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NyanCat2000 said …
This fan fiction introduced me to the MLP fandom lol Posted over a year ago
cannibalZoey said …
I <3 CUPCAKES Posted over a year ago
90sfan said …
The fanfiction scares me...*shivers* Posted over a year ago
JavieraK commented…
Yeah I read it too but it didn't really scare me or give me the shivers. I was kind of... Indifferent. I think it should have been longer and more descriptive though. I guess some people have to build up a "stomach" to it ;) lol but to me, it wasn't very scary. I suppose, it could be scary to younger viewers but not to me. I'm 14 and I guess I can stand it. It only took me 3 minutes to read it (yeah I'm a fast reader) and think that it should be more descriptive to be really vomit worthy. If I could rewrite it, I would. But other than that, it was a pretty good fanfic. Not the best but still good. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 13, really, but it's RL Stine worthy, lol ^w^ over a year ago