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Speak the Charm Ghoulfriend

A Magic Mirror

Gossip Ghouls

Hauntilywood Calling!

The lost Movie Trailer

Livin it Monster Style

Howlin Clawdeen

Best Party

Welcome to Monster High Teaser

Monster High is under attack!

Down Under Ghouls

Monster High Fans at Anime Impulse

Exclusive 10 Minute

Monster High Fans at Anime Impulse

Welcome to Lagoona's Hometown


Deep Sea Powers!

Everything is so Fishy!

Ghouls in Love

"Dive In"

Best Monsterific Sports

"Face the Tide"

Dramatically Drac

"Get into the Swim"

Lagoona is FrightTube Famous!

Fangtastic Adventures

Dirty Rotten Villains

Top Cleo-Tastic Moments

Freaky Fab Moments!

Celebre as diferencas!

meet the new Students at Monster High

Monster High Live

Be out of the Ordinary

How do you Boo?

Empire - Monster High - Piano/Electone cover

Search Inside

Steal the Show

Fright Lights, Big City featuting Taylor Hatala and the #City Ghouls

Boo York, Boo York

It can't be over

Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef Tailer


Fright Lights, Big City

Fright Lights, Big City

Love is like a Storm Tonight

Shooting Stars

Search inside Karaoke

Meet Spectra Vondergeist

Shooting Stars

Toralei take catty's voice

Meet Abbey Bominable

Monster High App - Launch Trailer

Monster High at Comic-Con International 2015

Boo York, Boo York Karaoke

It's Pharaoh!

A Ghoul can dream

Monsterrific Music on the Streets of Boo York

The Ghouls are going to Boo York

Cleo's Dynastic Destiny

Freak Du Chic: Act 3

Freak Du Chic: Act 2

Astranova - Monster high - Speed Art

Meet the New Ghouls of Boo York

Meet Astranova, Daughter of the Comet Aliens

Monster High Wolf Babies ♥- Monster High Games For Girls - Makeup Games for Girls

Freak Du Chic Act 1 | Monster High

The Ghouls Steal the Show in Boo York

Monster high- Freaky fusion music video- so much confusion

Monster high- song: We are monster high lyrics

Meet Draculaura

Meet Clawdeen Wolf

Meet Cleo de Nile

Meet Lagoona Blue

Meet Frankie Stein

Meet Ghoulia Yelps

Monster High: Boo York Trailer

Monster High Boo York, Bo York Teaser Trailer

Digital Monsters, We Are Proud! | #ScreamTeam | Monster High

New Monster High dolls revealed at New York Toy Fair 2015 from Mattel

Toy Fair Monster High 2015

Toy Fair Monster High 2015

PORTER GEISS -Monster High-Speed Art

Who's Haunting the Halls?

Ghostly Transformations

Monster Exchange Program Teaser | Monster High

Lorna McNessie Intro | Monster High

Marisol Coxi Intro | Monster High

Episode 3 黄金のクレオ・デ・ナイル

I Casta Spell On You | Monster High

“Witching Hour” - Casta Fierce Music Video | Monster High

Episode 2 ハロー!モンスターハロウィン!

Episode 1 サイコーなモンスターハイライフ!

Monster High Anime Promo Characters Looks

Save Frankie - Dolls Review

monster high haunted teaser trailer

How to Make a Doll Bed for Cleo and Ula D




How to Make a simple Doll Stand - Recycling - EP