"HAYLEE?! ARE YOU OK?!" Heath exclaimed. "Huh?" Haylee said confused. "What happened? Oh, I,I think i remember." Haylee said. "Uh-huh," Heath said nodding. "Let's get you back on the van, we should both get some rest. You passed O-U-T!" Heath said playfully.
Then they went in the van and both slept peacfully.

In the morning, Spectra was the first up. "Ow! My back! The emergency brake was pushed up against it!" Spectra complained. Suddenly, she got a text. "Hmmmm. OOOHHH! GUYS! WAKE UP! I GOT A TEXT FROM MELODY!" Spectra squealed exitedly. Ghoulia said "UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Which meant Cool, but CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE?! "Well, then, sor-rrrryyyyy Ghouls!" Spectra said clearly offended. "Yeah, Ghoulia's right," Haylee said slightly annoyed. I barely got any sleep last night and..." Her voice trailed off. "Ditto." Heath said smiling at Haylee. "If you're wondering she asked are we having a nice trip,see?" Spectra said holding out the phone so all of her groggy friends could see. "Uh-Huh," Frankie muttered sleepily. "You do that while I search my bag for some food, I know I brought some." "I'll start driving then." Spectra said disapointed with not having intrest. So they hit the road again.

"Hey guys! I found some cereal in Lala's suit-case!" Frankie said seeming more lively than before. "You looked through my luggage?!" Draculaura said alarmed. "Who cares, you found food." Everyone laughed. "Well you all perked up fast." Spectra said still disappointed. "Sorry Spectra." Lagoona said with a smirk. "Oh alright. I'll let it go. Hey Lala got some of my fave?" Spectra said much more perky. Draculaura scoffed as if saying are you seriously asking me that? "You know I do!" Draculaura got up and brought some angel food cake to Spectra. "Thanks!" Spectra replied. Everybody had ended up with their faves and were all happy.

"Oh my ghoul!" Draculaura said in awe with a mouth full of strawberries. "What is it mate? Are you ok?" Lagoona asked. "Im fine, just look ahead!" Draculaura replied. In front of them was a city. The only one for miles. "Cool!" Everyone remarked. "I guess weo can make a pit stop at the gas station. We are running low anyways."

So they all pulled over at a QT. "It feels like I haven't seen a building for a year!" Clawdeen said. "Um, Deenie, it hasn't even been 48 hours yet according to my watch." Clawd said to his dramatic sister. "At least I didn't out of habit suck my thumb like SOME PEOPLE did last night." Clawdeen said accusingly. "Dude, gotta be embarassing!" Heath laughed until his hair was on fire. Clawd looked as red as a tomato, breathing very hard like he had just ran 7 miles straight. Clawd stomped out the van. "I need some fresh air," Jackson said. "You know, I don't really like tight spaces."

After everyone was satisfied, Deuce asked Spectra, "Um, Where exactly are we?" "We," Spectra said, "Are in Las Vegas!" "OH! CAN WE HIT THE CASINOS?!" Heath asked exitedly. "Oh, that's Heath for you!" Draculaura giggled into her palm. "No, Heath! We have to keep a schedule." Spectra said sounding like she was the boss. It wasn't even her van! It was her parents' van. "AWE!" Heath said like cake was being banned from the U.S. "It's not the end of the world, Heath!" Cleo said rolling her eyes. Don't worry. Spectra thought. We'll be seeing Mel in no time.

About an hour later a fight broke out between Clawdeen,Howleen,and Cleo. Holt just stood there video taping the whole thing. "HOLT?!" Draculaura yelled over the screaming of the fighting ghouls. "Yeah, wassup?" Holt asked casualy. "WHY in the world are you video taping this?! HELP THEM!" Draculaura said like it was obvious. It was! "Well why don't you?!" Heath replied,them both yelling over the noise. " 'cause I just did my nails again and I ain't messin 'em up now!" Draculaura refused. "Do I have to do everything around here?!" Heath sayed, annoyed. Soon they started fighting, but verbaly because of Draculaura's "Fresh nails, so don't touch them".
Soon enough the whole van was fighting exept for Billy and Spectra. "GUYS BREAK IT UP!" Spectra screamed.Everyone stopped right where they were, Cleo with her hand gripping Claween's werewolf hair and Clawdeen was standing on Howleen's foot. All of the rest of them just had mad looks and pointed fingers. Just then, Cleo jerked her hand back toward her and all you heard was a glass shattering, ear terrifing, screechy,pitchy,... howl.Everybody cringed at the sight. "MY HAIR!!!" To be continued...