 me*
ray-im sorry! u were so mad at me n thn she came in n idk wat hppnd but we were going thrgh the same thng n she understood n thn she broguht up her bf n n started cryng n she reminded me of u cuz u cry a lot n im sorry kenzie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me-my. name. iz. kay. use it!!!!
ray-*sighs* fine
me-oh n tell tht trick u with-

ray's pov
not again

me-tht im coming 4 her

ray's pov
whew...WAIT WAT?!

me-u luv her!
ray-no i luv u!!!
me-no u dnt!! cuz u wouldnt hav tried 2 kiss her!
ray-*silence as he picks up India* hey india!
me-put her dwn
ray-she iz my child 2
me-were u pregnate 4 nine months n went thrgh labor pains n did u giv birth 2 thm?! idts!!!
ray-okay. if thts how u wnt it!!! *hands india ovr 2 me*
me-wat do u mean?!
me-tell me wat u mean!
ray-it nothng *turns on tv*
me-*sits there n stares at him* r u crazy?! tell me!!!!
me-*starts hitting him* TELL ME WAT U MEAN!
ray-*groans n picks me up n slams me on wall* stfu im not going 2 tell u n y dnt u just leave me alone?! its 4 the best! also i dnt luv her! ur the one i want 2 be with!
me-tell me wat u mean!!!
ray-*rolls eyes* no! ur gnna find out
me-TELL ME NOW!!!!
ray-*sighs* ur spoiled.
me-tf?! no im not!
ray-yes u r n i dnt do children! *puts me dwn n walks out house*
me-*stands their 2 shocked 2 do anythng*
prod-*comes dwnstairs* heyyyyy-r u okay?

with ray
mari-u back?! hood missed u!
ray-lol! n i missed u-i mean TH 2!
mari-*givs him sly smile* so wifey problems?
ray-*sigh* yep
mari-me 2-i mean not wifey problems but bf problems im not lik tht n idk y i said it cuz u kno me! im not-no way-its-
ray_*cuts her off by kissing her*
mari-*oulls away* omg! u kissed me!

mari's pov

mari-nice! i hvnt been kissed lik tht n 4evr!
ray-lol sorry!
mari-wats going on with u n wifey?
ray-she's mad! i ddnt evn do anythng rong!!!
mari-mine 2. he wont evn lemme see my kids
ray-she wouldnt lemme pick up one!
mari-wow. harsh.
mari-im glad i found sumbdy who kno's wat im going thrgh.
ray-me 2. cuz i need sumone

at home in my room
me-i hate him!!!!!! @&&#&*#!!!!!!!! *#&&#&$!!!!!! &%^*&#%!!!!!!!
bree-bad language 2 speak around yo chitlens!! *motions head 2 twins*
me-sorry! im just mad
bree-y? iz it yo cheater bf?
me-*stops pacing* how did u kno?!
bree-all ovr blogs n stuff. thank cassidy n alana
me-btchs!!!!!! *calls thm*
me-wat did yall do?!
cassidy-*in background* we let the world kno his secret!!!
alana-cuz of wat he did. y u mad?!

my pov
i could practicly FEEL alana smiling on the othr side of the fone.

alana-okay. ur wish iz my command! *hangs up*
me-heh heh!!!!

ray-*comes in*
dray-*sitting at kitchen table waitng 4 him* where hav u been
ray-*jumps at the sound of her voice* dang! y u tryng 2 scare ppl?!
ray-i was out at TH
dray-y? aftr wat hppnd between u n kay n wat almost hppnd 2 her, u should hav learned ur lesson!
ray-my life my decisions
dray-well how about ths one? *throws magizine on table n it opens 2 page where it says in bold letters, MINDLESS CHEATER*
ray-sht! *closes book n holds on 2 it*
dray-n u can thank 3 ppl
ray-i kno who they r. *goes upstairs 2 our room*

me n ray
me-*playng with twins* hey baby! ur so cute!! yes u r! yes u r!
ray-*burst in room slamming door in2 wall*
me-wats rong with u?!
ray-i dnt want u 2 tlk 2 me evr again. not 2 look at me touch me NOTHNG EVRY AGAIN because we're done
me-*stands up* Y?!
ray-*ignores me n almost walks out but i block his path*
ray-*pushes me 2 side n i grab his arm n pulls him back in the room n closes it*
ray-open the door!
me-no! y r we ovr?!
ray-im a cheater remember?! a Mindless Cheater
me-well thts wat u get!!!
ray-n ths is wat u get!
me-no!!!!! its not! i ddnt do anythng rong!!!
ray-watevr. *rolls eyes*
me-dnt roll ur eyes!!!!!! tell me wat i did!
ray-*throws magizine in my face* thts wat u did!
me-no i ddnt! alana n casssidy did it!!!
ray-yeah rite
me-i ddnt do anythng!

my pov
okay so yeah i did tell the publishers wat hppnd but still...its not ALL my fault

ray-just leave me alone Kenzie
me-0_0. u-u called me k-k-enzie
ray-duh?! iz anythng going on in ur brain?! or r u tht dilusional?!
me-y did u-
me-O_O. i-i-im sorry!
ray-no ur not
me-*tryng not 2 cry* yes i am!!!! im sorry!!! im sorry im sorry! how many times i gtta say it 4 u 2 believe me?!
ray-nothng u say or do iz gnna make me 4giv u.
me-plz randy
ray-*givs me a death glare* my name iz ray. dnt 4get.

my pov
i admitt i was kind of sorry 4 ray but still y iz he overreacting?!

me-*puts my head dwn 2 avoid it* sorry.
ray-*sits on bed n plays with twins*
me-*watchs thm n sees how happy he iz playng with thm but thn i start 2 cry so i lock myself in the bathroom*

ray's pov
no way. u guyz cnt make me.

ray-*rolls eyes* overdramitic
india n brazil-*goes 2 sleep*

ray's pov
they r so adorable. just lik their mom...

me-*comes out bathroom n sees ray putting thm in their cribs n i try not 2 cry so i bite my lip but thn starts back 2 cry n goes in bathroom again*

in bathroom

my pov
i meesed up. he hates me. no way can i take back wat i did! n wat about all those mad fans who hate him now?! uggg! i knw wat i got 2 do.

me-*gets out razor* hello old friend.