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Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Lakye POV
I woke up .. and Micheal was sleep right next to me .. so I got up and went to the bathroom .. I looked in the mirror and saw that my bruises were still there I just was more cleaned up ..

So I walked downstairs and it was dead silent.. you can hear a pin drop .. I knew something wasn't right .. so I turned around and nobody was standing behind me ... so I turned back around and BOOM!

?? 8: -choking me on the stairs-
Me: -trying to release his grip-
?? 8: -pulled out a mirror-
Me: -pushes him off-
What .. what are you going to do with that??
?? 8: -breaks the mirror and walks towards me slowly-
Me: -grabbed a knife-
Stay away from me! I'm -whispering cuss words-
?? 8: -grabbed my wrist with a tight grip -
Me: let my wrist go .. please...

Jennifer POV
?? 7: -knocked on the bedroom door-
Me: -slid under the bed-
?? 7: -kicked down the door-
Me: shidd
Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted over a year ago
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Okay so you and Ray kissed,you were playing with his tongue,and Prod was just standing there watching y'all with his heart broken.

Ray:*smiles,puts his arm around your waist,and pulls you closer*
Yn:*pulls away and whispers*Bed.Now.Ray.
Ray:*gets a boner*mkay *carries you bridal style and turns around,sees Prod,drops you not on purpose*
Yn:0.0 Prod...
Prod:I came in here to get a bottle of water.I thought you liked me.But,I now know to to think that.So you do have a favorite?You lied?Why?
Yn:I do like you and no one is my favorite!I didn't lie to you Prod!I promise.
Ray:so you like him?I thought you liked me?
Yn:I do Ray*GCO*
Prod:but you just said you liked me
Prince:*comes in*anyone seen my watch?Wait.Why y'all look heart broken?
Ray:YN said she liked ME,Prodigy!
Prod:she just said she like me!
Prince:I thought you liked me!
Roc:*walks in*what's all the yelling for?
Fan fiction by irreplaceable posted over a year ago
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hey guys i'm writing my new life and i would like to no if you guys would like to be in my story all you gotta do is in the comments leave your name, age, city, personality and tell which mb member you'd like to be wit...... its first come and first serve with mb but if would still like to be in the story comment and you'll be with diggy or jacob latimore or something....... anywhooo thnx guys love you (no homo) and remember stay spiffy, luv tacos, keep eatin chicken and spread the peace!!!!!! dueces
Fan fiction by SwaggerQueen posted over a year ago
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I'm going to do everyone's dates in different parts starting with Leah
//next day//

Leah POV

::.11:30 am.::

Me:-woke up-oh shoot I'm late for my date
(A/N:you see what I did there lol)
Me:-I did my hygiene and got dressed quickly and headed downstairs to see ray there waiting for me-
Ray:well that took you long enough
Me:sorry it's coz I woke up late anyways -starts talking really fast-whereexactlyarewegoing,whattimedowehavetobethere,amiwearingtherightclothing,whatifidontlikewhereweregoing,urghihatesupeisessometimes
Ray:Leah....Leah....Leah...-still chatting nonsense-LEAH
Me:-gasps-rude lil boy,what is it
Ray:shut up and LEGGO

We leave and go in his black Porsche carrera:link one with the gold in it)

My outfit:link
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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D: you were the one-
Me: Everybody Shut up!!
D&L: what's going on? You guys you used to be the best of friends..
D: what happened between you and her .. oh wait the same thing she f-cked yo mannn!!
Me: Day I'm over that

Lakye POV
M: you know what I'm tired of your damn attitude
Me: I'm tired of your attitude too
M: -grabbed my arm-
Me: -screamed in pain-
M: -broke my arm-
Me: you f-cking bitch!!
M: -slapped me and kicked me to the ground-
Me: you know? I hate you .. you f-cking idiot .. all you do is rape and molest girls! What's your problem
M: -stabbed me in the head-

Me: -shot up sweating and breathing heavily-
M: get over here
Me: I can't walk my legs hurt!
M: -grabbed my hair and shoved his penis down my throat-
Me: -gagged-
M: suck it bitch
Me: -did as told-
M: -let my hair go-

