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Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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HEY GUYS THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE .... SEASON FINALE .. YOU'VE MADE IT !!!! If you want another season either
1. Leave comments in the comment section
2. Inbox me / send me a message

Or if you want a new story then inform me by letting me know following the procedures above thank you for your time and support!!!!!!!!!
** I woke up early all the other girls were either sleeping or sleeping * *

Me: Uhh what should I have for breakfast
??: I know what I'm going to have
Me: Chris leave me alone *sits on the counter top*
Chris: -comes between my legs-
Me: -pushes him- stay from in between my legs
Chris: grabs my arm
Me: let me go I don't like you Gahh! T'f is wrong with you !
-goes to the pool-
Chris follows
Me: stop following me
Chris: can we at least talk
Me: No
Chris: Jennifer please
Me: uh nah
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Jacob Perez
Me: Jalen I'm sorry I didn't mean it
Jalen: Jennifer if you didn't mean it then why would you say it!!
Me: because I was mad nd frustrated
Jalen: Jennifer I'm sorry
Me: ..
Jalen: I said I was sorry
Me: you are something else
Jalen: -grabs my arm and twists his hand-
Me: Jalen let me go!!
Jalen: Jennifer why do you act like this
Me: do you not know what happened that day
Jalen: what are you talking about
Me: you had left me with those boys on your football team and you left... -starts sobbing-
Jalen: I left
Me: yes you left to go get something and those boys they started touching me .. I told one of em to stop .. he wouldn't listen his name it was Jacob
Jalen: Jennifer
Me: he touched me on my thigh and started going up and I grabbed his hand but he only told me that if I don't stop he was going to kill me and you and I didn't want that he dragged me to the bathroom and raped me Jalen you don't understand
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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So after all the stuff that happened at the singing event we all went to a hotel ^.^ we all had a room to ourselves . Oh yeah!!

So I was in my room when there was a knock on my door
Me: can I help you
Jason: yeah Jennifer you can
Me: well I'm waiting
Jason: that was real low down what you did
Me: well I can't help it if a song really expressed the way I felt when I was your girlfriend
Jason: I did not turn you against your damn sister
Me: yeah you did you brainwashed me to think I didn't have a sister and you know that!!
Jason: you are a liar
Me: you are the one that lies you had sex with my best friend Jason my best friend! And cuz of that our relationship is ruined !!
- Jason clenched his jaw-
Me: why are you getting mad ?
Jason: shut up
Me: shut don't go up
Jason: Jennifer you are pressing my buttons
Me: well it was not nice talking to you I've got to get back to my life
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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// The Next Morning //

Knock knock knock
Me: I'm coming shoot people need to calm they nerves
*opens door*
Me: t'f what is this a DVD wait lemme play it first

On the DVD
T: Jennifer are you watching porn
Me: No ain't nobody got time for dat *sweet brown voice*
T: lemme see
Me: why you so hyped you watch porn
T: No I don't
-gives him the laptop-
T eyes all like: 0.0
Dayumm that girl gotta big ass b-(gco)
Me: give me my laptop!!
T: wait w-w-wait
Me: Fine
-walks upstairs-
5 minutes later
I go back downstairs
Me: o. O T what .. are you masturbating
T: -pulls up pants quickly- No!! Why would you say that
Me: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you were cuz you have that white stuff all over your hands -grossed out-
T: -washes hands- there better
Me: I gotta go take a shower
Fan fiction by avanzant12 posted over a year ago
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Hey i am only going 2 do 12 chatper of this story and might do a new stroy after this.

So it's the next morning the guys was in h- town. I was geting up and i had a video check own my laptop ,so i gt it and check it was my boo.mhe hey wat good boo . Prince nun we jus got in h -town and i miss you <3 .mhe that good i miss you two baby <3.ray ray in the back i love you baby lol .mhe i love you two ray ray lol .then i closed video chat dwn ,then i went to take my bath then get started wth my day.

