Chresanto August(Spiffy Nigga)
Chresanto August (Roc a.k.a daddy or papa):29
Bubba(Bonnie a.k.a You):27

What You Looked Like:
Your brazilian,dominican,cuban Nd black,your gorgeous you have honey blonde eyes,big,poofy,fluffy eyelashes, your lips were small Nd plumped big dimples(front Nd back),you have a beatiful brazilian hour glass framed body,your hair was golden brown

having a niggacan be duh most comforting feeling in duh world when your not safe think again his arms will always make you feel safe no matter what happens.Duh relationship ain't always easy mostly because dere mean as attitude duh aggression always pays off duh bedroom
I was a home chillen Nd laying down on duh me Nd Chresanto's couch we had just got into a fight over some stupid shit 2 him it was no biggy but if yo ass was dere you would've been pissed duh fuck off 2
Me Nd Chresanto just got back from duh club 2 hours ago so his stupid ass niggas thought it would be funny 2 throw one of dey fucking bitches green dirty ass underwear at our table and belive me duh shit was really stupid but you know i was good my ass done kept quiet dough but duh thing dat set me off was when Chresanto grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth and started swinging it around duh shit smelled liked damn wetness Nd c*m i swear 2 god den he took it out his mouth Nd passed it 2 me i looked at dis nigga like"bitch i know yo ass didn't"shit i picked it up and flunged it to his nigga's lil hoeish ass bitch and drank my scotch like a lil boss you are SHIT IS BOUT TO GO DOWN......
As we got out of duh club Nd said bye 2 his nigga's Nd dere hoes i smacked duh shit outta duh back of his head Nd whisperd"puta(bitch)" he looked down at me Nd whisperd back in my ear"you 2"i stuck up duh middle finger and walked to duh car swaying my hips Nd with the responded of my hips"bitch youain't get none if dis body"he rubbed his hands Nd got in duh car Nd sped of home soon as we got home went in duh house shit i went off on dis nigga Nd things were thrown things were said Chres grabbed his keys Nd left ha ha BITCH
I sat down Nd started to watch t.v while playing with my nails Chres knows i hate fighting i ain't dat type of person i layed down and closed my eyes while listening to Erika beating duh shit out of Julie off duh Bgc Reunion 5 hours later Chres came back nd i was knocked duh fuck out dead sleep Chres sighed under his breath he picked me up and cared me to our bedroom nd tucked me in bed"i told you not 2 come back Chres"i mumbled while turning duh other way around still having my eyes closed he slightly smiled and layed on my stomach playing wit my hands"welp my names on duh lease so i can come whenever i want"you rolled ur eyes and played with his curls"mmh whatever"you responded duh room became tense and quite the only sound you would be able to actually hear was me nd chres' breathing a few minutes later Chres interupted the silence and said"i'm sorry BB"before you could respond he continued"i know itwas stupid of me to do shit like dat really duh shit smelled liked piss nd other shit and i ain't really mean to disrespect you like dat sometimes i know i take you for advantage but i just wantedto see if you was gone take it like a damn thug not no lil bitch and not only do i appreciate it i'm sorry i was an asshole"i swear i blushed alittle if you ain't bout dat thug life dis nigga was basicly saying"baby i ain't really mean what i did i'm sorry i was an asshhole about please forgive me"i kissed his forehead Nd mumbled in his ear"it's iight daddy"he smiled Nd continued to rub my hands while pecking it here Nd dere oh nd by duh way he isn't mah father or shit i just call him dat really i don't know why"can i make it up to you"he asked ramdomly interupting my thoughts"mhm can you"i responded while twirling my finger in my hair he chuckled alittle"i think i can"
Me Nd Chres have been straight fucking position after position dere is a time for sex and a time for fucking but dis time it is a time for straight fucking Chres started pushing his hips inside of me going at a deep pace"Chres...."i moaned out throwing my head back he put all of his force inside of me sweat beads started forming from his forehead dripping on my stomach and face"you still mad at me bae"he grunted while thrusting forward pushing me against the head board"ahhh.....noooo"i cried out......we switched postions and i was ontop meaning i'm in charge i leaned forward alittle and arched my back i started to bounce quickly my hair falling to duh sides tickling Chres' skin"Yea,just like dat"Chres' groaned squeezing my ass tighter I moaned loudly as his Roczilla hit everyone of my spots deeply my ass started to come down on him hard but i quickly started to bounce right back up my knees started going week my body trembling, Chres stoped me from bouncing and held me against his Roczilla suddenly he rammed his his forward and kept it at a still pace his balls claping my ass he rammmed in me so deep my stomach had started to cramp"AHHH"we both had moaned Chres' kept going at his pace"Chres"i cried again digging my nails into his skin i put my head into his neck as an organism flushed through my body
I was laying flat on my stomach with my legs spreaded far apart Chres' legs between back arched,but Chres had his hands pressed to my back making sure i ain't lifted my back
He was ramming himself inside of me,the bed shook form the force"Damn"Chres' groaned,going harder my moans started to sound more like cries i could feel Chres' was getting ready to explode his Roczilla started to twitch inside me it was swollen but it only made me hotter"Oh Shit"Chres moaned under his beath as he rammed himself inside me a couple more times before he pulled out"fuck"he mumbled i felt a sudden warm sensation against my ass making my body more hot i turned my head slighty,Chris jerked himself slowly,squeezing his hand as more dripped out onto my ass he sighed in relif and glanced at me"love you"he whisperd while grinning i mouthed duh words"Love You To"and fell straight down Chre's layed beside me and we both fell into deep sleep.........

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