I fell on the ground and just laid there until Michael started cutting off my pants and underwear.. pretty soon he-
Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted over a year ago
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Okay so MB is at their house and they got dressed for you...
MB:so lets go!
Ray:wait!Let's wait a couple mins before we go
2 mins later
Ray:lets go*leaves*
At your house
MB:*rings your doorbell*
YN:*opens it just a crack*y-yes?
Ray:It's us,aka,the awesomest boys in the world,but mostly me*laughs*
Prince:hey!I'm VERY awesome,but mostly adorable*smirks*
Prod:y'all,nobody is as SWEET,CARING,and HUMBLE as meeeee
Roc:well,at least I have puffy lips that are very kissable!
Ray:GUYS!Shut y'all's assholes and pay attention to notice YN is here!Stop ignoring her!
Yn:ignore me!Go ahead!Please!
Ray:what the-why?
Prod:is something wrong?
Prince:you okay?
Roc:YN watch out!*tackles some dude,and pushes you not on purpose though and you fall*
Ray:Y-YN?Are those BRUISES?
Prod:and cuts?
Prince:*helps you up*YN,what's going on?
MB:*sees ten guys wearing black just standing there in a line*uh,are those ninjas or something?
Opinion by Skittlez143fan posted over a year ago
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Okay so Ray knocked out a guy for you and he just asked you who he was and you didn't reply.

Ray:So?Who was that dude?
Yn:Um...he's um...my ex.
Roc:Oh.Well,why didn't you just say that then?
Prod:Instead of being all...
Yn:Well I um...well,I can trust y'all,right?
Yn:Well,I always thought it was something I did.I always tried to change,but he still did it...
Ray:He did what?
Yn:Here's my address *hands them address written on paper*I'll tell y'all there*leaves*
Ray:What the-
Roc:But the-
Prod:Well,what do we do now?
Roc:Follow her?
Ray:Bro that's like we trynna stalk her!Give her privacy!She needs some time alone okay?So,just get off her back!We need to give it some time before we go over to her house,damn Roc!You take up people's privacy!And if it's YN's,give her space,privacy,and some time to chill 'cause he was all messin' wit her so just back off!
Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted over a year ago
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Okay so it's morning time and you're getting ready for lunch with Mindless Behavior
Okay I'm WAYtoo excited!MB is gonna meet me at Pizza Hut in a couple hours (you woke up at 7:00 AM) and I need to get dressed outta my pajamas right now.I do my hair,wash my face,and take a shower.I need to dress casual but pretty.Okay so this is what I am wearing and stuff:link look at the clock and it's 9:00 AM.How the heck could it be that time ALREADY?I must have been in the shower too long,or have gotten dressed too long.Oh well.I already ate breakfast at 7:00 AM,so now all I need to do is wait for the time to be lunch time.
???:um...*giggles guilty*I um...WE um...
Me:Wassup,kiddos?(my bro is 5,and my sis is 3.They're names are Roshon(not Roshon Fegan) and Ciara(not Ciara the star)
Ro:well um...we wanted to be more like you so...we made our first prank...well,just me.Ciara is too young for this stuff
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Lakye POV
Me: Thanks Jennifer
J: welcome but come on I know a way out
Me: -ran upstairs-
M: -walked upstairs following us-
Me: -tripped up the stairs-
J: -ran and grabbed my arm-
Come on-
Me: -got up and started running again-
J: this way

We started running down this ramp-
J: -turned left-
Me: -turned around-
J: wrong way -ran straight down the hallway-
Me: -blinked-
Jennifer was gone
M: -walking towards me-
Me: -ran out the door and locked the door-
M: -banging on the door-
Me: -walking backwards slowly away from the door-
J: -grabbed my arm-
Come on that's not going to hold him long
Me: what about Hunter?
H: -sitting at a table-
Me: -grabbed her arm-
Come on let's go!!
J: pointed to the door
Me: -grabbed the door knob-
It's locked
H: uhh guys
We both turned around and Micheal broke down the door and he was pist a'f
Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted over a year ago
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Your POV (YN)
I was waiting in line to meet and greet with Mindless Behavior and I didn't bring my friends 'cause they aren't crazy about MB.Also,they didn't come 'cause if they did,afterwards,I would have talked about it A LOT.Maybe,a couple hours.Okay okay,for a month every time someone said "mindless" or well,anything.Well,if I told y'all about that stuff,I should tell y'all a little about me.Can I trust y'all?Let me think.If y'all can read this,I can trust y'all. ilovemindlessbehaviorforever.That's so easy so I can trust y'all.Well,first of all,here's what I'm wearing: link don't know why I have a Fanta. Probably because it's gonna be a long time 'til I see them,so I brought a drink 'cause I might be thirsty.I was the first one here,and then people started shoving and I didn't wanna start a fight,so,now I'm last.Sucks.Wait,I'm not last.Oh,I didn't know people were behind me.I'm next!Ugh hurry up!The girl in front of me talking to them is playing with her hair and she is wearing a fudging bra!It's a crop top,but it looks like a bra and she's also wearing...
Fan fiction by SwaggerQueen posted over a year ago
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//At home//

I'm worried bout Leah something don't seem right!!!