In h -town with mb ray ray it 's a lot of honeys down here ,roc yea and i am bout to get my mac own .so it was this fine girl walk dwn roc watch this . Roc walk hey cute slow down you move two fast the girl "i kno kept walk going to the coffee shop . Roc can i get yourname the girl my name is sha'kayla roc that a cute name for a girl like you . Roc can i get your number ao we can text. The girl sure this is fake number (453-98-88) ,sha'kayla this my number so call when you get time .roc will do then he left . The other guys i bet he anit get that girl number.prince i bet he did,prodigy hush you got a girl already punch hym...
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Umm before I start this episode I wanted to give a Shout Out to:
@Avanzant12 read her Princeton Imagines they are really good so on with the story

Me: so Daniel where are you from?
Daniel: Detroit..
Me: oh that's wassup
- My back is facing diggy -

- He comes and places both of his hands on the side of me -
Me: Uhh what are you doing I have a boyfriend...
Daniel: *picks me up and sits my on the counter*
Me: DAFUQ stop -gets down-
Diggy: - grabs my arm- baby girl stop frontin
Me: First.. of all don't call me baby girl and I ain't frontin you perv
Diggy: -pulls me closer to him- baby come on
Me: -pushes him off me- STOP IT!!
Diggy: -pushes me against the wall , choking me -
Diggy: Bish stfu I'm going to get what I want and what I want is that p*ssy bish
Fan fiction by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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-Episode 27 "Problems"-

Tay: (Walked to the crowd)

//Everybody turned their attention to Taylee. Nobody moved and they were silent\\

Jacob: A ghost!! Run for your lives!!
Tay: I'm not-
Craig: It is a ghost!!
Taylee: I'm not a ghost!! I was kidnapped for months! I have not eaten and I miss you guys!
(Everybody moved back)
Taylee: It's me Taylee!! I wasn't killed by a car! Shannon lied! She was the one who held me hostage!!
Jessica: (She moved forward then looked at her) Taylee!! (She hugged her) It is her!!

//Everybody then crowded Tay and reported to the police what happened. Taylee was given something to eat, she showered and wore *Upper Picture*\\

Tay: (Went back outside, everybody still looked devastated) What's going on? Why is there an ambulance here?
Kayla: Rayan is inside the ambulance.
Jacob: Dumbass tried to kill himself.
Jessica: (Smacked Jacob on the head)
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Six Flags!!!
- ding dong-
Me: yass
-opens door-
??: Hey Jennifer!!!
Me: I missed you so much!!
Jessica: of course I had to come visit my favorite cuzin!
Me: well come on in
Jessica: oh this is my boyfriend Rayan
Me: - shakes hand-
Me: well I'm Jennifer if you didn't know already..
Ray: yeah I know about you .. my friend Craig talks about you all the time...
Me: awwhh *giggles*
Me: well I'll show you our rooms
Me: oh Ray u can invite the boys over except Chres
Ray: iight is there a game room
Me: yup along with a movie theater..
Ray: awesome..
- show them there rooms-

// In My Room //
Jess: so where's Jalen
Me: I kicked him out
Jess: why?
Me: it's a long story
Jess: I got time
- afterwards-
Me: yeah that's pretty much it
Jess: aw poor baby
Me: -chuckles- shus--(gco)
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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- Me and Tyga met at the beach-

Me: hey wassup
T: nothing much just going to take a walk on the beach
Me: aw iight

- Tyga POV -
Hmm Mann Jennifer is so funny but she fine to let me see if I can at least have some fun with her if you know what I mean
- End of Pov-
Me: so Jen if you let me I can treat you right
Jen: *laughs* oh yeah?
Me: yeah
Jen: hmm okay
- kisses me -

Jen's POV

T: - starts kissing my neck-
Me: -bites lip -
T: - picks me up and takes me to the car-
Me: - run my fingers through his hair-
T: - starts fingering me-
Me: *moans*
30 minutes later
Me: riding him
T: -holding my waist-
30 minutes later

