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Song~This chapter is based off of the song Dressin' Up by Katy Perry.

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Chapter 1 ~ Dressin' Up 

Clawdeen sighed between her amounts of clothing that she could not choose for Cleo's party tonight . Sure , she had a bunch of new fabulous and fangtastic clothing but she just could not choose. 

Howleen had already left so she could not have her and like she would be interested anyway . All Howleen cared about was looking like she just stepped out of a drunk club and that was not what Clawdeen was going for. 

She needed something to stimulate her fashion part of her mind and she knew that probably a good ole steak would do the trick. 

She crept down the stairs of her house as she turned seeing someone sitting on the couch "C.A?" she said questionably looking at the goddess of love on her couch. "What are you doing here?" she asked her confused.

C.A simply smiled as she always did turning to Clawdeen. "Well that is a simple explanation " she giggled "You see tonight is suppose to be a very special night , a night of love for normies but for monsters tonight could be very dangerous, you see the moon is on it's phase of circling and this one night it will shine it's brightest sliver admitting a ray of love everywhere that normies can take but monsters on the other hand go insane with the love if the catch and stare into the moon's light, It will cut them off from their real emotions and induce them with feelings of undying love that is not real." she said sighing. "I know you were-wolfs are the most effected so I am watching you guys tonight" C.A beamed with a grin as she slightly frowned "Did no one listen to my message on my show yesterday?" she said rolling her eyes.

Clawdeen giggled "Well they better have , but I sort of had a projected due yesterday so that is why I did not tune in" she said to her . 

"So would you like to help me pick out an outfit for the party tonight ?" she asked C.A " I am so bugged down-"

C.A interrupted Clawdeen "Oh you are going to no party tonight , the moon is especially for you " she sad firmly to Clawdeen "You are staying home." 

Clawdeen growled rolling her eyes "C.A I am not a child I am a grown wolf and you are not even my mom"

C.A nodded "Of course you are grown and that is why I do not want you in the track of the moonlight" . 

Clawdeen was fumed she had the urge to claw the stupid goddess of love's eyes out but she knew that would just cause more trouble. 

So instead she stomped upstairs hoping to find a plan to get out of the house because she was so not staying home to not go to the biggest party of the year. 


Clawdeen walked down the hall to her room muttering to herself how C.A must have gotten one of her arrows shoved up into her ass and could not get it out. 

She soon ran into something hard as she growled "Watch where your going big lug" she said thinking it was Clawd but remembered he was out with Draculaura . 

Her golden eyes widened as she looked up in surprise "Romulus" she said shocked " Is everyone just hanging out at my place today or is it just me" she scoffed crossing her arms. 

Romulus rolled his eyes "For your information , I was here to see Clawd but then C. A would not let me go back home because she thought it was to dangerous and gave me this whole talk on the moon" .

Clawdeen nodded "Yeah , I got the same talk" she said to him . "I think something got stuck up her uptight ass and lodged in there" she said chuckling.  Romulus gave a slight chuckle back. 

Clawdeen smirked as an idea popped into her head. "Look Rom since Clawd gone and we are supposably under watch , how do you feel about breaking some rules and sneaking out to Cleo's party tonight?" she asked him . 

Romulus chuckled smirking back "I am so up for it let's show that goddess of shit a piece of a were-wolf is made of" . 

Clawdeen nodded "Okay first you are helping me pick out an outfit" she grinned grabbing her partner in crime's hand and dragging him into her room . 


Soon Clawdeen's room was a complete whirlwind of clothing and Romulus stood in the middle. 

Clawdeen had taken time to do her hair and make up so that was already done she just needed the perfect outfit. The sun had gone down at the moon had risen up by now . 

Clawdeen stepped out of her bathroom again as she looked at Romulus. "What about this one?" she asked him wondering as she did a small little turn to show him her outfit. 

Romulus shook his head "Clawdeen I need some light I can barley see , you should not have painted your room purple.". he sighed. 

Clawdeen rolled her eyes "Fine I will open some curtains to the window. " she said as she walked over to the window pulling her leopard print curtains apart as she looked outside.

