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Fan fiction by Adidas_Shwagg posted 3 months ago
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The boys just arrived.Everybody said their Hello's.
Prince-where's Rae'Travia?
Lizzy-that'as basically where she lives
Prince-k thanks
When Prince walked into the game room,I was rapping to Thinking with my d**k..
Prince-hey Rae'Travia
Me-oh,hey.I already drew the planet.
Prince: but we haven't decided on a one yet.
Me:ik,I drew them all.
Prince:~looking at the walls~ u drew all of this.
Me:yeah,look instead of doing the project, let's play MW3
Prince:r u sure.
Me: do my best work at the last minute.
Downstairs with everyone else
Lizzy: what planet u wanna do Roc
Roc: Mars
Lizzy:cool planet
Layna: okay we all no that's not what ur thinking
LA: I gotta no
Lizzy:let's go see.
Ray:go see what
Lizzy:u no damn well they ain't doing that planet project
They walked upstairs to look in the game room
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted 3 months ago
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Disclaimer: This episode has very vulgar language (meaning a lot of cussing) if you don't like cussing. You might as well exit out now.

Jessica POV

Calvin: uh baby
Me: what
Calvin: it broke.
Me: -laughed- that's real funny Calvin
Calvin: I'm serious the condom broke.
Me: -sat up- what you mean it broke?
Calvin: well somewhere in the process it broke and now is still in there.
Me: umm okay so you did pull out before it broke right?
Calvin: uhh -scratched the back of his neck-
Me: so what does this mean ?
Calvin: you might get pregnant...
Me: -smiled- okay then but next time go easy .
Calvin: anything for my precious queen -kisses me-
Me: -kisses back-

Leah POV

Me: I don't know what to do B. I'm stressed out
B: baby you need to relax .. we're going to a party tonite
Me: yes I know but I don't know what to wear.
Fan fiction by SwaggerQueen posted 3 months ago
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Hey I'm back to writing sorry I've left u guys for so long I've been busy with school work and all that shid.i might skip ahead because it's getting boring now Nd I wanna skip on to more interesting bits!!!!

Jacob POV
Me:-punches chres in the face-
Chres:argh wtf's wrong with u
Me:YOU!!!!your always bei-
Chres:-slaps me across the face-
Me:-clenched teeth-you bitch-starts fighting-
Ray:aye aye guys stop fighting over stupid shid aint nobody got time for dat ,save your anger for Jordan!
Craig:aye look there he is he's coming out let's go!
Boys:-get out of the car and circle around Jordan-
Jordan:urm do I know you
Craig:yh well not properly,but you will after this-punches him in the stomach-
Jordan:-falls to the ground holding his tummy-
Ray:-kicks him hard in the legs x6-

Jordans POV

Argh I'm in so much pain already and they've hardly done anything but I'm just not in mood,but don't worry I will get them back for this just you wait and see!!!!!