// pulls up at the house//
Me: I had a great time
T: me to and I left my mark
Me: -laughs- bye
T: - I don't get no kiss goodbye
Me: sure you do - kisses him bye-
Fan fiction by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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Chresanto ♥
-Episode 25 ...... *Part 2....Rated R*

Tay: I don't know.
Chres: You mean, "Yes" (He put his pants down)
Tay: (Eyed him for a minute then looked at his face again) Chres......(She sat up, he didn't push her back down)
Chres: You don't want to do this?
Tay: I don't know. It's wrong.

//Chres finally convinced Tay to let him do the nasty with her. Taylee lay on the bed, Chres made her wrap her legs around his waist. *Her head on her pillow*\\
Chres: Your parents are still here, so I wont do you hard.
Tay: Well actually, they're at work now.
Chres: You shouldn't have told me that. (He Smirked)

//He went in her soft and slow. Keeping it at a slow and soft pace\\
Tay: (Resisting a moan, she bit her lip)
Chres: (He began picking up his pace) Taylee........moan.
Tay: (She tried her best resisting a moan, he untangled her legs from his waist then kissed her)
Chres: (His pace got a little more fast)
Fan fiction by prettygirlny posted over a year ago
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Back to were I left off .Prince n Jenna in the backroom .

Prince: (Goes over to the door n locks it )
Jenna : Come on Prince ! Wat the hell! Y are you lockin h damm door ?
Prince: So none of dat shit wit Roc n Shay will happen !
Jenna: Wateva I don't care . Come ON !
Prince : (Throws Jenna on the bed.)
Jenna:(Takes off her shirt and starts kissing Prince's neck.)
Prince: (Stops and whispered)Are you sure you want to do this ?
Jenna: ......Wha......Wat are you saying ?
Prince: Because I have a secret .
Jenna :Naw Prince stop playing ! So you got me out of my freaken shirt all turned up and ready to go !AND YOU WANNA STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL !!!!!! WATS your secret .
Prince: My ............
Roc :Yo PRINCE get your sorry ass down here !
Mo + Shay: Jenna come on we gots to go !!!
Jenna: (Jumping around trying to put her shoes on ) Coming hold on a sec .
Prince: ( Grabs Jenna by the arm ) Babe I ...
Opinion by MBsuperfan posted over a year ago
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Zarae: Its my first day at this college n I already see 4 cute boys TURN UP

Raquan: (walks to her)Hey my name is raquan but u ca call me ray(in his sexy voice)

Zarae: Hi im zarae u been here before?

Ray:naw cuz I really dnt care bout my grades my mom made me come here.

Zarae: well u should

Ray:I dnt but that can all change for you

Zarae: Aww so sweet

Ray:heres my number

Zarae: thx

Ray:thx u a virgin cuz I wanna do more than talk?

Zarae:yeah im a virgin but im freaky

Ray:mmmmm I like freaks but I cant belive ur a virgin

Zarae: Y

Ray:Well yur body is like DAMN n ur so sexy

Zarare:thx well I have to get to my dorm n
unpack so ser u ltr

Ray:yeah my friends r waiting on me

(zarae's private thought OMG those ar the cute boys I saw earlier eeee I have to tell my dorm friends)
Fan fiction by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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-Episode "Uh Oh"- *PG-13!! -_-*

*RATED R CONTENT Seriously....*

//Ray lifted her up just a little then dropped her, making a loud clapping noise. When Tay dropped she started bouncing on him\\

Tay: (Shrieked angrily) Ow!! RAYAN!!
Ray: (Giving a "This feels so good" sexy face)
Tay: (She stopped bouncing) Why'd you do that!? My inside feel like it's burning! (She got off him then lay next to him)
Ray: (He rested on his arm so that he was facing her then he nibbled on her ear for a few minutes) Is the pain gone?
Tay: (She laughed) You're so-
Ray: Amazing? Sexy?
Tay: Silly! In a good way. (She faced him)

//They just stared at each other smiling. Ray stopped staring and took off the condom, threw it in this little trash can then pulled Tay close\\

Ray: Ray and Tay forever! I love that!! It rhymes!
Tay: (Sarcastically) Nawww.

