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minecraft 2 traliar
why dirt tools didn't exsit
skelly heart
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The fans pick: stone
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All Three :D
Sky Army (SkyDoesMinecraft)
The fans pick: Revenge, Fallen Kingdom or TNT by captainsparkles
Revenge, Fallen Kingdom or TNT...
Screw the Nether
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Minecraft Wall

Fangirl521 said …
Can someone tell me a good house design and how to build it please? My brother is always saying he's better at minecraft that me (because he has like 120 mods on his computer) and I just wanna build an awesome house to show him that I'm good too Posted 6 days ago
wassupswagger said …
gdgdgd\ Posted 7 days ago
glelsey said …
Have people been having trouble playing the videos I share on this club? 2 people keep reporting every video I post here as broken, even though they seem to work just fine for other people. Not sure why that is but I'd be happy to try and get it sorted if one of you would let me know exactly what kind of problems you're having getting them to play. It might be something that I can fix pretty easily, but I'll need to know more details first! Cheers! Posted 10 days ago
Dark-Cruz-360 commented…
I have seen your video post and nothing is wrong with them they play just fine. Maybe he or she has weak connection that doesn't let them play the videos 7 days ago
glelsey commented…
Maybe. I wonder if they've been reporting other people for the same thing. It does seem strange. 7 days ago
Dark-Cruz-360 commented…
Well I think it could be connection that is just a thought, but your Minecraft videos are fine. If they did reported other people's stuff they would have post on the club wall to let the club fans know 7 days ago