Continuation of: TOW All The Babies Part 1

Sorry it took so long, but I promise you it's going to be worth it :) In this fic all the kids are a little older from part one, because it was easier to write it that way. Jack and Erica are three, and Emma is five.

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It was just after three when she got up and rushed to the bathroom for the second time that night from morning sickness. Chandler woke up when she layed back down.

Chandler brushed the hair from her forehead and kissed it gently "Hey, honey" he whispered softly "are you okay"?
"Yeah, i'll be fine" Monica said as she draped her arm over his chest and moved closer "I love you".
"I love you too". Chandler said

It only was thirty minutes after they both fell back asleep when they heard their bedroom door open and someone walking in.

Chandler woke up from hearing the bedroom door open. If there was one thing Chandler learned from being a parent, it was to always keep an ear open.

Chandler layed in bed quietly. He decided to let Jack chose who he wanted to go to tonight.

Jack slowly went over to his parents bed. And tried to shake his mom awake.

"Mommy....mommy" Jack said in a low voice

Monica still didn't wake up. Until Chandler nudged her awake.

Monica shot up, and gasped loudly. She looked over to find Jack next to her bed with wide eyes, scared. "Honey, whats wrong?" Monica said lifting him up onto the bed.

"I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you and daddy?"

"Aww...sweetie of course you can." Monica said wiping away his tears on his cheeks "Here" Monica layed him down next to her.

The next morning. Jack had his back to Monica, who had her arms wrapped around him. Monica had her back to Chandler and his arms around her. Chandler was awake thinking about the baby coming. When Erica came running in, yelling "WHERE'S JACK?!"

Chandler shot up and looked over Monica to find Erica "Shhh...he is right here"

Erica let out a sigh of releaf and went over to her dad to lay with him.

Scene fades to Rachel and Ross trying to find Emma.

"Okay, I give up Emma up win, you can come out now" Rachel said but she still didn't see Emma in sight

"What were you thinking, when you decided to play hide'n'seek with a two year old!" Ross said frustrated

"Hey! One, there wasn't anything else to play, and two, it wasn't my idea. So if you can call the police that would be great" said Rachel

"Why do you need to call the police?" Ross said confused

"Because we have a missing person on our hands. Do you have any better idea?"

"Rach, you can't call the police. You were just playing hide'n'seek, she has to be in the apartment somewhere". He pauses "and besides you can't call the police unless she has been missing for at least 48 hours"

"Well at this rate she will be" Rachel said

Scene fades back to Monica and Chandler. Monica is in the kitchen about to eat, a chicken sandwich with pickles, srype, peanut butter and sprinkles on top, about to wash it down with orange juice, when Chandler walks in.

Chandler stepped into the kitchen when he saw Monica about to pick up her sandwich and eat it he almost got sick right there if she didn't see him and stop what she was doing. "Hey honey" Monica said

Chandler sat down next to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek "Hey. I got the twins dressed, their playing in the playpen right now"

"Cool, thanks" Monica said

Chandler got up to fix himself some toast, When Monica started to get up. He rushed over to her "Hey, where do you think your going"

"I'm just going to go do something" Monica stated and started to walk away

Chandler put his hand on her arm "No, whatever you need i'll get it for you"

"No, really i'm fine" Monica said about to leave

"No I...

"CHANDLER I HAVE TO PEE!!" Monica said nudging him off

Chandler let go. "Alright, I guess you can do that by yourself, but if you need anything like toilet paper or...

"CHANDLER!" She said before he could say anything else. Monica liked how sweet he was being with the pregnancy but sometimes he was way to protective. The other day he almost got in the shower with her to wash my hair just so she didn't have to. Sometimes I think he is the one who needs help.

Scene fades to Phoebe and Joey at Joey's apartment, the are playing a card game.

Phoebe was shuffling the cards. "Okay Joe, i'm going to explain this game one, more, time, alright?"

Joey looked at her still confused what she was saying because she was saying it to fast. "Okay..."

"Okay, listen carefully. The name of the game is Ancrgandaconda (ancr-ganda-conda) suicide kings are wilds, bloody queens are dead, first one out refills the chip bowl" after she said that she did this card trick (AN: like the one Rachel did in TOW all the poker) that confused Joey even more. He didn't care about the game anymore he wanted to know how to do the cool card trick.