//They went to go take a shower...together. Tay found some of her clean clothes from last sleepover. She wore pajamas. Ray just wore some grey long, baggy boxers and a grey shirt.\\
Opinion by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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-Episode's name: Ignorant Love-

//A few minutes past and I met up with Ray in his backyard\\

Ray: (Bouncing the basketball) One on one. Up to 20?
Tay: You're gonna lose.
Ray: I never lose and I never miss.
Tay: (Says in a not serious way) Oh shut up. (Steals the ball and already shot and made 2 points) Guess I never miss too.

//While we played a couple of Ray's friends showed up *Jacob, Craig, Chres* and it became a weird 4 on 1\\

Tay: What the hell?! This is so unfair!
Ray: Oooooooo.
Tay: (In a non-serious way) Shut up Ray.
Jacob: We won!!
Tay: You guys did not!
Chres: C'mon Lee Lee, chill.
Tay: (Frustrated Groan then I was about to walk away)
Ray: (Grabbed my hand softly) Taylee.
Tay: (I looked at him shocked)
Ray: (Looked at me shocked then awkwardly released my hand)
Craig: Weirdos.
Ray: (Snapped back to normal) Um...whatever. Eh, 2 on 2.
Fan fiction by Imdalyric posted over a year ago
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Hey y'all

I just wanted to apologise to the fans of the 'An angel's cry' story!

I know that its been a while since i uploaded but if you still want me to continue with the story just post on my wall!

If there are still people who want to be in the story, just post on my wall and tell me your prefarred name, who you want to be with (optional) and what type of character you want to be, e.g psycho, smart etc!

Oh, and if you want to see some new celebs/characters on this story, please do tell me because i want this story to accomodate as many genres and people as possible to make everyone happy! :^)

Thank you !

P.S dont forget to post on my wall if u interested :)
Opinion by TtRr posted over a year ago
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Ok so I am new at all this so plz don't judge me 😌😜😝😛😍😋. So it's about a girl named Violet and she has a friend the she is going to the dance with.

(2 days before the dance 😜)

Violet: Oh my gosh it 2 days before the dance and I still need an outfit.
Jenet( this is not the friend shes going to the dance with): I know right me either
Teacher : Violet would u like to share what u and jenet were talking about that was so important that u had to interrupt class
Violet : Um for your info I'm not as open as u r with that ugly shirt
Teacher: Fine jenet u tell us
Jenet: um I ... she ...us. Dance we were talking about the dance
Teacher : thank u now lets carry on wit the lesson
Violet : What time is class over
Teacher: First of all five mins. Second stop interrupting class

( after school that day at the mall)

