I left Jason at his house while I drove to work. When I first walked into the building and straight to the elevator, floor twelve. I got of the elevator and waiting there was a woman with a clip board smiling at me well I don’t know if she was smiling at me or if her face was stuck like that but I greeted her.
“Hi I’m April Meyers; I’ll be your assistant.” She held her hand out and I took it. “Vanna is waiting for you in her office. Do you need anything?” She walked and talked. “No thank you, not right know.”
She opened the door and I stepped in and shut it. I couldn’t believe I had an assistant and I just walked in.
“Sit down,” She said pointing to the chair in front of her desk. “So your desk is set up you have your assistant, is there anything that you think is missing?” She asked, “Do I get my first report?”
She walked back to her desk with a cup of coffee and rummaged threw so papers. She took out three and placed them in front of me. “One you can go to the mall and interview teenagers and see what the buzz is about this new band School Boy Humor, Two you can go to the ocean and do the cover for shark attacks for this year or Three you can go the morgue and do a report on the person that just died there last night.” She sat back as I picked.
It didn’t take that long I new that I wanted the murder case. I grabbed it and looked back up to her, she smile and then there was a knock on the door, “Go do you think… can I call you Anna?” “Sure” she smiled as her assistant walked threw the door.
I walked over to my desk and opened the folder.
Jack Williams died Sunday night June 7, 2009 around 11:40. He was hit on the head which cracked his skull and then his body was drained of all his blood. That’s a way to die especially after having all my blood drained out that’s just… I stopped thinking and I grabbed the photo’s that were in the back. I looked at every inch of his body that was photographed looking for some sign of bite marks.
I knew that the only way to drain all the blood out of a human and not leave any evidence left was by a vampire. There was nothing on any of the photos. I fell back on my chair to think.
“Anna ever thing okay?” I opened my eyes to see April standing in front of my. “Yeah just thinking.” She nodded and handed me another folder. “Vanna just got some more photos of your victim from the morgue.”
I snatched the photos out of her hand and ran threw them. About the 6th one in I found just what I was looking for. On his left wrist was two small marks. “Bite marks.” I whispered to myself.
“April I’m going out okay I’ll be back later.”
I jumped into my car and drove to the morgue. On my way there I was searching for my cell phone. “Hey Jason your never going to believe what I just got for my first case.” I was sort of excited about my first case have to be about a murdering vampire. “What?” “Well my first case some guy Jack Williams died last night at the LA Morgue… by a vampire and…” I was about to speak but when you get cut off it’s hard to. “NO NO NO. You will not take that case.” I was shocked. “What why not? You can’t say anything that would make me give up this case.” There was a short silence and then the phone when died so I guess I won.
A couple minuets later I was pulling into the parking lot of the morgue. There were so many reporters and people just standing there. They had a gate set up for the few people that were allowed to go in and out. But there were police officers every two feet because of the piling up.
I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get in by telling them that I worked at Buzz Wire it didn’t seem to be working for the other reporters there.
I got out of my car and walked to the door. “Excuse me, you can’t go in there.” I looked at him crying. “I have to-o, my grandmoth-er just died.” He looked at me as I stumbled threw my sentence. “Okay, I’m sorry for your lose.” He opened the door and I walked in slowly.
I got to the last door which had tape on it to keep people out but that didn’t stop me. I walked in slowly and quietly. I went to shut the door and it slammed. But I hadn’t touch it yet. I spun around to find Jason there.
“What the hell are you doing here I told you, you couldn’t take this case.” I walked up to him my hands on my hips. “Jason this is my fist asiment and I can’t just take it back because it just so happened that there was a vampire involved, plus how many of are crimes in the states have to do with vampires?” He glared down at me for a while. “Okay your right most of the death in the states have to do with us monsters but still just be careful please? How did you know that we were the mane source to human deaths?” I turned around to look at the scene. “I watch way to many movies and in ever one that source of information is always a true fact so I took a guess and I was right… like most of the time.” I turned to smile at him and he smiled back.
He walked over to the far right corner of the room and bent down to look at something I just fallowed. “So what are you doing here?” I asked leaning ageist the wall. “You can say I’m a investigator but only for or kind and I go and tell the humans of the victim a story that’s as close to the real story as possible with out spilling are secret to them.” He got up and looked a little confused.
“What is it?” He looked at me like he was having a really bad feeling. “There’s two types of blood here. So there’s more then one victim.” “Jason this is a morgue there’s probably every blood type here your probably getting mixed up.” He was shaking his head. “No I’m not fresh blood is stronger and blood that usually comes from here is not as strong. Lets get out of here now.” He grabbed my arm and yanked me out to the front door instead of the back door.
We walked to the back parking lot to get my car and know one was there they were all gone no reporters. We’d only been in there for a couple minuets I wonder why they all just left. It couldn’t have been because the cops told them to reporters never back down from that.
“Why couldn’t we have gone threw the back door?” I said searching threw my bag to find me keys. “Because…” I looked up and my keys were in his hand holding them out for me to take. “the back door was locked form the inside so…” I shot a look at him “Wait you have that good of hearing to know the door locked from the out side?” He looked at me and smiled.
“Start that car so we can get out of here, yes I do but I already knew that because I come here ever other week for my food.” I laughed silently but I knew he knew that I laughed.
“What? It is my food.” I came to a red light and stopped and sat back and looked at Jason. “Yeah I know but to a human it sounds funny.” He shook his head and kissed my hand that was already in his.
“So what am I suppose to give my boss?” He pulled out a big envelope and handed it to me. “I knew you wouldn’t just give up on this case so I did some digging for you to get started.” We were parked in front of his apartment building.