::.upstairs in the girls room.::

Lexi:so spill it then what happened
Zari:and why are your wrists all red and bruised
Leah:well...you know that waiter who gave us our bill
All of us:yeeeaah...
Leah:well basically after I used the bathroom he was outside so I said hi and all dat sh*t then he asked me on a date and I was like no coz I like ray ray.he didn't like that coz he said no one ever says no to him and I was just like whatever then he grabbed my wrists and twisted hard then harder again and I told him to stop coz it hurt but he didn't then he started sucking me up on my neck and tried to take my top of.Like what the hell man!!!so I pushed him off and slapped him across the face and he called me a b**ch so I kicked him in the bulls and ribs and called him an asshole and he was all like urgh your gonna regret this and I was just like pfft...sure I will!!!!
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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[ listen to dramatic/suspenseful music for full impact ]

Lakye POV
I knew that Michael had Chres and Day in this house I just gotta find them...
Me: -walked downstairs-

I scanned the room making sure nobody was around especially those guards ...
So I calmly went to the other side of the house and I saw a door so I grabbed the knob and opened it... As I walked through the hallway I noticed that it was more than just people .. slaves it was innocent people ... Time to let them free ... I grabbed the latch where you can unlock the door

J: Lakye you gotta get out of here
Me: I'm not leaving you here to die come on
J: -stepped out of her cell-
Me: -starts pulling her in my direction-
J: -yanks herself back-
No go .. he has a tag on me it'll sound the alarm ...
Me: how can I get it off?
J: you can't
Me: I'm not leaving here without you -
Footsteps come downstairs
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Justin POV
Me: -walked upstairs-
Hey Leah bab- What happened??
L: -looked up-
Nothing I was just mourning Unique's death
Me: oh okay.. umm you know Daniel and Frank are staying the night
L: umm... okay I'm going to spend the night at Day's
Me: they are outta town
L: oh well I'll stay at Bre's
Me: um.. -doorbell rings-
Oh that's them ...
L: mkkay -grabs her suitcase-
// Downstairs //
D&F: hey wassup
Me; nun come on in
D&F: -walk inside-
Me: uhh .. I gotta go to the bathroom .. y'all know where to put your bags right?
D&F: yup -start walking upstairs-
D: okay I'll just go in her room okay
F: k -went in Justin's room-
Me: -barges in her room-
L: Get Out
Me: what you gon do.. you gon make me?
L: -threw her remote at me-
I said get out!!
Me: -slammed her against the wall-
I don't care what you said
Opinion by SwaggerQueen posted over a year ago
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Hey guys I knowi haven't wrote in a while...I'm really sorry it's just I never had the time!!!

//next day//

Chres POV

I woke up to some good smelling food....mmmmm it smells delightful...I wonder who's cooking???

Me:-walks downstairs-morning Z
Zari:-no reply-
Me:-sigh-soo...whatcha cooking???
Z:-still no reply-

I really don't know what I did wrong...or why she's giving me the silent treatment for!!!

Leah:-comes downstairs-morning baby girl!!!whatchu cooking???
Zari:hey boo...I'm just cooking eggs bacon and pancakes and baked beans
Leah:oooh it smells good is there some for me???
Zari:yh sure there is
Me:what about me
Me:urrgghh what did I do wrong I don't understand why u will talk to other people but not me...I'm actually confused??!!-semi shouting-
Z:don't yell at me
Me:oh so now u choose to speak...and I'm not yelling!!!
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Layke POV

I sat there in the corner .. I finally got up and noticed Michael wasn't in the room.. so good news there is a window in his bedroom .. it was about sunset so I ran and grabbed the latches that opens the window...

