so this is involed with mindless behavior and just other girls,

princeton-ray get the door[someone is knocking]

ray-no u get the door

princeton[u is a lazy bitch]

ray[so what] meanwhile ray finally answered the door]

ray-it`s rockeal

princeton-hey baby

rockeal-hey what are we doing today

princeton-we are going to go to the movies


prod-comes running downstairs

princeton-prod where is roc

prod-upstair`s taking a shower


ray-i`m hungry

prod-then order some pizza here is 20 dollar`s

roc-good morning everybody

everybody-good moring roc

then it becomes night time

princeton-so rockeal want to u know

rockeal-is it going to hurt

princeton-hell no my dick is not that big

rockeal-no never mind

princeton-i havent gottan any in awhile
[so princeton crawls on top of rockeal and start kissing her on her neck and lip`s]

rockeal-princeton stop


[so meanwhile princeton pick up rockeal and take her to the bedroom]

princeton-started kissing rockeal

rockeal-stop,stop uggh stop princeton
[so princeton take off his pant`s and shirt]

rockeal-ur dick is good


rockeal-take off her pants and shirt and undearwear and bra]

princeton-oh yea suck it ohhhhhhh


so then pro and ray and roc catch princeton and rockeal in the bed ]

the end.....................