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Why did Alastair Mackenzie (Archie) leave the show ?

 Krypton15 posted over a year ago
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suz2smart said:
According to "The Scotsman":
Mackenzie had his reasons for leaving. "I actually thought there was nowhere else for my character to go," he explains. "My character reluctantly arrived from London at the beginning of series one to take over the bankrupt estate and decide which girl he was going to marry. By the time I left, the estate was successful, I married the girl and reconciled my relationship with my father. It seemed appropriate to leave when I did."
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posted 11 months ago 
yvdc17a said:
I have no idea. I am still wondering about that, myself. Maybe he was made another offer with better money or something that would better enhance and promote his career. Just a guess.
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posted over a year ago 
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