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Fan fiction by Ashante97 posted over a year ago
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Iight this is my story bout four girls that are in their last year of high school at South Central High in L.A....one day the girls are stopped by this group of boys. The girls are on cloud nine, but a run in with a ex leave the girls wondering. Is everything the ex said true?? Will the boys change?? Are the girls going to date?? Will unexpected things happen??


Boys- 19

Nique Nique:link


Article by nene02 posted over a year ago
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Walking home from school today a little boy from a diffrent school picked up a cd and threw it and it hit a ladys car and the boy kept walking and put his hand on his mouth and tried to say my bad and there was two ladys in the car and they were saying that it was not funny and that she was gonna tell the school but the boy said that he did not care and he started cusing that lady out while saying I don't care and she asked him what's his name but he said I don't know and kept his ass walking and then one of his friends started walking and he told her to hurry up and she ran and they both walked home together while the boy talked about what had happend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fan fiction by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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-Episode "Girl Friend or Girlfriend" PART2-

Tay: Let go! (Pried his hand off her arm) What do you want?!
Ray: What I want is for you to stop acting like this!
Tay: I don't like Shannon!
Ray: Nobody asked if you did!
Tay: This is a free country! People say what they want to say! And for your information your stuck-up little girlfriend started it! Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to the-
Ray: (Kissed Tay, pushed her against the wall so she couldn't back away)
Tay: (Grabbed one of his braids then pulled it)
Ray: (Backed away) Ow!
Tay: What the hell was that for?! Why'd you kiss me!?
Ray: Because....(He hesitated)....because I didn't get to-
(Jacob, Chresanto and Craig came in)
Chres: (Blushes) Hi Tay.
Craig: (Talking to Ray) Yo Bruh, yo girl was just cussing and screaming out there.
Jacob: What are you guys doing?
Tay: Ummm.....w-we were just.....breathing.
Ray: Talking....
Opinion by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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Logan Browning plays as "Taylee" (The clothes is what Tay is wearing)
-Episode "Girl Friend or Girlfriend? PART1"-

//An Hour past 5:00pm and Ray bursted into Tay's room\\

Rayan: (Comes in then sits on her bed, next to her)
Taylee: GET OUT! (Starts hitting him with her pillows)
Ray: (Grabbed both of her pillows, threw them on the carpeted ground and held her hands) Tay! What's wrong!
Tay: Are you and Shannon dating?
Ray: (He let go of her hands) Well........yes. I just need some space from this friendship thing.
Tay: GO WORK AT "NASA" DUDE!! (Scoffs) Do you even..........(Sighs)..nevermind. I'll see you tomorrow, Ray.
Ray: (He didn't move, he stood there looking at Tay while she looked at him)

//Ray Thinking\\:
She's jealous!! Why tho?! Is she afraid i aint finna spend time with her anymore? :/

Ray: You know...I love you right? As the best bestie and childhood friend ever right? Nothing will ever come between us.
Tay: (Nods head slowly then hugged Ray)
Fan fiction by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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-Episode "Problems"-

Rayan: Can you guys chill?
Taylee: (Frustrated groan, walked away angrily to first class)

(In class, the bell rung. Ray came 5 mins late)
Teacher: Take a seat, Mr.Lopez.
Ray: (Sat next to me at a desk and whispered to me) Hey.
Tay: (whispering back) Why are you even late? We came to school together.
Ray: Worry about yourself. (With a pinching tone of voice)

//For the entire day, he's been acting weird. Lunch came, Tay was walking there alone when I was blocked by Jessica\\

Jess: You wont believe what happened earlier today!!
Tay: Yo, this can wait!! I'm hungry as heck right now!
Jess: (Ignored me) So after you left, I was going ham threatening Shannon and stuff. While I was doing so, Ray was looking at her up and down! And then the rest is history!!
Tay: (Feeling her heart drop into sadness) So you're saying, Shannon and Ray are......something?!
Jess: (Nods head) I know how you feel. Don't let this get to you. Rayan is........eww. Like why the heck do you like him!
Opinion by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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-Episode's name: Ignorant Love-

//A few minutes past and I met up with Ray in his backyard\\

Ray: (Bouncing the basketball) One on one. Up to 20?
Tay: You're gonna lose.
Ray: I never lose and I never miss.
Tay: (Says in a not serious way) Oh shut up. (Steals the ball and already shot and made 2 points) Guess I never miss too.

