TheLefteris24 posted on Dec 31, 2015 at 12:49PM
Here You Can Share Any Personal Opinion You Might Have For MGQ.Please Respect Each Other's Opinions And No Hating.

Monster Girl Quest 1 reply

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over a year ago TheLefteris24 said…
Okay, I Will Start First.

I Was A Little Disappointed That We Didn't Get To Learn More About Black Alice's And Seraph Eden's Past.Well,We Do Get Some Information But It's Really Vague.Other's Main Villains Pasts(Goddess Ilias, Promestein's And The Rest Of The Seekers Of Truth) Were Much More Explored.I Really Hope We Get To Learn More In Paradox !!!!
Lefi87 commented…
Totally. Both of them need some love. I especially want to see Black Alice's past. Can't wait for Paradox! over a year ago