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Madness In Me|Morgana Pendragon

I grew up; [Morgana Pendragon]

Morgana Pendragon ~ Bad Blood

Morgana Pendragon║Merlin║Killer

Morgana Pendragon | Rule the world

Morgana Pendragon numb

What happened to you Morgana| Morgana Pendragon

Abandoned & Forgotten | Morgana Pendragon

Morgana Pendragon|I can see deep into your heart, it is cold, cold as stone.

morgana pendragon | now you

Morgana | Broken Crown

I too have suffered; [morgana]

morgana pendragon » why can't I breathe, evil angel?

Morgana Pendragon - The Monster

Morgana ~ Rule The World

Morgana Pendragon ~ I Remember Everything

► Morgana Pendragon-Monster ◄

Morgana Pendragon ● I've had enough

Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream ~ Morgana Pendragon

morgana pendragon | miss jackson

morgana pendragon \\ i can do anything

Morgana Pendragon ~ Elastic Heart

Morgana Pendragon | she'll play you for the fool

» a little loss of innocence (morgana pendragon)

Morgana Pendragon + ᴍᴏɴsᴛᴇʀ

Morgana Pendragon-My Demons

Morgana Pendragon ✧ Shadowfall

~*Morgana Pendraon*~ "This Is Not My Paradise"

Morgana Pendragon || Save Me Now

Morgana Pendragon || Let it go

morgana pendragon; setting fire to our insides for fun

The Devil Within | Morgana Pendragon

►Morgana Pendragon | Control

What the Water Gave Me | Morgana Pendragon

Morgana Pendragon | "what happened to you?"

► Morgana Pendragon || Rescue Me ◄

Morgana Pendragon | Wake Me Up

Morgana Pendragon || Time

Morgana Pendragon ► Dark Horse

|| Morgana: Let it Go || (100 subs!!)

Mordred & Morgana || If Everyone Cared

♫ Merlin BBC | Morgana - Cold as stone ♫

Morgana| Crying for No Reason

Morgana Pendragon ● Insane

Arthur & Morgana || Sinead

Arthur & Morgana || Illuminated

morgana pendragon | the lost queen

Arthur & Morgana || Rescue Me

Morgana Pendragon | *Light 'em up*

Morgana Pendragon || The Truth

morgana pendragon || eyes on fire [merlin bbc]

Morgana Pendragon ~ "I Grew Up"

Morgana Pendragon: See What I've Become

Morgana Pendragon ~ Sinner Like Me

Morgana Pendragon || I am much powerful than you can ever imagine

▪ Morgana Pendragon || Blinding ▪

Morgana Pendragon ~ My Leftovers

Morgana Pendragon | High Priestess

Morgana - Stand My Ground

Morgana Pendragon//No harm can come to us now

Arthur♥Morgana|| Shouldn't Be A Good In Goodbye

Morgana Pendragon | Cold As Stone

Titanium || Morgana Pendragon [MVT - R3]

morgana | she's the darkest horse

Morgana|| Stand Up When It's All Crashing Down

Arthur & Morgana {Merlin; 200+ subs!} Make my heart a better place

Morgana - Until we bleed

what happened to you, morgana? [1&1]

Morgana Pendragon || "You won't forget my name"

the worst part of it all wasn't losing him It was losing me... [ Morgana / Hook ]

Morgana Pendragon || Time || Merlin

Morgana Pendragon | evil angel

Morgana-Untill we bleed

Morgana ~ And its Been so Cold

Captain Hook & Morgana - She is gone..

Morgana | Speed of Sound

Morgana Pendragon { hatred in her heart } 5x10

Arthur & Mordread & Morgana-face it all together (5x13)

Arthur & Morgana || Give Us Love [[In Tribute to All Their Story]]

Arthur/Morgana; we were born to die

αɾτhuɾ&ϻoɾgαηα ● Haunted

Alternative Final of Merlin [[ArMor version]]

Hook/Morgana | Crossover | Bad romance

I could have saved her..

Morgana || "Goodbye, Morgana" [5x13]

►Morgana Pendragon [Tribute]◄

Yes dad, I love the way you lie.

Sir Leon&Morgana // I would rather die

Sir Leon/Morgana - Fight for this love

Morgana & Sir Leon // Love Scene ((Merlin BBC))

Leon & Morgana : An Untold Story

Morgana/Sir Leon | Use Somebody

everything i ask for; arthur/morgana [preview]

The Opposite of Love -- Morgana/Gwen/Arthur

Black Black Heart - Arthur/Morgana/Gwen/Sophia Preview

Gwen/Arthur/Morgana - Everything (preview)

Hook and Morgana [Killian / Morgana ]

Gwen and Morgana - Merlin - Series 5 Episode 9 - BBC One

Morgana /Gwen //Everything has changed

BBC Merlin - Morgause to Morgana - Pearl