//While we played a couple of Ray's friends showed up *Jacob, Craig, Chres* and it became a weird 4 on 1\\

Tay: What the hell?! This is so unfair!
Ray: Oooooooo.
Tay: (In a non-serious way) Shut up Ray.
Jacob: We won!!
Tay: You guys did not!
Chres: C'mon Lee Lee, chill.
Tay: (Frustrated Groan then I was about to walk away)
Ray: (Grabbed my hand softly) Taylee.
Tay: (I looked at him shocked)
Ray: (Looked at me shocked then awkwardly released my hand)
Craig: Weirdos.
Ray: (Snapped back to normal) Um...whatever. Eh, 2 on 2.
Fan fiction by prettygirlny posted over a year ago
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The Concert ...

We took our seats in front row .
Monique:Oh my Fxxxing goodness we are in the front row !
(All of the girls squeled )
Girls :I know !!!!!!

( The crowd goes crazy for MB as they walk on stage )

Prince Yo wasup my MB fans .We just want to take the time to sing to our new girlfriends .

(Jenna quickly remembered what happened in the room back stage )

Jenna :That's us ! Guys were their new girlfriends!
Shay : Damn I almost forgot .
Vanessa : How the hell you gonna forget oyu is one of Mindless Behaviors girlfriend .
Shay:Because I just forgot .Do you need me to jack your -
Jenna : Yall both better clam your axxes down and get on the damn stage !
Shay and Vanessa :Well damn you ain't have to be that bossy!
Jenna :Well get over it !
Monique: How bout all yall shut the fxxk up!
(Everyones eyes got all big and got on the stage )

MB sang to all of the girls and then invited them to their after party at their beach house.
Opinion by mzroyal1434 posted over a year ago
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??:sup shawty
Jay:wat the hell do u want diggy
Diggy:i just wanted to say hey
Sierra:mhmmmhm bye
diggy:Watever *walks away
Maya:lets go
*Science class
teacher:class we have a new student
yn:Yup my names Yn and I will knock a bitch out
class : *laughs*
Teacher:take a seat plz
Yn:kk *finds a seat next to Jay*
At lunch*
Yn:*sits down*
Jay:wats up
Yn:heyy wassup
Girls:nun major
Rayray:wats up
Roc: sup
After school*
Yn: do yall wanna come over
* at Yn's house *
Jay:nice house
Sierra:sooo where Princeton umm I mean the boys
Yn:mhmmm they should be here right bout *GCO by the door
Prince:Im home motherfuckers
Princeton: *laughs*
Roc:heyy Yn
Rayandprod :sup
Fan fiction by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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-Hello Team Mindless!! Check out my recent articles! Before you read this article check this -------> link Alright then!!-


//One quiet Sunday afternoon, Taylee in her house wearing link and Jessica in her house, both watching T.V in the living room\\

Taylee: I'm like so bored right now.
Jessica: What you just said made me bored.
Taylee: (Smiles then frowns) I'm not looking forward for school tomorrow!!
Jessica: Then look backwards.
Taylee: (Rolls her eyes)
Jessica: If you ever do that again, i'll drop-kick you to China.
Taylee: I wanna call Rayan over.
Jessica: Oh my gosh, no! He's annoying!
Fan fiction by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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Roc: who's that at the door

Brittany: umm hey it's Brittney

Roc: oh um hey come in

Brit: look I gotta tell you something important its about our baby or maybe I shouldn't say "OUR" baby anymore

Roc: on no is the b-b-b-baby d-d-

Brit: Oh no n no no no nothing bad it's well actually good news

Roc: oh you had me scared there for a minute

Brit: So I went to the doctor

Roc: yes

Brit: And I found out

Roc: found out what

Brit: so it turns out that you are not the father

Roc: I'm not? then who is

Brit: Prod is isn't that perfect

Roc: umm yeah so ummm the thing between us is over and done

Brit: yeah we gotta forget about it

Roc: soooo does this mean we can't be friends

Brit: no we can be friends that's just all we can be if that's ok with you

Roc: umm yeah of course
Fan fiction by mb_rules posted over a year ago
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What's up everybody, this story is about teenagers who are BEST FRIENDS. They always stick up for each other, they always help each other, and they somehow always need each other.

