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Hey guys, I just want to know which chapter of "The City of Glass" when Clary and Jace did "it"? And the chapters of their kisses on all of the books. Thanks so much!! Im addicted to this now!! =))

 rikkilovesyou posted over a year ago
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sweet_twilight said:
It was assumed that they did 'it' in CoG, but Cassie confirmed somewhere that they didn't.

City of Bones
Chapter 17 - The Midnight Flower (page 285 Aus paperback)

City of Ashes
Chapter 8 - The Seelie Court (page 125 Aus paperback)
Chapter 17 - East of Eden (page 314 Aus paperback)

City of Glass
Chapter 9 - This Guilty Blood (page 183 Aus paperback)
Epilogue - Across the Sky in Stars (page 459 Aus paperback)

I haven't gone through CoFA yet since I'm not sure where exactly all the kiss scenes are, but I'll edit tonight with the chapter/pages etc. Enjot for now.
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posted over a year ago 
thank you so much! I do hope you do list the scenes from CoFA too. You're a great help!;))
rikkilovesyou posted over a year ago
Sure, no problem. I'm still going through it, so I'll post it when I'm done. =)
sweet_twilight posted over a year ago
NelliPoP posted 8 months ago
hello_sun said:
they never did, which is really odd since they're like so in love. not even in COFA or COLS yet! even though everyone thinks so. and lol how everyone uses "it" instead of ...yeah you know.
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posted 8 months ago 
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