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Why Faby should appreciate her name!

Opinion by flaming-wave666 posted over a year ago
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Faby, I want to know one little thing; why do you hate the name your parents gave to you?

Does the name have to sound pretty to be liked? What about the meaning of a name? What if there's a name that sounds really beautiful but has a ridiculous meaning such as; dirt, soil, cow...? But you'd like it just because it sounds pretty? Think again.

Do you even know what the name Tiffany or Tifany means?
Tifany is a beautiful name and given to beautiful cut glass and fine jews. It describes something to behold and the sparkle of God manifested in one's life. Be proud of your name and try to live your life up to the name given. Hold your head up and high and value yourself, because Tifany means the manifestation of God's presence. Just think how powerful and awesome that is!

The name reflects god and his power so if you meet a girl called Tiffany she might be reflecting the power of god to his children.

So the name means "Manifestation Of God". The origin is Greek.

Now you see? The name Tifany sounds cute and the meaning of it is very powerful, glorious and beautiful.

Never judge a name of how it sounds!
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Seriously? Her name is Tiffany? That's really beautigul name.
posted over a year ago.
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Tifany. With one f. But it's the same. :)
And yeah, I agree! I love that name! <3
posted over a year ago.
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mirafabia said:
Really?I'm not the only one where don't appricate her name...
myy sister,my friends....and many more...:-/
It's just normal for us if we don't appricate our name....^^
But thank you for your opinion about my name and for searching the meaning....:)
Maybe one day,I'll exapt my name...but not now.;)
posted over a year ago.
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But why don't you accept it? Of course it IS normal but it's stupid not to accept your own name... Just because other peopel does it doesn't mean you should. It's really a pathetic thing not to appreciate what you have.

It's what's behind the name tat counts not how the name sounds. Please think about it Tifany.
posted over a year ago.