"Wow" Clawdeen gushed" The moon is really -" she stopped as the bright silver light filled her eyes as she stared blankly into the moon . 

"Deen, Is something up" Romulus asked as he crept over to the window seeing the light fill Clawdeen's golden eyes . Romulus looked outside of the window also and that is when his brown eyes caught it too as the light filled them just as they did Clawdeen's.

Clawdeen smirked as she turned to Romulus "How about we play a little game of dress up" she chuckles darkly moving her hands down Romulus's shirt. 

Romulus chuckled "Or a game of dress down" he smirked back as his hands started to trace Clawdeen's curves outlined in the silver dress she was wearing.  

Clawdeen chuckled "I am down for that" she said as he guided her to the bed laying her down as she gave a small giggle. Romulus smirked as he started to lay kisses down Clawdeen's tan neck as she gave out some moans. 

"Romulus I think I want this" Clawdeen grinned as she pressed her lips to his now sitting up as she pushed him down . Wrapping her legs around him she fiddled with his brown hair as he ran his fingers through her honey colored hair emitting a few moans himself . 

"Romulus" Clawdeen moaned he brother's childhood friends name. "I love you" she whispered rubbing her nose against his .

"Clawdeen" he whispered back sexily " I think this is way better than that party" he chuckled.


C.A was bored as she flipped through every channel on the Wolf's TV for at least the fifth time. 

"Nothing about Love or even Drama" she sighed "The Wolf's need better taste in channels or the channels need better taste in shows" .

She turned off the TV in disappointment as she suddenly heard something weird. 

"Is that moaning" C.A whispered to herself as she quickly grabbed her bow and reverse arrow running up the stairs. 

Soon after pressing her ear against every door in the Wolf's house she had one left and that was Clawdeen's . She leaned in pressing her ear lightly against the door and that is when she heard the sound.

She quickly swung open the door as she seen Clawdeen and Romulus making out of Clawdeen's bed. 

"I knew this was going to happen " She sighed as she looked at the open window and Clawdeen's eyes half open filled with the silver moonlight. 

C.A reached for her arrow and placed it in the bow and she stretched it hoping to hit them both with one shot . She saw their bodies pressed together as she aimed for Clawdeen and Romulus's chest. It hit on point not like the time Toralei messed her aim up making her fall in love with Clawd herself instead of Draculaura falling for him . 

The blue sparkling knock out powder burst from the arrow as C.A sighed with relief.  "Now I just have to wait till they wake up" she said smiling thinking of the good deed she had just completed. 


Clawdeen let out a groan as she held her head . 

"Oh good your up" C.A said beaming as she sat on the edge of the bed filing her pink nails. 

"What do you mean I'm up" Clawdeen said still holding her head over her massive headache "All I remember is looking out the window and then I blanked" she told C.A "What the hell happened?" she asked her wonderingly . 

C.A shrugged "Nothing really except your little make out session with Romulus" she said giving a smirk.

"What !?" Clawdeen said shocked her golden eyes widening "How in the hell did that happen?" she asked C.A .

"Remember the moon Clawdeen? " C.A asked her as Clawdeen nodded remembering . 

"You looked into it and sort of got love drunk with Romulus since he was the only one in the room , but what made it worse was he looked into the moon also." C.A explained. 

"Well what is this happens to other monsters?" Clawdeen said her eyes still wide "You know there is that party tonight" she pointed out to C.A

C.A sighed "Well I suppose it would be their fault for not listening to my warning " she told her firmly.

Clawdeen gasped "Okay No , I want to help C.A and I will go alone , just let me go to the party , I will even where some shades to block out the light" she said begging to C.A "I do not want anything disastrous to happen to my friends" she said firmly lightly growling at the goddess. 

C.A sighed "Fine , I will meet you there with Romulus in a few hours " she told Clawdeen handing her and extra bow and four arrows "Use them wisely , try to only use them one per couple if you see something that needs to be stopped." C.A explained to Clawdeen .

Clawdeen nodded as she grabbed some dark shades from her dresser to walk outside . 

"Watch out Moon , Your about to be terminated" Clawdeen chuckled as she ran down the stairs outside ready to be a loyal Wolf and save her friends. 


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