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RocksLikePie posted on Aug 03, 2012 at 11:24PM
You know what I realized...some of these MH Rp are just too confusings or don't have many active I need some people in this RP who are MOSTLY OR VERY ACTIVE!!! Just give your info below and I'll say if you in or not
My own OC...

Name: Slendra Slenderman
Daughter of: Slenderman
Age:15,000,000 years old

Killer Style- Wearing a pair of earring made out of human skulls and putting on a purple suit with a purple pencil skirt and a black bow tie and wearing ankle boots with chains on them <3 And my dad was able to give me a wig that he stitched on my head so now I have purple and black short hair it looks so cute

Freaky Flaw: I hate it since I have no eyes ears nose or mouth (I have to shoove the earring on part of my skin OUCH!)
And since I can't really talk I have too write it all down and using a marker to write emotions on my face and since I don't have my tentacles out of my back yet until I'm older I'm still way too tall... about 10 foot 8 too tall!

Fav Color-A nice purple with a hint of black always makes my day

Favorite Food: Can't eat...have no mouth...

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people call me skinny slenderman..Ok I'm really skinny but it's not my fault I'm so skinny and tall! And I hate when people call me a stalker when I appear behind them...I'm just trying to say hi!

Favorite Activity: Going to the gym and working off the least I never gain any wait nor loose any...but it does help the little wrinkles here and there

Pet: No pet...yet

Fav School Subject: I love Physical Deaducation

Least Fav School Subject: Home Ick...I may be an expect at working out but...not so much when it comes to food since I have never eaten before...

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