Violet : hey look that cute we should get that one
Jenet: Not u your ugly date Noah
Fan fiction by mzroyal1434 posted over a year ago
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YN: *yawns*morning ray
Rayray:*yawns morning Babe ohh yea mom and dad said thatthey left and theywontbe coming back anytime soon
Yn:oh well wat u wanna do today
Rayray:well can I invite some friends over
Yn;sure whatever
rayray:calls prod roc and prince *
Rayray;aye yall wanna come over my house today and chill
the boys:yea wat time
Rayray:in like 20 minutes
the boys :kk
*20 minutes later*
the boys:bangin on the door*
Rayray;*yells*im coming
rayray;*opens door*
prince:whats u...GCO BECAUSE HE SEE'S YOU
Princes pov
dammmn shawty got a nice body lord hope I don't gt horny
end of pov *
rayray:prince yall wats up
Roc wats up *does handshake8 and who is this sexxi ass gurl
yn; blushes*my name is yn
Prodigy:hey ray who is....GCO
Rayray:she is my sister
Roc: do yall wanna play spin the bottle?
Fan fiction by Suckmykicks posted over a year ago
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???: *Blushes* Thank you! :) Anyway I'm KeKe
??? I'm Lexi
???: Ashante
???: I'm Janae
???: And I'm Bre and we are
Prod: That was actually pretty cool
Girls: Thank you
Bre: We should get going now huh?
Diggy: *Smiles* Yeahhhh......but where we going???
Lexi: That's for us to know
Ray: You guys should kinda stop that now
Prince: Let's get going
In The Car
Roc: So where did you guys meet Craig
Shante: At Cold Stone
Diggy: What's Cold Stone??????
Girls: *Gasps*
Shante: You don't know what coldstone is????
Ray: Noooooope!
Bre: We sir are not friends
Ray: D: forreal?
Bre: No I was kidding
Keke:Yall stupid
Ray:Well u are 2
Prince:Ayee don`t call her stupid
Keke:Thank you
Opinion by Ahri posted over a year ago
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Jacob: the park was fun
Me: ya
Roc: time to play turth of dare
Me: ok me first
Roc: turth or dare
Me: dare
Roc: I dare to kiss prod
Me: ok *kisses prod*
Jacob: prod imma kill you when i get home
Prod:haha ok
Keke: ok jacob you now
Jacob: ok
Keke: i dare to u touch me on my ass
Jacob: k dose it
Me: storms off
Jacob:what up with her
Eb: you just touch her on her butt
Jacob: so
Alana: you Better go talk to her
Jacob: 0k
Prince: better
Roc: 0_0
Me:im ok
Eb: good
Me: well guys me and the girlz have a tour cuming up
Boy:i never knew yall arr famous
Us:yup but the only thing is its tomorrow

Fan fiction by RayRay_LuvzU2 posted over a year ago
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Previously On Love Is Like A Journey:

Lexi: Sooo can I go?
Mom: Lexi I don't know...
Lexi: ....Wait...why?
Mom: Lexi it's for a while, and plus you're getting lower grades and you aren't even responsible enough for me to trust you...
Lexi: ....what? But mom I I'm doing better in school and I'll start to do my chores without you asking! Just please mom! It's in two weeks!
Mom: Lexi! I told you about that! You say it but you don't do it...When I say "No" that means no!
Lexi: >8^( That's just unfair mom! I bet you my friends parents said yes and then they'll be able to have fun and go hang with Mindless Behavior as I sit here doing nothing but the same boring stuff in this neighborhood when they aren't with me! (Runs in room and slams door!)

Lexi P.O.V:
In Room:
I hate her so freakin on much! She's so annoying! All she does is get so overprotective at some moments! Like really she needs to grow up her own self! I'm not even getting bad grades anymore and plus it's only two weeks! She should still give me a chance! I can show her this time! But it's fine...I'm gonna do it anyway...she'll notice...
Opinion by RayRaycutie posted over a year ago
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kays pov

today went a little better with ray after i did everything he said. but Dray invited me to a wedding party *idk if thats real but all the brides maids and the bride get together like...a long time before the wedding. haha not a batcherolerte *spell check cuz idc* so i was scared to ask him. i walked in his room and knocked on the door. he turned and looked at me. "what???" i took a deep breath and asked. "c-can i go to Dray's wedding party???" i asked. i knew what he was about to say so i added. "um...you know what. nvrm i dont even wanna go." and turned but i felt hands grab me back. ray closed the door and leaned against it. "whos gonna be there.???" "just girls." i explain. "tay. bree, alana, cassidy, and almost everyone i know." he looked me over. "okay. but..." i looked up at him. "what???" he smiled a little. "we gotta go buy you a dress." he took my hand and grabbed his keys and dragged me out the door.

