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Frankie slammed her head up against a bathroom stall door.

"Owwwww" she moaned and turned to Clawdeen.

"When are we getting out of here." she asked her bored. Clawdeen did not know how to answer , she shrugged and then spoke"I guess till morning " she told her as if she could not believe it herself. Draculara stood by the sinks surprisingly happy.

"At least I have the updates of the Ghostly Gossip that should keep me busy tonight." she said showing them her iCoffin. Lagoona stood near the door trying to pick the lock with Frankie's hair pin.

"Good Thing." she told them "Because I think we will be stuck in here till morning."

Frankie sighed once more sinking onto the floor. Clawdeen looked around the room

"There must be some way to get out of here." she said to the others confident and then walked over to the sink pulling out her makeup kit and started to put some blush on. Lagoona looked at her skeptically

"Why are you putting on makeup." she asked her dumbfounded. Clawdeen simply stated

"It helps me think." Then Draculara's iCoffin beeped as she looked down at it

" Guys come here read this." she said excitedly beckoning them over with her hands. The three other girls gathered around her and looked at the device.

"Students trapped in Monster High overnight I will be there to cover it all." Underneath the article it had a pictures of Clawd, Frankie, Heath, Gil, Abbey, Toralei, and Cleo in a mash of a collage . "That means there are other students in the school also."Frankie said gleefully as all the girls high fived .

"So we either need to try to find a way out and wait to see if anyone finds us." Clawdeen said smirking "Let's get to work."


Abbey sat in the small lit room in her corner. She had told Heath not to bother her but like every two minutes he asked her a question.

"Hey Abbey do you have a tissue ." Heath said from across the room in his corner. This was actually something Abbey did have and it really wasn't a stupid question so she walked over and handed him a tissue. She then started to walk away but he grabbed her hand

"Can You Stay ." He asked her his eyes slightly pleading

" If we are stuck in here all we have as an option till morning is either talking or kissing your choice ." The last part he smirked at. She rolled her light violet eyes and sat down beside him

" Talking ." She told him as she pulled her knees up to her chest. Heath smiled and moved slightly closer to her.

"So is that Thunderstorm option still valid." he asked her. She glared at him , that was it . She got up and started walking over to her corner. He then raced over and grabbed her by the arm ."Look Abbey I know your carrying a torch for me so why fight it." he said still having a good grip on her arm. He then pulled her even closer as he grabbed her chin in between his hand . He then looked her in the eyes as his head caught on fire and his lips were inches from hers.

" You know what the say , Where there has been fire ashes remain." He then smashed his lips against hers . It took Abbey a second to realize what he was doing. She sighed loving it until she realized was she was doing . She then put her hands on his chest and pushed him off of her. "Get Away From Me Jerk ." She growled and sat back down in her corner. How could this happen she thought and why deep in her heart did she want him to do it again.


Jackson sighed he had been hearing Clawd and Howleen argue for over an hour. Even Operetta's loud voice could not stop them. At least he heard no music so no other blackouts for Holt to appear. He at least tried to act as if everything was normal by trying to finish his homework. Even if they were stuck in Study Howl for the rest of the night his grades should not suffer.

"I will tell mom." Howleen yowled at Clawd.

"You always do Tattletale." Clawd snorted.

Operetta pushed her way in between the two.

"You Guys should take this little yappeedy yapp yap somewhere else , right now we need to find a way out of here. " she told them her glares of shame seeping into both of them.

"Fine " Howleen said crossing her arms and turning away from Clawd.

"Okay" Clawd growled as he turned from Howleen.

"Great " Operetta sang cheerfully and now Jackson stood up and walked over to them.

"Well we tried to pick the door lock and Clawd tried ramming his head into the glass." Jackson began and then started up again after Clawd rubbed his head at the horrid memory." And we tried Operetta's voice and it seemed to only smash the chalk board into pieces which we will probably be paying for after this night is over so what else do we have."

Howleen then looked up and started to jump up and down "The Vent, the air vent." she said " We could open the door to the vent and go through it dropping us into the headmistress's office and thus we will get the keys and get out."

Everyone looked up at the vent with skeptically faces.

"But How will we get up there ." Clawd said pointing at the ceiling.

Jackson cringed " There is only one way and that is to make a human ladder and the lightest person on top."


Cleo looked at her iCoffin and bit her lip.

"Deucey" she called as he walked over and she shoved the iCoffin in his face " Does this picture make me look bad ." she asked him showing him the picture of her in the collage on the Ghostly Gossip website.

Deuce gasped but not at the picture at the headline

"Cleo look " he said pointing at the headline on her device . Cleo but her hand up to her mouth "Oh My Ra" she gasped. Toralei walked over

" What " she wondered as she ripped the device from Cleo's hands.

" Oh that is a terrible picture and - What !" Toralei screamed.

" Students locked in Monster High Overnight I will be there to cover it all" Toralei rattled off to the others. Everyone gasped again even Ghoulia whose gasp was really slow but was a gasp.

"Do you know what stuff they already have on me ." Cleo told Deuce and Ghoulia. Toralei cringed

"This is going to be a catastrophe" she said. Mweoldy and Purrsphone mewed in agreement. Ghoulia let out a long moan and Cleo nodded

"We have to watch what we do tonight it could ruin our life's." she told everyone as everyone seemed to agree but only one had their pretty kitty fingers crossed .


Gil and Slow-Moe were frantically searching the locker room for random objects to see if they worked. Most did not well actually all did not so far but they were keeping their hopes up for the best. They had tried almost everything in the room and Slow-Moe had one last idea. He walked over to the stalls and ripped off the door. Gil's eyes grew wide

" Are you sure ." He asked him They were already paying for a stall door now so what the heck. Gil grabbed the front as Slow-Moe grabbed the back.

"On 3 ." Gil started "One-Two-Three." They then ran at full speed and smashed into the locker room door as it came down with a slam into the Gym. Gil and Slow-Moe high fived and then walked out .

"HOLY GEB." Cleo screamed as she saw the door go down and the others turned to see Gil and Slow-Moe emerge.

"You guys trapped too."Gil asked still holding the stall door laughing.


Spectra looked at the pictures she had first of Frankie,Clawdeen, Draculara, and Lagoona surrounding a phone with shocked faces, The next of Heath and Abbey locking lips , then Operetta pushing Howleen and Clawd away from one another with Jackson curled up in panic, Then the last of Everyone's shocked faces in the Gym with Gil and Slow-Moe emerging . She then took out her laptop and began writing.

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