But "She" might have feelings for "Him". When he gets a girlfriend, their special friendship seems to crumble to pieces. Those two were so close that they're neighbors. They go to the same school and everything!


Taylee Smith
Age: 16
Best Friend: Rayan and good friend: Jessica
Personality and Hobby: Nice, Funny, ghetto-type, smart and loves chilling, sports, dancing

Jessica Johnson
Age: 16
Best Friend: Taylee
P&H: Same as Taylee and has a BAD attitude, doesn't like Rayan and HATES Shannon

BTW Mindless Behavior is NOT famous in this story.

"Ray" Rayan Lopez
Age: 17
Best Friend: Taylee and good friends: Jacob, Craig, Chres
P&H: Same as Taylee. Loves basketball and hanging with Taylee
Opinion by TtRr posted over a year ago
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Well sorry for the delay buy I'm lazy so I'm just starting to write now. Now we left off when Noah jumped on violet kissing he and I'm going to write violet as me ok.

Me: ( refusing to kiss back but start to realize she can't breath. Tries to push him off but can't)
Noah: ( doesn't realize a d keeps trying to kiss her )
Me: ( pasted out looking a bit dead )
Noah: ( now sees her and jumped off her and calls 911)

3hrs later at the hospital lobby
Roc: What the fuck is wrong wit you
Noah: I ... I don't know
Jenet: if you killed her I swear I will Barry u alive
Roc: no let me beat him to death
Bre: no let stabb him
Nicki: yeah let's get em

They all are about to attack him but

Doctor:Violet is there any one hear for a miz violet
Everyone: yes
Everyone but Noah: shut up you MURDER
Noah: but I didn't kill her
Doc: she wants to see u all of u
Everyone: : ok ( starts walking in this order roc, Bre, jenet,nicki, Noah )
Fan fiction by Butterfly555 posted over a year ago
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Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Character Plot
Craig Crippen Jr.(Prodigy) as himself(18)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal) as himself(18)
Rayan Lopez(Rayx2) as himself(18)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Priceton) as himself(18)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown) as himself(23)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom) as herself(16)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi) as herself(8)

Introduction:16 year old Blossom Ariel Brown used to be in love with Mindless Behavior until she began to realize they hid somany secrets from their fans.You might say once you go Mindless you may never turn back but Blossom does whatever the h*ll she wants.When Blossom visits Mindless Behavior for her little sister Bambi Ariel Brown will she change he mind or will she hate Mindless Behavior even more??

Name-Blossom Ariel Brown
Eye Color-Hazel Brown Eyes
Race-African American
Height-5'0 feet tall
Weight-100 pounds
Dislikes-Mindless Behavior
Favorite Websites-Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr and Kik
Fan fiction by Butterfly555 posted over a year ago
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Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Dating a nigga with power can be the most comfortable feeling in the world,Even though the thug life ain't always good safe or shit when he wraps his arms around you he makes you feel safe.The relationships ain't never easy cause with every thug there's a rude ass attidue awaiting.The aggression is natural.All that shit pays off dough...In the bedroom:D

California Compton...7:00am(Monday Morning)

Chresanto August...
Wassup i'm Chresanto August i also go by Roc i'm 18 years old i mean what can i say b*tches love me sh*t i f*cked half the school honestly i can't help that i got a big d*ck.On the cool i ain't really learned how to love when i was 4 years old i was sprawled on the couch doing what little kids do when my parents came out their bedroom full of luggage in their hand it took me all night to realize they weren't coming back either the next morning i found out that they died in a plane crash i mean i showed no emotion what so ever if they wanted to leave from my love then so be it i never disrespected and i always kept my grades up now i've been to foster to foster i just hate that shit. My foster mother came in interupting my...
Fan fiction by Butterfly555 posted over a year ago
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Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Character Plot
Craig Crippen Jr as himself(18)
Chresanto August as himself(18)
Rayan Lopez as himself(18)
Jacob Perez as himself(18)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown) as himself(23)
Rita as Teddy Ariel Brown "daughter of Chris Brown"(16)

Introduction:Teddy Ariel Brown is a new girl in Academy Arts HighSchool now everyone knows not to f*ck with the new girl everyone except Chresanto August himself a18 year old player who f*cks every broad who wants him.What happens when Teddy begins to fall in love Chresanto?Will he change his ways or break Teddy's heart?