“Are you hungry? I don’t have human food but we could order out.” I smiled at him for trying to make a human date but it just wasn’t right. “Not for lunch I have to get back to work what about tonight?” I gave him my puppy eyes and he just smiled. “Yeah that’s sounds better.”
He got out of the car and walked to my side and kissed me goodbye. “I love you my Anna.” “I love you too. I’ll see you tonight.”
He smiled and was gone. Sometimes he forgot that it wasn’t the nineteen hundreds and still talked in there classy way but I guess sometimes it was nice to hear it in his voice. I was also getting use to the snowy mint that would come off his words when he spoke, I didn’t really daze off into la-la land. I was able to comprehend what he was saying… most of the time.
I got back to work and April was sitting at her desk on her computer but most of the other people were gone, probably out to lunch it as twelve.
“Hey April, Your not going to get lunch?” I said walking over to my desk. “Not really I don’t usually. I bring lunch.” I nodded and opened the folder Jason gave me.
Just a bunch more photos, I didn’t need those. In the middle there was papers written up. The first one said in big bold letters at the top Jack William’s Biography.
I skimmed over it not really caring about his past I wanted to learn about his death. Until my eyes caught sight of the word vampire.
What? I was confused I thought people didn’t know about them unless they were the vampires’ personal pet feeding them when they wanted or me. This has to be some vampire report because I know that Jason didn’t type this up it’s not perfect enough for him. I should call him.
I went to grab my purse and I realized I had left it in my car. “April I’ll be right back I left my purse in my car I just have to go grab it.” She didn’t turn around and answer me. “Okay.”
I jumped out of the room and walked over to the elevator. The elevator music was so boring they needed to put something ells on so the people in the elevator would fall asleep.
I hoped out of the elevator and opened to door and the heat hit me like a thousand bricks. I blinked a couple of times to get my vision back and walked slowly to my car trying not to trip over any thing. I bent down to grab my purse in the passenger seat when some one walked up behind be. “Annabella I have to go and pick up my daughter from daycare she’s sick. So I don’t know if I’ll be back to day.” She looked so apologetic. “Yeah you go take care of her I have to leave early tonight any way so it’s okay.” I said smiling but and trying to look sorry for her. “Thanks Annabella. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I grabbed my purse as I saw Vanna pull into the parking lot. She has one of the coolest coloring on her car that I’ve ever seen. She had a Porsche just like me but is was a type of metallic you know like the color that when ever you move it, it changes color, that’s what her car did.
“Hey Anna, did you find anything new?” she asked as she shut her car door and walked towards me. I walked closer to her to tell her what Jason had found. But I wasn’t going to tell her it was Jason that would be smart I would have to lie to her about a very big secret.
“Well I actually…” I didn’t know what happened I was talking to Vanna and then there was this huge light that hit.
I wasn’t sure which direction it was coming from then it felt like someone took a huge balloon and flung me in the air. I hit the grown hard very hard. In a matter of seconds after hitting the ground I went out as I heard a huge explosion. It sounded like it came from the building but I wasn’t sure. Then everything went black.
I didn’t know how long I was out for but it couldn’t have been long because I knew I was still on the ground and I didn’t hear any sirens. I got up slowly and my head started hurting as I got up more it felt like it wade more then a car. I ignored the pain and tried to open my eyes.
It was foggy for a little bit but it cleared up. When I got a good look at what was the building that had my job holding it was gone nothing but the floor.
I started getting feelings back in my body. I looked around what use to be the parking lot which now looked like a battle field. Glass was every were bricks were broken into little bits that looked like rocks know. doors were every were along with broken window frames.
The few cars that were in the parking lot weren’t that bad because know one had it parked right next to the building. They had scratches and had a couple dents and probably a bunch of crap inside the convertibles. But one car did have a broken back window.
I looked around me and there was a long peace of meddle on my left leg. I should probably just leave it there and not move just what till help comes. I thought to my self I looked more around me and there was a doorknob near my right leg and I was covered in glass.
I was getting my scenes back and I could smell the blood coming off of me and probably coming of the few dead bodies that were in the building. Then that’s when the pain hit me like a rock on my foot. The meddle panel was killing my leg I had to get it off.
I found another thinner meddle rod that I used as a leverage and stuck it under the meddle laying on my foot. In a couple tries it came up just enough for me to lift my food out from underneath it.
I dropped them the second my food was out of it’s grasp. I let it go and sat there trying to breathe. That thing was heavy.
Then I remembered that Vanna was here in the parking lot with me. I stumbled up to my feet and looked around for her but I couldn’t see her.
“VANNA, VANNA, VANNA…” I heard something at the end of the parking lot underneath a pile of stuff from the building.
As I ran to her all I was thinking was how good it was that this happened around lunch time so not many people were here and the fact that Aprils daughter got sick and I left my purse in my car. If April didn’t need to get her daughter or I didn’t leave my purse in my car we could be dead.
I reached the pile and stared throwing things off of her. I lifted on big peace of wood, which looked like the top to Vanna’s assistants desk, and I caught a big guest of blood. The smell was horibel I was just hoping it was Vanna and not a dead body.
I lifted one more and I could see her. I grabbed and threw faster now that I knew it was Vanna.
I finally got everything off of her. I grabbed her and tried to get her out of here.
“Vanna we need to get away from the building just incase there’s another bomb.” I grabbed her and picked her up and she got up and wrapped her arm around my shoulder and we walked away from what little of the building was left. As we were leaving the parking lot I could here the sirens come closer. We sat down and waited for them to arrive.