dray's pov

i was setting up everything for tonite and it had to be perfect. "dray can't you just take a break.???" i rolled my eyes at jacob. "NO!!! i told you everything has to go right!!!!" i studied the table. i...
Fan fiction by avanzant12 posted over a year ago
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So last we left off we were having a water ballon fight now let's
Cha cha

So far the girl or win like in your face baby . So nia ,skia ,and mea terain .we were all bout to dump a whole bucket of water own Princeton ,ray ray ,Omarion,and lil twist. So I said nia you ready to dumped the water own the guys. She said yea so nia and mea dumped all that water own Omarion and Princeton they so soak. Nia and me were laugh like bag of fire cracker lol .then turn and seen skia and terain throw water ballon own ray ray and lil twist like ice cream scooper it was ballon all over place like 3 four 5 ballon sale lol. So we told the other girl we 4 of the guys.

Now Carmen ,jamya ,Paris and Keke Alexis team up own the boys .carmen and jamya got they water gun and climb up in the tree and got in position so they seen.they saw lil fizz and jboog over there tlk by a tree .so they clock the water gun and when to twn they soak boy up like a sponge they were so embarrassed that we were kick their butt . So it came to end the girl won the water ballon fight. So we were all siting own the patio laugh and drying off .Roc say our gurls r tough like boys...
Opinion by geekygirl1999 posted over a year ago
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so u n ray ray r on ur way to the club link
ray is driving yall car as u put more lip gloss on ray looks at u up n down smiling n biting his lip u look at him n say what as he moves is hand on ur leg he says nothing just thinking about something u look at him thinking about then smile looking away knowing wats going down tonight with u nd him yall out up at the club n he opens ur door u get out n kiss him n walk in the club together birthday song comes on link
u start dancing n twerking ray behind u getting hard n biting his lips damn baby
ray-*kisses u*i luv u
terian-i luv u to
ray-want to leave
yall go home n he picks u up nd take u up to the room n pushes u on the bed n un zips ur dress down n licks his lips n gets on top of u n kisses ur neck n goes down n lower n lower into he is near ur "area" he starts to move his tounge around n around u moan loud he does this into u cum in his mouth he gets up n goes in slow then starts to speed up ur...
Opinion by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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Kelian: no no no please please please don’t kill Ray Ray

Ray: kelian what are you talking about

Kelian: the girl she told me everything

Ray: what girl and what did she tell you

Kelain: she told me about how the boys in the gang forced you to rob the store and murder the 3 boys and how they want to get revenge for you not going to jail by killing you

Ray: WHAT???!! That;s not true who told you that

Kelian: that girl right over there

(kelian pointed over to where her and the girl were sitting but the girl wasn’t sitting there)

Kelain: well she must have left

Ray: she couldn’t have because at 10:00 the owner locked the doors completely to keep the kids out and the owner has been sitting here with me the whole entire time and he’s the only one with the key so there is no way she could have left Kelian bae are you sure you’re not drunk

Kelian: I may have had a drink or 2 but I’m not drunk
Fan fiction by princess_pink posted over a year ago
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I walked around for a while and stopped at a door that had loys of drawings of families and fairies and loads of other things
I opened the door to find Jasmine sitting on the floor painting a picture of some man and women holding a little girls hand, Im guessing it was her and her parents when she was even younger

Me: Hay jasmine
Jasmine: Hay Roxy
Me: So what are you drawing?
Jasmine: A picture of me and my parents at the park
Me:its lovely
I ruffled around my pockets and remembered I still have lots of sweets left
Me: Do you want some sweeties,?
Jasmine: Oooooooo yeah,I love sweets
I took out the packet and gave it to her
Me: Anyway ill be back soon im just gonna go and have a look around, See you later
Jasmine: bye and thank you for the sweets
Me: No problem

I walked downstairs to find myself in the living room

In the living room
I sat down a looked around and paused when I saw a some boy with spikey blue hair, Im guessing thay was Cameron cos the only reason his hair was spikey was because it was covered in glue, Weirdly he reminded me alot of roc, He had...