Eye Color-Chestnut Brown
Weight-100 pounds
Secret Crush-Chresanto August
Favorite Websites-Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr,and Kik
Fan fiction by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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(You woke up to the sound of Drake's The Motto. You finally get enough energy to sit up. You look around the room and you noticed the lights are dim. You see a small glass table in front of you. It has 2 seats with candles and a vase of roses in middle. You look next to you and you see a huge teddy bear holding a big bag of candy. Next to you you see a buch or rose petals formed in the shape of a heart. The rose petals trail off the bed to the door. You see Ray standing there holding a large wide plate of eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, strawberries, chocolate, and orange juice.)

Ray: hey babe you ready for your breakfast in bed

you: aww babe your so sweet you didn't have to do this

Ray: babe it's ok I'm supposed to treat you like my queen

you: I understand but why did you do it

Ray: baby what do you mean

you: Ray sweetheart it's 7 pm why in the hell did you cook breakfast

Ray: Oh............see I was just trying to be romantic and you just gonna break my flow like that yoy know what imma eat all this by myself
Opinion by TtRr posted over a year ago
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KK so let's start right were we left off
???: And whoever told u wasn't lyingtalk
Violet: who said th-( turns around to see roc royal standing in the doorway)
Violet: Oh u do realize this is the girls bathroom
Roc: yes I just went to look for u and when i walked pasted the bathroom I heard u talkin about me ( pops his coolar )
Violet: I gotta go any way ( on her way out the door )
Jenet: we're u going
Violet: to find my date
Jenet: Oh that nugget I still don't no y u said yes
Violet: Cause he's really nice and cute
Roc : Oh yea I been meaning to ask u about that who is he exactly
Violet: his name is Noah and I have to go find him . Peace!!!
Everyone but violet: well than bye

Leaves and goes in to the dance to find Noah when she realizes that he isn't there she asks her friend ( Briana)if she seen him

Briana: He said he had to go
Violet: so he left
Briana: no I seen him run to the library
Fan fiction by Imdalyric posted over a year ago
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Hey y'all

I just wanted to apologise to the fans of the 'An angel's cry' story!

I know that its been a while since i uploaded but if you still want me to continue with the story just post on my wall!

If there are still people who want to be in the story, just post on my wall and tell me your prefarred name, who you want to be with (optional) and what type of character you want to be, e.g psycho, smart etc!

Oh, and if you want to see some new celebs/characters on this story, please do tell me because i want this story to accomodate as many genres and people as possible to make everyone happy! :^)

Thank you !

P.S dont forget to post on my wall if u interested :)
Opinion by TtRr posted over a year ago
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Ok so there is a new character her name is Bre it was the girl Violet didn't know and her date to the dance was Brian so it's two new characters

Violets pov
Am I kissing roc royal omg ok let me calm down be for I make him nervous
( End of pov)
Roc: ( kissing back with tounge and lowering his hands to my but
Violet: ( stops kissing and backs away) omg um I um
Roc: Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I don't no wat came over me but your a really good kisser
Violet: thank u but it was my -
Nicki: hey wassup can borrow this for a sec (referring to me violet) thanks

She dragged me to the bathroom . Were all my friends were

Jenet: ok spill wat was that all about
Violet: there is nothing to spill
Bre: Girl I don't even no u and I no u lying
Violet: I don't no who u is but u don't no me get smart again and watch me pop a cap in yo a-
Nicki: Stop it and shut the hell up
Violet and Bre: Trick I don't no who da eff u think u r but I will go all ghetto Ma to the dam DEA
Opinion by TtRr posted over a year ago
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Ok so I am new at all this so plz don't judge me 😌😜😝😛😍😋. So it's about a girl named Violet and she has a friend the she is going to the dance with.

