hey sorry it took me soooooooo long to post this my computer was messing up so im going to make this one long n today is my birthday ahhhhhhhhh im 14 bitches lol jk well bak to the story

still at dance class
mr.dd:r these boys going to be dancing with yall n the show
me:nawww th-(GCO)
girlz:yea they r
mr:dd:ok now this is how its goin own boys yall dance first then nas n breezy then yall 2 ok
mr.dd:now go boys go*plays music*
they dance like this link
us:woo woo go sexy
they stop now nas n breezys dance like this link
us:go go go do that dance lol
they stop then me n kay go
we dance like this link
princeton n prod:god damn
breezy:go yall*high 5s us*
nas:good*high 5s us*
mr.dd:ok now i wont prod with kay,roc with breezy,ray with nas,n alana with princeton
mr.dd:look only 2 people can have the same outfit so it would have to be lik alana n kay together with prod n princeton
kay:do nas n breezy with roc n ray
me:god never new i would work with my bro
prod:shut up lil girl
prod:*looks away*
mr.dd:lol yall kids get the hell out n think of a dance
me & kay:we hungry
breezy:how about we get-(GCO)
roc n ray:no no how about w-(GCO)
me:niggas lets get mexican
prince:oh yea
everyone:lol ok

we get food n come back 2 me n prods house
me:hey yall all want to have a sleep over
prod:only if my boys can stay
girls:lets go put 4 p.js on
we run up stairs n come bak down
nas link
me link
breezy link
kay link
us:we know
boys:lol wat eve
breezy:lets play spin the b-(GCO)
roc:*kisses her*i win
prince:*kisses me*
everyone:O_O wow
me:ummm i uhhhh
nas:go get yo man
ray:so yall go out
prince:i asked her to be my girl
breezy:girl if u dont go over there n say yes ima kick u
me:*laughs*ok ok*gets up n walks 2 princeton*prince
me:i would love 2 be ur gf
prince:yay.....i mean cool
me:*laughs n kisses him*
eb:ewwww get a room
me:*gives them the the nigga stfu look*nigga stfu lol pervs over there sucking each others lips off*looks at breezy n roc*
eb:*laughs*ok ok damn
kay:hah boys r sleeping out here*runs 2 my room*
me,breezy,nas:hellz yea*runs 2 my room*
roc:open this door
me:umm let me think about it uhhhh naw*like off of my wife n kids lol*
roc:ugggg fine
kay:lol yall want to dance
breezy:hell yea since alana got this big ass mirror n her room
nas:ikr lol
me:lol i want to go first
me:*starts dancing like this link *
them:get it girl
me:lol now who next
kay:*starts to dance like this link *
us:go girl
kay:ahhh i killed it
breezy n nas:lol shut up it my turn
us:well damn ok
breezy:wait u know that dance we made up
nas:no.....wait oh yea lets do tat
breezy:kk we going to dance together
us:ok go nigglets lol
they dance like this link
us:oh sexy sexy
boys:*looking in window at us n say*damnnnnnn
us:get the fuck out u prevs
boys:plzzzzzz can we stay
me:hellz nope*smiles*
prince:dont be like that baby
me:lol watt eve old man
breezy:just kiss u nigglets
everyone:*kisses the GFs n BFs*
me:now nigglets get the hellz out my room so i can get my damn sleep
me:lol ikr now go*pushes them out my room*
prince:can i stay
me:let me think about it..uhhhhh naw*like off of my wife n kids*lol *kisses him n closes the door*
everyone:*goes to sleep*