"What?" Joey said still confused

Scene fades to Rachel and Ross, they are trying to lurer Emma out of her hiding spot

"Okay Rach, you got her favorite animal and I got the knife..." Ross said

"ROSS!" Rachel gave him an ugly look

"I'm was just kidding, i'v got the ice cream. God loosen up" Ross said holding up the bowl of strawberry ice cream for Emma

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Rachel said creeping into every room carefully looking for Emma

"Think about it Rach. A two year old's favorite animal and a bowl of ice cream. I would come out. Besides it's not like she has Monica's competitiveness!" Ross said following Rachel into their bedroom

"Yeah your right" Rachel agreed

Scene fades to Monica laying on the couch with Jack sitting on her stomach. She was making funny faces, while he plays with the buttons on her shirt. When Chandler walks in with Erica in his arms.

Chandler Rushes over to them and picks Jack up.

Monica gives him an angry look "Hey!"

"Mon, you shouldn't put him on your stomach like that it could be a harm to the baby.

"And not playing with my son could be a harm to him." Monica said referring to Jack "Now give me him back" Monica said reaching out her arms trying to grab Jack while making funny faces "Yes it can, yes it can" Monica coos to Jack. Jack starts to giggle and kicking his legs and arms while drooling.

"And that, could be a harm to everyone." Chandler said still holding Jack

"Okay can I have him back now?" Monica said




"Okay, fine...can I have that one?" She said pointing at Erica.

"No" Chandler said pulling them farther away out of her reach

"Chandler! For God's sake I want to play with my kids! So give me them!" Monica said raising her voice a little but not to loud to scare them.

"...No, I don't want you to hurt the baby"

"Ugh!!" She got up from the couch grabbed her keys and walked out the door

Chandler followed her "Where do you think your going?!"

She didn't answer so he went over to her car window "Hey! Where are you going?"

"Away from you" Monica said starting the car, but Chandler sat the babies down on her window frame so she couldn't go anywhere "God Chandler!"

"Tell me whats wrong" Chandler said

"Whats wrong...whats wrong!!" Monica said raising her voice "Okay ill tell you whats wrong" she said getting out of the car and slamming the door "You!" Chandler looked at her shocked.

"Me" he said feeling hurt

"Yes you! You've been driving me insane. I love how you care so much about this babies health but you are being way to over protective" She said softening her voice. While rubbing her stomach

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that was the way you felt" Chandler said "Here" He gave her Jack back but she was surprised when he gave her Erica too.

"What are you doing?" Monica said as she watched him walk back into the house

She set Jack and Erica in their playpen for them to play. Then walked over to Chandler, she touched his shoulder and moved in front of him so she can look in his eyes. "Hey" She said whispering

"You think i'm being over protective, I get it....You can take over everything now" He said walking away again.

"Chandler....Honey, that's not wha...that's not what I meant" She said. She raped her arms around his neck and leaned in and kissed him passionately "I love you. And I love the way you are with the kids and the way you get up and check on them while I'm in the bathroom throwing up." She said laughing a little at the last part.

"You do?" Chandler said

"Yeah" She said again and leaned in to kiss him again.

Scene fades to Ross and Rachel walking in their bedroom and looking around. Once they checked everywhere possible Rachel spotted Emma's Foot in the corner of her eye. She goes over to the door and closes it to find Emma fast asleep with her sippy cup and Rachel's pillow that she must have pulled off her bed to sit on.

"Ross" Rachel whispered

Ross came over and saw what she was looking as "Awww...Isn't she just the cutest"

"Yeah. We should probably put her in her bed"

"Yeah, your right. Here" Ross bent down and took her sippy cup out of her hand and handed it to Rachel then picked up Emma. He layed her down on her bed and kissed her on the head before leaving.


**Four Months Later**

"Anyone seen Chandler?" Monica asked the next afternoon when she entered Central Perk. Joey, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel were sitting in the coffeehouse, gushing over Emma. She sat down beside Rachel on the couch and smiled down at the baby.

"I've not seen him, Mon, but he's probably at work, don't you think?" Ross questioned.

"Well, none of us are," she retorted, a little irritated. She wasn't even sure why.

"Sorry. I forgot not to mess with the pregnant lady," he laughed. "Is something wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"No, no. Nothing's wrong. I just... I just needed him for something," Monica replied.

"Wanna hold Emma?" Rachel asked, handing her to Monica.

"Of course I want to hold my favorite niece. Hi, sweetie.

"Actually we were going to ask if you and Chandler could baby-sit tonight," Rachel said. "Ross and I wanted to go out to dinner tonight." She squeezed Ross' hand and smiled over at him.

"You know I'd love to, but... Couldn't Phoebe do it tonight? I kind of wanted to talk to Chandler about something," she replied, hoping that she could get away with only giving them that much information.