(2 days before the dance 😜)

Violet: Oh my gosh it 2 days before the dance and I still need an outfit.
Jenet( this is not the friend shes going to the dance with): I know right me either
Teacher : Violet would u like to share what u and jenet were talking about that was so important that u had to interrupt class
Violet : Um for your info I'm not as open as u r with that ugly shirt
Teacher: Fine jenet u tell us
Jenet: um I ... she ...us. Dance we were talking about the dance
Teacher : thank u now lets carry on wit the lesson
Violet : What time is class over
Teacher: First of all five mins. Second stop interrupting class

( after school that day at the mall)

Violet : hey look that cute we should get that one
Jenet: Not u your ugly date Noah
Opinion by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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(Brittney and Prodigy are at the doctor's office for Brit's check up on the baby)

Doctor: hi how are yall doing

Brit: good

Doctor: and the wittle baby

Brit: she's fine I hope

Doocto: well we'll run a few tests to make sure everything is alright. I'll be back

45 minutes later

Doctor: ok so everything is going great she's breathing good her vitals are healthy and you are healthy also

Brit: that's great did you hear that babe

Prod: yeah

Doctor: so I just need to get some information correct you are the father correct

Prod: ummmm no I'm not

Doctor: Oh really well we did a DNA test because in the past some women have lied to us so according to the data the father is Craig are you not Craig
Fan fiction by rayraynicki posted over a year ago
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You chose to eat first before you stuff your face. So you resumed on making your taco.
Scenario 7: Prod comes over to the table with you so he could fix him a taco. Can you guess what type of meat he's gonna fill his taco with? teehee you guessed it silly goose. Anywayz as you finished preparing your taco, roc comes over and wants to get a soda from the kooler which is between your legs. Well actuallly, the cooler is UNDERNEATH the table, but your standing in FRONT of it. So roc basically grabs your waist in which he scared you while he gently moved you from the cooler to the other side ofthe table. He flashed a sexy smile at you and you blushed.
Scenario 8: Now it's time to have a seat. Where would you like to sit?
A.    On the bed with ray in his room?
B.    In the kitchen at the table with prince?
C.    Out on the back patio with prod?
D.    On roc's lap in the living room?
Fan fiction by rayraynicki posted over a year ago
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Scenario 1: If you have chosen yes to accept Ray's Taco Fiesta invitation then that's AWESUM. Ray Ray and his pals can't wait to meet you at his party. Ok. Let's go over your wardrobe. What do you want to wear? You can be as creative as you want to. Keep in mind you don't have to use all the options below. If you don't want to wear a certain item just type an "x" on the line. You can type a color and style of the garment say for example: Top: pink long-sleeve crop top, bottom: denim skinny jeans, jewelry: 10 silver bangles, shoes: pink and black jordans, bag: small black knapsack, and hat: NY all black with white embroidered letters.
1.    Top:______________
2.    Bottom:____________
3.    Dress:_____________
4.    Jewelry:___________
5.    Shoes:_____________
6.    Bag:_______________
7.    Hat:________________
Fan fiction by rayraynicki posted over a year ago
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Ray's Taco Fiesta: An Interactive Imagine Starring You

It was a Friday after school when the bus dropped you off home, you noticed the mail man placing some mail into your box. You LOVED getting mail. So you walked up to the mail box and opened the lid and grabbed all the mail. You sift through it wondering if anything interesting came today or if anything was addressed to you. A neatly decorated invitation dropped from your hand and fell onto the ground. You noticed it on the ground and picked it up. The Invitation read: Hey Beautiful Y/N. You are invited to Ray's Taco Fiesta where the theme would be surrounded by only tacos. You get to make any kind of taco. We will have fun contests, take pictures and eat tacos. All the food will be freshly prepared as well as the ingredients so all you need to do is either accept or decline this invitation and pick out an outfit to where. Flip this card on the back for more details. *you flip the card over*

What: Ray's Taco Party
Fan fiction by rayraynicki posted over a year ago
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The Jig is Up

****Still at WK109 Radio Station****
The Interview was just about to start when the interviewer Mr. Jackson was curious about the whereabouts of little roc royal. Three-fourths of MB had displayed cluelessness acrossed their faces. Prod had his head down in shame. Prince looking around and admiring his hands and nails and ray was on his phone checkin his messages.
Mr. Jackson: Did anyone hear me? Where is roc royal?
MB snapped into reality.
Prod: Oh sorry, my bad.
Prince looked towards ray as did prod since ray was supposed to be in charge of the whole situation.
Ray: *looks up* Oh my bad. *puts away phone* Roc is um.....He couldn't make it today. *clears throat*
Mr. J raised an eyebrow in curiousity at ray
Mr. J: Oh really?
Ray slowly nods his head in nervousness
Mr. J: All four members of Mindless Behayvior was scheduled at 6:00 pm today at WK109 Radio Station for an interview. So what happened?