-Episode "Virginity Taken Away PART1?" This episode is Rated R! So if you're young and don't even know the meaning of that, EXIT!!!-

*I'M SERIOUS!!! -__-*

//8:43pm When Tay&Chres got to his room, Chresanto closed the door and took a good look at Taylee\\

Chres: Are you willing to give me birthday sex?
Tay: Are you a virgin?
Chres: (Looking embarrassed) Actually, I am. Are you?
Tay: It's nothing to be embarrassed about. And yeah.
Chres: I've always wanted to give away my virginity to the right person.

//Tay started thinking about Ray AGAIN\\
Chres: (He got on top of Tay and was lowering his face slowly into hers)

//Tay's Thoughts\\
I can't do this. He isn't the right person. O_O

Tay: Chres, I can't do this. You're not the right person for me. We can't be in a relationship anymore. (She lightly pushed him off her)
Chres: (Sounding really disappointed) Then who the hell is?

//9:00pm Tay left without answering, she said goodbye to everyone at the party then walked to Ray's house\\
Rayan: (Opened the door as soon as she knocked) Taylee! I have something to-
Taylee: (Hugged him)
Rayan:............tell you.

//Rayan was babysitting his siblings *They were sleeping* while his parents went out. They both went upstairs to his room\\

Taylee: I have something to tell you also.
Both: You first.....no, you first!
Taylee: Ok, i'll talk. My body is trembling inside because it's you I really need. We've been friends since forever and you never had failed to make me smile. The feeling I feel when i'm around you can't compare to any other feeling in the world. It's....love.
Rayan: (Sighed) Taylee, I still remember when I was a one year old with my mom in the waiting room in the hospital. Your mother was in the birthing center basically giving birth to you. I think we waited for about 2 hours until your mom came out holding.......
Tay: Me?
Ray: Well yeah. A gift. The most beautiful, wonderful, cute, pretty gift ever.

//Rayan put her on the bed, he got on her, he kissed her *she kissed back* He took off her shirt, before he could do anything, she gripped his braids which made him freakier, Rayan took her bra off, *of course he stared for a minute* then played with her boobs with his tongue\\

Tay: (She automatically started moaning) Stop the teasing and just do me!
Ray: (He made her nipples hard) Only because this is our first time.

//Taylee made him stop then she pulled down his pants to where his v-line was showing, Rayan pulled them down to where his "BoyHood" was showing. They continued undressing each other until they were fully naked. Ray slipped on a condom, Ray got on Tay again\\

Tay: (Saying ignorantly) Now what?
Ray: (Bites his lip then slid himself into her slowly, went slow and said) F*ck. You feel amazing.
Tay: (Started cursing a lot quietly)
Ray: I love your vocabulary. (He went a little faster) How are you feeling?
Tay: (She said slowly) FFFFuuuuuuccccckkkeeeerrrrryyyyy.
Ray: (He went faster and was now going hard) Damn.
Tay: (Grabbed onto the bed sheets and was squirming her waist around)
Ray: (Laughed but it turned into a groan) Stop mov-
Tay: My lower body feels warm and i'm tired! (In a whining voice)
Ray: (Slid out, then made her get ontop of him) Ride me.
Tay: N*gga, didn't you just hear me? I'm tired!
Ray: Please, lemme help you.

CUT!! *The rated R continues, next Episode*