She was wrong. "What were you going to talk to him about?" Joey asked curiously.

"I know," Phoebe grinned. "I've been there. I can see right through you," she smiled, pointing at Monica.

"What? I just need to talk to him," Monica insisted.

"Sure. That's what they all say," Phoebe continued.

Rachel glanced over at Monica and suddenly realized what was going on. "Oh! Okay, I understand. Pheebs, will you help me out? Monica really needs to 'talk' to Chandler tonight," Rachel grinned.

"Sure, sure," Phoebe promised. "I'll watch Emma."

"Hey! What's going on here?" Ross asked, wondering what the girls could possibly be talking about.

"Believe me, Ross, you don't want to know," Rachel responded.

"It's nothing. They're making too much out of this. I just wanted to talk to my husband about something," Monica insisted again.

"Yeah, sure. There might be a little talking, but I think I know what's gonna be happening in the Bing household tonight," Rachel winked at Phoebe.

"Come on, you guys! What are you talking about?" Joey asked. Both he and Ross were a little frustrated.

"Monica's horny," Phoebe said quietly.

"Phoebe! I am not horny!" Monica shouted, causing everyone in Central Perk to look directly at her. "Corny. I'm not corny," she tried to cover. She felt her cheeks turn red hot, and scowled at Phoebe. "I'm not horny," she repeated, this time much quieter.

"Oh yes you are, Monica," Rachel responded. "You're in your fourth month, aren't you?" Monica nodded, knowing she'd been figured out. "Phoebe went through it, I went through it, and now you're going through it. Hey, at least you've got someone to put out the fires, if you know what I mean," she teased.

"Okay, I've heard enough. I know my sister's married to Chandler, I know she's having his baby, and I know know...but I don't need to hear about it," Ross said, blushing.

"Monica is horny," Joey grinned like a little schoolboy.

Monica stood and handed Emma back to Rachel. "I think I'm gonna just go home before I get anymore embarrassed," she said and walked away from the group.

"I hope you get some good lovin' tonight!" Phoebe yelled as she watched Monica exit the coffeehouse. The others looked at her, a little surprised. "Well if she's gonna get some, I might as well wish her the best."

Scene fades to Phoebe and Joey, latter that day. They decide to go watch a movie. They are now seated with their 3D glasses on. Phoebe was holding the XL pop, and Joey holding the XL popcorn.

Joey, without diverting his eyes from the screen reached down to take a drink, Phoebe not moving her eyes either, noticed that he is not even bothering grabbing the drink from her and just using his mouth. She thought he needed help. She pushed the drink further up so he will get the straw faster. Not knowing that she just slammed the straw in Joeys noise. She goes and grabs some popcorn, still not moving her eyes, while Joey is wincing in pain.

Scene fades to Monica and Chandler

"Hey, beautiful," Chandler smiled when he saw his wife standing in their kitchen that evening. He handed her a small bouquet of flowers and kissed her tenderly.

"Hey, honey," Monica replied and returned his kiss with a more passionate one.

Once the kiss was over, Chandler smiled at his wife. "Phoebe was right. You are horny," he laughed.

"Chandler!" Monica exclaimed. "Phoebe told you?"

"Yeah, but she didn't really have to. I kind of figured it out. I think I read something about this in one of those books you've got lying around here."

"Oh." She knew she was blushing. "I can't help it, Chandler," she continued, turning away from him to put the flowers in a small vase on the table. "It's the pregnancy. I just... I really, really, needed to see you today."

"Hey, I'm not complaining," he assured her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "And what do you mean you needed to see me today? Did you find somebody else to take care of things already?" he teased.

She turned back to face him. "No, but I'd really appreciate it if you just stopped making jokes and got down to business..."

Hours later they were lying in bed, wrapped in each other's arms.

"Thank you, Chandler," Monica said quietly, holding tightly onto her husband.

"You don't have to thank me for that," he chuckled. "Believe me, I enjoyed it."

She laughed. "Me too. Boy, the things you have to put up with. I don't see how you can handle it," she teased.

"Oh, it's tough, but I'd do anything for you, honey... By the way, just how much longer is this fourth month thing gonna last?"

Scene fades to Ross and Rachel. Ross is watching the game on T.V. while talking on the phone with Chandler, they are talking about the game and how the refs are making 'bad calls'. Rachel is in the kitchen trying to feeding Emma, but she keeps on throwing her food.

"Ross, honey, can you give me a towel please." Rachel asked

Still talking to Chandler on the phone "What! Come on! Chandler i'm telling you I could ref better than these guys!"

