Ray's Taco Fiesta: An Interactive Imagine Starring You

It was a Friday after school when the bus dropped you off home, you noticed the mail man placing some mail into your box. You LOVED getting mail. So you walked up to the mail box and opened the lid and grabbed all the mail. You sift through it wondering if anything interesting came today or if anything was addressed to you. A neatly decorated invitation dropped from your hand and fell onto the ground. You noticed it on the ground and picked it up. The Invitation read: Hey Beautiful Y/N. You are invited to Ray's Taco Fiesta where the theme would be surrounded by only tacos. You get to make any kind of taco. We will have fun contests, take pictures and eat tacos. All the food will be freshly prepared as well as the ingredients so all you need to do is either accept or decline this invitation and pick out an outfit to where. Flip this card on the back for more details. *you flip the card over*

What: Ray's Taco Party
When: Saturday at 12 pm until 11pm
Where: My House (ray ray)

Can you make it to the Party? Yes, No, Maybe
Will you accept the invitation or decline? Yes, No, Maybe