Monster High Rp Gloom Beach :)

CuteBlossom123 posted on Jan 13, 2012 at 05:12PM
Ok I done this cos MissLiceQueen asked on her form to do it so its the story of how the ghouls went to Gloom Beach XD No OC people in it kk? I'll start be anyone but OC's kk.

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over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Thanks so Much Can I Have Abbey, Clawd, Frankie , and Toralei please :)
over a year ago CuteBlossom123 said…
(Yep i'll be Draculaura,Spectra,Cleo and Opertta kk)
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
(Okay you want to start by the bus ride )
over a year ago CuteBlossom123 said…
Draculaura and Cleo walked on the bus followed by Spectra and Opertta.
"I wonder if Gloom Beach is fun." Opertta said
"It's fun but I always go though everything so it isn't always as fun for me :(" Spectra said with a small frown
"I get to sunbath and dream about Clawd :)" Draculaura while daydreaming
"Yes and I get to rule another place :D!" Cleo said smiling
"What?" Everyone said
"Haha doesn't matter you'll soon find out :)" Cleo said still smiling evilish.
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Toralei skipped passed all of them " Hello." she purred "You Losers are going to Gloom Beach Too." she asked her eyes widining at the horror.

Abbey and Frankie were trying to stuff their bagage under the bus. "It just won't fit." Frankie complained as she looked for help and Abbey kept on trying to shove it in the area.

Clawd waved at Draculara as he got on the bus "Want to sit together." he asked her.

(Hey do you want to Rp a Guy Also lol we are lacking XD)
over a year ago Clawtina said…
Clawtina was running really late as well as Lagoona. They both started pushing in and shoved their bags under the bus. Now they were ready to relax at Gloom Beach.

( Sorry guys I didn't notice you any earlier but can I still do RP)
over a year ago Clawtina said…
Ok fine I'll be Lagoona Blue.... :(
over a year ago CuteBlossom123 said…
(Ok be Clawtina if you wish)
Draculaura waved at Clawd and shouted "Yea i'll sit by you!"
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Clawd smiled "Great ." He exclaimed and went on the bus to go pick them a seat.

(Hey can someone be Heath I think It would be a hilarious edition to this RP)
over a year ago Clawtina said…
(I'll be Heath, Lagoona and Clawtina and that's final between all of us)

Heath walked around looking for Abbey. He wanted to make out with her as soon as he found her.
Clawtina was talking to Lagoona about how to attract a boy towards you.
over a year ago Clawtina said…
They all entered the bus but secretly did Clawtina know that the whole family was right behind the bus ready to go to Gloom Beach too. (This was going to be a bad combination).
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Abbey still trying to shove her bags in with Frankie grunted in frustration . " This is as stubborn as baby yaks at meal time nahhhhhhh." she said angry kicking the side of the bus.

Frankie had not much luck either . Maybe she could get some help. " Anyone out there that can get this bags in."

Toralei laughed and put and L sign up on her forehead to the girls " Have fun sitting up front losers ." she said as she raced on the bus past Clawd and into the backseat.
over a year ago Clawtina said…
Heath came up to Abbey and grabbed her by the arm and said "Wanna make out at the back of the bus while we get to Gloom Beach".
Clawtina heard everything word for word and was disgusted in what Heath said.
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Abbey looked at him her eyes narrowing and her growl intending but what came out of her mouth was unexpected. " She just shrugged and gave up " Why Not." she told him . " But I have to get my bag in."

"Yes " Frankie squealed as she found a place and squeezed her bag in the bus." I Got It ."
over a year ago Clawtina said…
"You don't need you bag you just need me your hubby. Big Daddy Heath". Heath said excitedly.
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over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Abbey sighed , What had she gotten herself into. Then she heard Frankie crawling Around in the baggage area
excitedly saying that she found another spot. "Abbey had me your bag." she told her . She placed it in the small area she found " There all done." she told her and walked away.

Abbey turned to Heath " There Baggage is placed all done." she told him.

Frankie went off to find a friend to sit with.
over a year ago Clawtina said…
Clawtina and Lagoona were so stocked to go to Gloom Beach but, Clawtina didn't know her family were taking a trip there for a holiday.
over a year ago CuteBlossom123 said…
Draculaura soon fell asleep upside like a bat she was dreaming about Clawd at Gloom Beach.
Spectra was so exicted to find a load of gossip at Gloom Beach.
Opertta said to Frankie "Is Gloom Beach fun? I've never been there..."
"I can't wait to get to Gloom Beach!" Cleo said.
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Frankie sparked at Operetta" You are going to have so much fun." she told her" want to sit together ." Frankie asked her.

Clawd looked upwards as he saw Draculara upside down . Man she is a fast sleeper he thought.

Abbey started to get on the bus she looked for a back seat.

Toralei was texting on her iCoffin and showing it to her kitty friends as they laughed.

(I will be Deuce too if that is okay)

" Hey Cleo." Deuce said as he sat down beside her.
over a year ago CuteBlossom123 said…
"Sure i'll sit with you" Operetta said happyily.
"Hi Deuce come sit with me" Cleo said
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
"Great." Frankie then bolted onto the bus " Which seat." she asked Operetta .

Deuce sat Down beside Cleo. " So what do you have planned ." he asked her.
over a year ago CuteBlossom123 said…
"Hmmm what about here?" Operetta pointed at a seat in the middle of the couch.
"Oh sunbathing and ruling the beach is what I planed." Cleo said.
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
Frankie nodded and sat down first . " Wonder what will happen ." she asked Operetta . " I'm to excited , I'm shocking myself ." she told her laughing .

Deuce nodded slightly he new Cleo always wanted to rule and sunbathe . " How about you come in the water this time ." Deuce begged .
over a year ago CuteBlossom123 said…
"Haha" Operetta laughed.
"The water!?! Hmmm that might take some time..." Cleo said a bit neouesly.
over a year ago xMiss-IceQueenx said…
"What do you think will happen ." Frankie asked her she just could not wait to read the new Gossip that Spectra would post .

"Come on Cleo ." Deuce nudged her playfully ." I even brought the water proof Bandage spray this time." He said as he rumbled through his carry on and pulled out a bright gold and turquoise blue can.