"Ross, towel please." Rachel said

Still not moving from his seat "Did you and Mon, pick out a name for the baby yet?...Really!...No me and Rach want it to be a surprise"

"Ross! Shut off the damn T.V. and go get me a towel!!" Rachel yelled trying this time to get his attention.

Ross jumped a little at Rachel's sudden out burst, "Dear God, hormones are really kicking in now...Chandler can I call you back?" He hangs up the phone and gets up "Well you could of at least said please" He said to Rachel while going to get the towel and handing it to her.

Rachel just rolls her eyes and starts to clean up Emma's mess.


*4 months later*

It is December 17 and is a couple weeks until Monica's due date. She was getting bigger everyday. Monica was in the kitchen leaning over the counter while reading a recipe from a magazine when Jack ran in the kitchen and over to her.

"Mommy, mommy!!" Jack yelled jumping up and down

Monica turned around to see her son "Yes, sweetie?" She said bending down to his height

"Can I go out in the snow!?" Jack said

"Sure." she said laughing

"YAY!" He ran out of the room to go get his coat. When Chandler came into the room

Monica got up from her crouching spot on the floor.

Chandler walked over to her "You know, that's not good for the baby." He said rubbing her large belly

"Yeah....I'm going to miss you being over protective." Monica said giving him a quick kiss before Jack came running in with his snow boots on and his coat unzipped, his hat on, his gloves off and his scarf covering his mouth and nose.

"Mmy" He said underneath his scarf while holding his gloves out for her to put on

Monica took the gloves and started to put them on his hands "Did you ask Erica to see if she wanted to go out and play in the snow with you?"

Jack shook his head no. Then with the hand Monica just put the glove on, he grabbed his hat, took it off, and through it on the ground. Then he took his scarf and pulled it lose "Mommy, I'm getting too hot!"

She stood up straight and looked at Chandler "We really got to find away to put all this stuff on him faster."

Chandler, with his hands in with pockets and leaning up against the counter, looks at Jack and says "Hey buddy! Why don't you run outside and back in again. Then we will put your stuff on, Okay?"

"Okay!" Jack said, then ran out of the room and outside.

Chandler turns back to Monica "You know...I feel a little hot myself." he wraps his arms around her waste.

"Really..." She wraps her arms around his neck "Maybe you should go outside with the kids then.."

Chandler drops his arms "You are no fun when you are pregnant."

*40 minutes later*

Chandler is outside with Jack building a snowman. Erica didn't want to go because it is to cool. So her and Monica are in the kitchen coloring.

"Mommy, can you pass the purple?" Erica said

"Sure, what are you drawing?" Monica asked

Erica covered up her picture "Don't look! It's a surprise" Erica said

"Oh, okay, i'm..." All of a sudden Monica felt a really sharp pain in her stomach "Oww.."

"Mommy, are you okay?...i'm sorry if you want to look at my picture you can." Erica said

"No, honey, it's not you" Monica held her stomach tighter "Baby, go get your dad." she said

Without answering Erica ran out of the room and then came back in, "Mommy, do I have to put my coat on, and my boots, and my glo..."

"No, honey. Please just go get him!" Monica said a little louder

Erica ran back out and went outside to go get Chandler "Daddy, daddy! Mommy needs you!"

"Okay, hold on just let me finish this one thing, I'm almost done..." Chandler said

"NO! Daddy, she needs you now!" Erica yelled

Chandler dropped all the snow he was holding "Come on Jack. Lets get some Hot Coco, then we can come back out and finish."

"Okay!" Jack exclaimed

Erica ran back inside with Jack right behind her. She went over to her mom "Mommy, I got daddy!"

"Than-Owww!" Monica leaned forward in pain

Chandler was taking off his stuff by the front door when he heard Monica wincing in pain. He ran in the kitchen. But stopped at the door. Realizing what is happening.

Monica looked up to find Chandler by the door in shock "No, Chandler honey, I need you now." Monica said hoping Chandler wasn't going through one of his commitment issues stages again.

Chandler rushed over to her "Alright, alright, alright..." Chandler bent down and rubbed her large belly "Has your water broke yet?"

"No...Oww!" Monica put her hands on his shoulders and leaned forward a little bit

"Okay, umm...breath, breath." He turned back to Erica and Jack, who were just standing there watching "Jack, I need you to run upstairs and get mommy's pillow, and bag that is on the chair by the door. Erica you go get a wet washcloth.....anddd..brake" They clapped their hands together than ran their separate ways.

