KK I'm starting at the part after MB and Violets friends stopped callin p.s. they r both 17!!!!!

Violet: Now were was we
Roc: I believe here ( kissing violet and pulling her dress down by her waist)
Violet: ( kissing back and unzipping his pants)
Roc: ( pushing her up against the wall, wrapping her legs around his waist )
Violet: ahhhhh ( moaning in his mouth)
Roc : ( undoing her bra )
Violet: (feeling on his abs . P.S his shirt was already off
Roc : ( gently sucking and kissing her chest and neck)
Violet: ahhhh this...... feels ........ great
Roc: (rubs her v through panties )
Violet: ahhh.....ahhhh........Aaaaaahhhhhhhh
Roc: like that don't you
Violet: mmmmhhhhhhmmmm
Roc: I'm just getting stared ( pulls down his pants and puts on protection)
Violet: were did u get that
Roc: Heath class
Violet: oh well can u go easy on me it's my first ...... Time
Roc: mine too I'll go easy on both of us ( take her to the bed )
Violet; oh
Roc: ( goes down to her " area" and pulls down her undies and starts sucking her " area" )
Violet: oh my gosh( arching her back )
Roc: ( stops and slowly pushes his 16 inch in her )
Violet: ( moving around and look at his " big friend " with wide eyes)
Roc: ( moving it in and out slowly going faster and deeper )
Violet: (flips on top of his and rides him and let his "friend" go in to its full length)
Roc: damn what happen to going easy

Cut that's a wrap to be continued!!