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Jared & Misha Part 5

Jared & Misha Part 4

Jensen joins the panel

Jared and Misha part 1

Jare & Misha part 2

Jared & Misha part 3

Misha Collins Interview On CBR TV

io9 talks to Supernatural's Misha Collins

SPN 100th Event 1of2

New Jersey, USA Bike Act

New Jersey, USA Shoe Store Act

New Jersey, USA Computer Act

Castiel • The funniest Angel in the Garrison

J2 + M: Everybody loves them (spn gag reel season 5)

Misha Collins talks Random Acts for AOL TV Squad

Misha @ Vancouver Con 2010

VanCon 2010: Misha Collins 2 - Jared's Prank

VanCon 2010: Misha Collins 3 - "Jensen called you a whore"

VanCon 2010: Misha Collins 1 - Shag, Marry, Kill

An amazing video message from Misha Collins

Misha Collins on Serieasten.TV

Random Acts - A video message from Misha Collins

Misha Collins- Happy Birthday!!

SPN Season 5 Gag: So happy I could die



Misha Collins Comic Con 2010 Roundtable

Misha Collins Discusses *Season Six Spoiler*

Supernatural Season 5 Gag Reel Preview

Many Faces of Misha Collins (& Castiel) ♥

Supernatural NJ Con 2010 - Misha Collins responds to Fred's Rumors

Misha Collins NJ Con 2010

Misha is at a loss for words.

Misha Collins (Salute to Supernatural Parsippany)

Misha Collins NJCon-Why No Hugs For Cas?

Misha Collins Supernatural Con Parsippany 2010

Who's your daddy?

Oh Lolli lolli lolli pop! || Misha Collins

Rising Con Barcelona - Misha Collins about Sam-/Dean-Girls

"It was a robot head!"

Asylum Europe - Mark & Misha Panel - 04/16 - the thing about the two shoes ;)

Asylum Europe - Mark & Misha Panel - 05/16 - Misha's Minions vs. Lucifer's Legions

Asylum Europe - Misha Collins and Mark Pellegrino explaining slash

Misha Collins @ All Hell Broke Loose II

sour cherry

SPN con Heaven in Hell 2010

misha collins / give me fever!

fever (jensen, jared & misha)

URA Fever