"I let you guys wash to much T.V." Monica said then went through another contraction

"Okay, lets get you to the car.." He helped her up, but once she got to her feet she fell back down on the chair. "Honey, I can't, it hurts" Erica came running back in with a soaked washcloth, she handed it to Chandler. He took it and rung it out onto the floor "HHHHA" Monica gasped. "Mon, we don't have time for this."

"Okay lets go, you can do it." Chandler helped her back up, they walked to the front door slowly. Chandler grabbed their coats, and walked to the car. They buckled the twins in and started to drive to the hospital. Chandler raced in and out of traffic while trying to keep Monica calm. "Mon, breath!" He yelled over the twins in the back seat fighting.

"Hhha.." Monica gasped then looked down "Oh, God" She whispered

"What? What?" Chandler said taking a double take from Monica to the road back to Monica "Oh, man!" He said a little upset "Not in the car" He tried wripping it up with a rag he found on the floor, while still trying to keep his eyes on the road.

"Chandler! It's water, not blood" Monica yelled

When they finally reached the hospital Chandler jumped out of the car and over to the other side to help Monica out. He shut the door behind her and started to walk towards the doors until he remember that Erica and Jack were still in the car "Damn it!" He ran back to the car to get them out, then back to Monica. "Okay, lets go have a baby."

*A little while later*

Monica was laying in the bed with Chandler holding her hand and counting in between every contraction. While Erica and Jack sat impatiently in the chair next to them.

"Daddy, is mommy going to have a baby now?" Erica asked

"Daddy, do I have to give up all my toys now that the baby is coming?" Jack asked

"Daddy, are you going to get rid of us so you have room for the baby?" Erica asked

"Daddy, is the baby going to be fat?" Jack asked


"GUYS! Please just be quite for one minute." Chandler pleaded

There was a short pause before Erica asked "Daddy, how are babies made?"

"Ooookay..!" Monica yelled and sat up straighter "Chandler did you call everyone yet?"

"No, I forgot, i'll go do that now" Chandler started to pull away when Monica kept holding onto him.

"No, I need you with me!" Monica pleaded

"Mon, I'll only be a minute. I'll be right back." Chandler said

"Okay" He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before rushing out the door.

*A little while later*

Everyone had arrived at the hospital and are waiting in the waiting room.
While in the delivery room Monica has just dilated enough centimeters and is just about to give birth

"Now, Chandler, your going to have to hold Monica's back forward." Dr. Williams, Monica's doctor said

"Alright" Chandler said shaky. He moved behind Monica and leaned her forward

"Okay, Monica your going to have to start pushing now" Dr. Williams said

Monica did as she was told and started pushing. But after awhile she started to get tired and couldn't do it anymore.. She leaned back against Chandler's arms "I can't, I can't do it!" She told Chandler

"Yes you can! Come on, we are almost done, then we can take the baby home and watch it grow up. Come on Monica, you going to have to be strong" He leaned down and gave her a quick, passionate, kiss

"Okay...Okay!" Monica said and leaned forward again

"Alright, We are almost done. We have a head and shoulders" The Doctor said

"UGHH!!" Monica pushed harder and then heard the cry of her new born baby. Their new born baby.

"It's a boy" Dr Williams said and gave him to the nurse to wash his body. After the nurse was done she gave him to Chandler to hold. Then all the doctors left to give them time alone.

"I can't believe he is actually here" Chandler said looking down at the new member of the Bing family. When he started to cry again "Oh, I think he want's his mommy." He said giving him to Monica who was also crying.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Chandler asked worried

"Nothing, nothing. I'm just really happy that's all." Monica looked up at him from the baby "Thank you....I love you." She said giving him a kiss.

"I love you too." He said returning the kiss "I'm really proud of you. You did great." Chandler said touching the babies head

"What should we name him?" Monica asked

"What do you want to name him?" Chandler asked right back

"Aiden Tyler Bing" Monica said looking down at the baby again

"I love the name" Chandler said Brushing a strand of hair out of her face

"Me too." She said "You wanna go get the twins?"

"Sure." He kissed her forehead "I love you so much it hurts" He whispered, then walked out of the room to go get Erica and Jack.

A while later everyone was in the room and talking about how cute Aiden was, when Rachel interrupted "Oh God!"

"What?" Ross said

"I think my water just broke." Rachel said eyes wide looking at everyone, who just looked at the ground by her feet.

Aiden Tyler Bing: Born; December 17, 2006: At: 9:07 p.m. Weighing in at: 6 lbs, 2 1/2 oz

Ava Grace Geller: Born; December 18, 2006: At: 3:39 a.m. Weighing in at 6 lbs, 7 oz