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Meet Spectra Vondergeist

Shooting Stars

Toralei take catty's voice

Meet Abbey Bominable

Monster High App - Launch Trailer

Monster High at Comic-Con International 2015

Boo York, Boo York Karaoke

It's Pharaoh!

A Ghoul can dream

Monsterrific Music on the Streets of Boo York

The Ghouls are going to Boo York

Cleo's Dynastic Destiny

Freak Du Chic: Act 3

Freak Du Chic: Act 2

Astranova - Monster high - Speed Art

Meet the New Ghouls of Boo York

Meet Astranova, Daughter of the Comet Aliens

Monster High Wolf Babies ♥- Monster High Games For Girls - Makeup Games for Girls

Freak Du Chic Act 1 | Monster High

The Ghouls Steal the Show in Boo York

Monster high- Freaky fusion music video- so much confusion

Monster high- song: We are monster high lyrics

Meet Draculaura

Meet Clawdeen Wolf

Meet Cleo de Nile

Meet Lagoona Blue

Meet Frankie Stein

Meet Ghoulia Yelps

Monster High: Boo York Trailer

Monster High Boo York, Bo York Teaser Trailer

Digital Monsters, We Are Proud! | #ScreamTeam | Monster High

New Monster High dolls revealed at New York Toy Fair 2015 from Mattel

Toy Fair Monster High 2015

Toy Fair Monster High 2015

PORTER GEISS -Monster High-Speed Art

Who's Haunting the Halls?

Ghostly Transformations

Monster Exchange Program Teaser | Monster High

Lorna McNessie Intro | Monster High

Marisol Coxi Intro | Monster High

Episode 3 黄金のクレオ・デ・ナイル

I Casta Spell On You | Monster High

“Witching Hour” - Casta Fierce Music Video | Monster High

Episode 2 ハロー!モンスターハロウィン!

Episode 1 サイコーなモンスターハイライフ!

Monster High Anime Promo Characters Looks

Save Frankie - Dolls Review

monster high haunted teaser trailer

How to Make a Doll Bed for Cleo and Ula D