These are some of the little known facts about Misha, or even if they are known, just thought it would be nice to mention!

1. His full name is Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic Collins

2. He’s from Greenville, Massachusetts.

3. He married his high school sweetheart.

4. He built Vicki a house.

5. He once got arrested because he went to read a book on top of a bank because he needed better lighting.

6.He likes green tea.

7. He has two turtles.

8. He smells like watermelons.

9. He has spent several months in seclusion in monasteries in Tibet.

10. He is a certified lifeguard, EMT, and motorcyclist.

11. He has slept in an igloo.

12. He kayaks, snowboards, bikes, and runs.

13. He interned with the White House Administration.

14. He made jokes on his FBI background check.

15. He stole security badges from the White House and made a mobile out of them.

16. He is a published poet.

17. He made most of the furniture in his house.

18. He does a lot for charity and uses his influence to encourage his ‘minions’ to contribute.

19. His charity is named, "Random Acts"

20. He was named after his mother’s Russian ex-boyfriend.

[source: tumblr]