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Fan fiction by Mindless_Luv posted over a year ago
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Girl #2: *kisses Prince*
Roc: Ewwwww
Girl #3: You want some to Roc? *kisses Roc*
Girl #4: *kisses Diggy*
Girl #5: *kisses Jacob*
Girl #6: *looks at Ray* Ummm.......Hello there
Ray: *smiles* Heyy
Girl #6: Why you smiling??
Ray: Because........YOUR MARY!
Girl #6: Ummm.....no im MARIA
Ray: Okay...."Maria" you seeing anyone?
Maria: Ummmm.......Yeah?
Ray: What's his name?
Maria: Ummm.......MICHAEL
Ray: How dose he look?
Maria: Like......*groans* Fine im Mary *takes off hat*
Mary: Nigga stop lying
Keisha: *walk on stage and talks in microphone* OK sorry guys the concert is done
Myles: Nope!!!!!
Crowd: *leaves angrily*
Roc: So im guessing the rest of you guys are Lexi,Jess,Tori,Alana,Janae,Shaniah,and Makaliah
Girls: Yerp
Prod: Lexi I thought you said you were all in london
Fan fiction by Mindless_Luv posted over a year ago
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Keisha: It's a new rapper called T-smooth
T-smooth: Hey guys
Boys: Heyyyy
Ray: So what's your REAL name?
T-smooth: These Nuts
Ray: What you just say to me?
T-smooth: I told you my REAL name
Roc: Sooo..............your real name is these nuts!?!
t-smooth: Yes. So what's your name
Prod: im prodigy
Roc: im Roc royal
Ray: Ray Ray
Prince: Princeton
Diggy: im Diggy
Justin: im justin
Jacob: and im Jacob..................Latimore
Prince: Dude............
Jacob: What!?!?!
Prince: You do that everytime you meet someone
Jacob: Do what?!?!
Prince: Go im Jacob..................Latimore
Jacob: im sorry it's just a habbit
Prod: Prince it's just a habbit
Roc+Ray: Prince got a lil bitchy
Boys except Prince: DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!
Keisha: Boys it's time for bed
All the Boys go to their rooms and go to sleep.
-The next day with the girls-
Fan fiction by Mindless_Luv posted over a year ago
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Jess: *jumping* What is it??
Makailah: it's a letter
Janae: What does it say???
Lexi: it says........
-The letter-
Alexis while im on this year tour all i will be thinking about is you and only you the whole entire time. I love you more than anything. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. If i had to give up this band for you i would. As your uncle Bruno Mars says "I would catch a grenade for you" and also the last concert we're having happens to be in L.A so scince you live in L.A. i want you and the rest of the girls to come to the concert in your suitcase there's 8 tickets save them so you could go. That's about it ohhhh......and text me EVERYDAY no matter what! :) I love you 143
Your boyfriend, bestfriend and lover- Prodigy :)
-End of letter-
Janae: Lexi that boy is crazy for you
Lexi: and im loco for him
Mary: that's the samething you just said it in spanish