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Guide by PrettyQueen0_0 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
OKAY, to start out....I would like to start out with a "DID YOU KNOW"

~DID YOU KNOW?~ A chimpanzee can notice itself in the mirror but a NORMAL monkey cant?

Well I have been studdying, and I have noticed that whenever a monkey gets in the mirror, it scratches its head and feels as if the monkey in the mirror (itself) is MOCKING him!
A chimpazee will take about 10 seconds to say "HEY! Thats me!" But will a NORMAL monkey notice? NO!

Monkeys have a very small families!

chimps can be very sensitive and fragile! Whenevr you see a gorrilla on tv or in the zoo, you think of something mean and fightful RIGHT? Well gorrillas have very strong feelings.

They fall inlove INSTANTLY with humans. ESPECIALLY baby or small humans!

Whenever you are in the zoo, make sure you study the chimps a bit...they are quite interesting but they take A LOT of noticing!

In order to learn about one of the chimpanzees' character traits, you must take noted (mind is okay) and see what the chimps do over and over.