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EastPwincess posted on Dec 18, 2009 at 05:26PM
Just A Few Of Nathan's Best Bits And Quotes, According To E4:

(Looking at Kelly) "I'm guessing shoplifting...?"

(Kelly reveals she got into a fight) "Was this on the Jeremy Kyle Show?"

"Me? I was done for eating some pic'n'mix."

"It's that Banksy prick. There's a hidden meaning - like a monkey policeman with a banana and a Tesco's bag."

"A group of young people doing mindless shit all day. Face it man it's bound to happen. It always does. It's biology. or physics. one of those."

"I'm no doctor, but you see the way the side of his head's all caved in like that...?"

"I'm pretty sure this breaches the terms of my ASBO."

"You're black and famous. You're probably more screwed."

"She can hear what I'm thinking. Does she know I want to shag her? (realising) Oh shit! She can hear that."

"You lot, super-heroes? No offence, but... (shaking his head, disbelieving)... In what kind of fucked-up world would that be allowed to happen?"

"He's not a werewolf. This guy is such a pussy, he has to get my mum to open jars for him. I'm pretty sure a werewolf could open a jar of peanut butter for himself."

"If I was winding you up, I'd like to think I'd be a little more creative. 'I know what film you saw last summer'."

"George Michael gets away with this shit, but he used to be in Wham. Who are you?"

"Ski wear. Classic. Try walking ten miles to the well in these."

"They're building a what...? That sounds made up. Are we supposed to know what that is?"

(The group discuss moving the bodies without a car) "Great. Maybe we should call a cab. Better make it a seven seater."

"It's just pure, mindless vandalism!"

"If I was mentally deficient, I would've missed."

"I know I'm better than this, and if I'm not, I'd probably have to kill myself."

(When asked whether community service has changed him) "I think I'm taller."

"Him and his mum can come and live with me at the Community Centre. I'll get free food from the vending machine. And booze from the kitchen. I'll steal from other babies. I'll go to the park. I'll forage for nuts and berries."

(Kelly invites Nathan to hers for chicken nuggets) "I didn't realise you were a trained chef..."

Try that in your driving test. That's getting you a fail... (reconsidering) Or a pass... And probably some kind of internal injury..."

"It's a sad day for all of us when a girl like her decides it's time to pull up her knickers."

(Nathan ponders the obvious) "There's never a probation worker around when you need one."

"Yeah. Right. 'Help! Everyone's stopped taking drugs, and urinating in the street.' Who do we tell? This is every policeman and parent's wet dream."

"I liked your attitude. I liked how you looked. The way you scraped your hair back. So sometimes you looked a bit oriental. It worked for me."

"There's only one thing young ladies should be inserting in themselves ...and that's knowledge."

"We're young. We're supposed to drink too much. We're supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each other's brains out."

(To Simon) "Save me Barry!"

"I've got a power... I bloody knew it...Who's laughing now...? I'm alive! Help! HELP!!!! You buried me alive you dicks! Help! I'm immortal. That's just great. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Un-fucking-believable...

Source: E4 Website

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over a year ago ashlyts4 said…
The last two always crack me up. I love Nathan and I was nearly crying last night when he died... But then he came back to life, which made me happy... But then he was buried underground in a coffin, which made me sad again that he couldn't be with Kelly
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over a year ago tushtush said…
I love Nathan. Everything he says is so damned hilarious. :D
over a year ago butterflyemz said…
nathen is so funny!i love him!
over a year ago lilwagg88 said…
i just finished the first season today...i love it! nathan is by far me fav. character! but i can't believe they ended it the way they did! can't wait for season 2 to come out! HURRY UP!! lol
over a year ago hey287 said…
big smile
Love Nathan he is awesome. My fave quote
It's good to be here. I was such a loser. All the sex and drugs -haha- all that fast food :)
over a year ago nightmare14 said…
big smile
Nathan: [Discussing a plan for dealing with the Virtue group] Come on, Barry, you're good at this stuff. Think of something.
Simon: Who's Barry?
Nathan: You are.
Kelly: His name is Simon.
Nathan: Is it? I thought it was Barry.

"Let's get the wind flying through your hair [Looks down at bald old lady] Eww... Let's get the wind flying through your scalp."

"It breaks my heart! Your wearing cardigans!"

over a year ago xxjane88xx said…
I love Nathan as well, he's hilarious...

The whole Fisherman's Friend conversation is hilarious!

"Is she one of those girls with really long pubes down to her knees? Has she got an extroverted vagina, 'cause they can fix that in an operation, man!"