M: -grabs my waist-
You didn't think you would be able to get away that easy.. did you?
Me: -kicks him in his stomach-
M: -grabs my leg and slammed his elbow in my leg-
Me: -grabs my leg and fell on the floor-
M: Jason ... ! Come here
J: wassup
M: meet your new trainee
J: alright I got this
M: -leaves-

J: stand up
Me: -still sat on the ground-
J: -puts on a gas mask-
Me: wait .. why.. w -passes out-

// That Night //
So I woke up and saw Jason laying down right by me.. I really had to use the bathroom.. so I got up and searched the room

J: why are you out of bed
Me: I needed to use the bathroom
J: -carried me to the bathroom-
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Lakye POV
So it was about 8:45 at night and I was at home by myself for like a few weeks now since my parents went out of town .. I hate being by myself.. so I was just about to go upstairs when I heard the patio door break .. like the glass was on the floor... I was beyond terrified so I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone ... then it started ringing

Me: hello
??: come downstairs
Me: who is this?
?? : come downstairs
Me: No I don't know who t'f you are so f-ck off !!
??: .. -ends call-

So with that I heard footsteps walking downstairs I was upstairs in my parents bathroom when I heard the window in their room break...

Me: -looks up-
?? 8 : -grabs the window and pulls himself through-
Me: -crawled into the bathroom and locked the door-
??: -banging on the bathroom door-
Me: -grabs the handle that leads down to our very own kitchen-

So I creeped down the stairs and someone was down there already .. so I hid behind the cabinets closer towards the floor when someone came downstairs
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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( @MindlessSwagged )
So here are the results for my new story ...

Name: Kesha
Age: 21
From: L.A.
Personality: fun.. cool outgoing .. but don't get on her bad side...

Name: Leah
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Personality: tough, aggressive, but still nice..

( @MindlessSwagged )
Name: Kayla
Age: 21
From: Philly
Personality: sweet but ain't afraid to put her hands on you

Name: Nazii
Age: 21
From: Dayton Ohio
Personality: loud mouth loves to dance and drink also loves to twerk .. but will beat yo ass if necessary

Name: Aj
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Nice but won't back down..if you step up to her

Name: Jalisa
Age: 21
From: Miami
Fashionable likes being different but don't get it twisted she will beat you t'f up..
Fan fiction by DyliaAugust posted over a year ago
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[Prod comes inside. Des, Ray, Prince, Roc sitting at table]

Roc: So what happened out there Destiny?

Prod: What's up everybody. What did I miss

Prince: Something not to be seen

Prod: What!!

Roc: Quiet, dang! Like you was saying

Destiny: Ray and I have been having an affair for over 3 months

Roc: Wait, What (starts laughing) No your lying

Ray:(Puts his heads down)

Roc: What Prince you knew bout this

Prince: I just found out today, man. When I told her I was going to tell you, she went crazy

[Roc gets up, starts rubbing his chin.Laughin]

Roc: So what your telling me for these last 3 years we been together and married and talked about having a family. You go and do this...To me!!!

Destiny: Look I told Ray I wanted to stop!!

Ray: Today was the only day

Roc: And Ray!! What are you doing with my girl. Let me guess you ain't care bout me did you. But it not your fault. Destiny is a saduser and ever since she got those hazel contacts you just been up and down on Ray haven't you D. But I'm not going...
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Okay this story is for all those people who watch the baddest show called BAD GIRLS CLUB!!!!! So I already have 2 spots taken and those people are @MindlessSwagged and @rocsboothing !!
If you would like to be in this story leave it in the comments! Oh and only 10 spots left hurry before all spots are taken first come first serve!! So I need the following things

Name: (made up or real name)
Age: ( 19 -29 )
From: (made up or real )
Like city wise
Personality: ( the trouble maker.. instigator ... hothead etc. )

After you give me that information .. and characters then I will post the results :) ..

Now only one more thing to do.. pick your bad girl ! (Photos Below)
Have fun and tune in!!!
( Please Note that there will be lots of uncensored .. graphic language in the story so if you don't like all the cussing then... I don't know what to tell you you're OOL out of luck )

Fan fiction by prodgirl677 posted over a year ago
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mb and omg girls are going on tour together and they date
roc babydoll are together prod star prince zouniqquie go out
Roc pov roc:u ready to go to the hotel doll:yea i got a suprise for u in bed pulls his tie roc: really thats why i luv u. doll:i luv u too

at the hotel prod pov prod: what u wanna do. star:lets go to the bed. prod:i like that idea kisses her neck then it turns out to a makeout session. Prince:lets have dinner zouniqqie: then the carnivial grabs her jacket prince: smiles kisses her then holds her hand theyst both walk out the door. Prod pov prod:that was great lets go to the park doll:great grabs his hand walk out. Roc pov roc:u know how to turn a man on star:it was all u goes to the miorr puts her makeup on.................................
i have no more ideas what to do next at their dates plz comment i need ideas help me out here

Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Letters To Unique
Bre Letter

Unique .. girl I love you and all .. but we were supposed to go through this together.. killing yourself ain't solving nothing but causing more sorrow .. now everything is all out of order because you decided to kill yourself .. man I'm sorry but I don't even want to write anymore bye

Craig Letter
Well I hope you're happy .. because of you I moved .. I moved to Miami so whatever ... bye

Chres Letter
Hey Unique I don't know why everyone else is being so snappy about this but I know how you felt .. like there was no way out.. all you had to do was go to therapy like me .. but if you didn't want to be here then that's your choice I'm out!

Day & Lakye
We love you Unique thanks .. you brought our family back together love you .. bye :):

Hey girl ... sad that you're gone .. but our little group are becoming better more friendly with each other anyways bye
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Unique POV
It was about 10:15 and no one was outside and I was waiting on the train to come when I decided to send a message to everyone

Me: hey guys won't be able to make it to Isaac funeral service sorry.. but I just wanted to say that I love you guys all and this isn't your fault it's my decision .. so I'm sorry but I have to go .. leave .. bye-bye love you all .. please just let me leave .. but with that being said goodbye I love you all... <\3

So I saw the train coming pretty fast so I faced backwards and by now the train was almost by me so I simply closed my eyes and jumped....

So we were at the funeral when everyone excused themself and went outside
Me: hey guys did you get a text from Unique?
Eb: yeah ..
Me: what does she mean she's leaving? Where is she going?
C: uhh lemme go on her Twitter
Chres: guys she's dead...
Me: what?
C: yeah .. she is ..
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Unique POV
------------- -
Me: -rang doorbell-
M: hey Nique :)
Me: don't f-cking hey Nique me dumass motherf-king BASTARD
M: -grabs my arms and threw me against the wall pinning my arms above my head-
Who t'f you think you talking to like that
Me: I'm talking to you like that damnit .. you killed everybody I loved .. are you f-cking crazy??
M: -smirks-
Well what happened was .. Isaac was getting in his car
Me: No.. don't tell me -ready to cry-
M: he was getting in his car and he looked at his phone well I called his name

M: Isaac!!
I: -looked at me-
Me: -pulled trigger-
I: -blood splatters on the car seat -
Me: -shot him 5 more times-

Me: -in the corner crying-
M: -lifts up my chin-
I killed him.. I told you it wasn't over
Me: -grabs a knife-
Die bitch!! -stabs him in the chest-
M: -falls on the floor-
Me: stabs him again and again
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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C: tell me what
B&U: nothing ..
B: just how sweet you are -smiles-
C: okay.. thank you I'm going to go get some dairy queen what some
Me: yeah I'll take a chocolate extreme
B: Oreo please and thank you
C: alright I'll be back
-he leaves-
T: -knocks on the door-
B: I'll be back
Me: okay

// Downstairs //
Me: T.. see you can't just keep -
T: -ambushed me with a kiss-
Me: -kisses back-
T: -pushes me against the front door-
Me: -wrapped my arms and his neck-
T: -wrapped his arms around my waist-
Me: -starts grinding on his boner-
T: -moans in my mouth-
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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// The Next Day //
So I got up and Craig still wasn't here so I tried calling him .. of course he didn't pick up the phone
Me: .. I'm bored... what can I do
My phone buzzed
Me: -reads text-
T: hey ma -winking face-
Me: hey what you want?
T: you already know what I want
Me: stfu jeez such a freak
T: can you come to the patio door please
Me: why?
T: there's a present for you
Me: I'm coming..
-walks to the patio door and locks the door-
T: -knocks on the glass- aye can't you let a homie in
Me: umm... well I have to take a shower I'll come back and get you
/ 5 minutes later /
Me: -unlocked the door-
T: man it's hot as heck out there
Me: well... I don't know what to tell you....
T: yeah okay ..
Me: I'm bored..
T: hmm... I am too
Me: tell me why Craig still wasn't here last night
T: they getting freaky..
Me: ugh! Don't say that -putting my hair in a loose bun-