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Do Simon and Clary kiss? If so what book and page?

 TheYukiCross posted over a year ago
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pompeybabe said:
I think the first time they kiss is in City of Ashes when they begin their romantic relationship but other than that they don't go any further with it.

They do kiss in City of Ashes, whilst down in the Seelie Court. Page 160.
Though I'm sure they do kiss before that. I just don't know the page, I'm sorry!
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posted over a year ago 
That is Clary and Jace,not Simon
fangirl555 posted over a year ago
No, Clary and Simon do kiss in the Seelie Court. She kisses Simon first and when they find out that that isn't who the Queen meant, Clary and Jace kiss. But she does kiss Simon then.
pompeybabe posted over a year ago
Abigurlz said:
Simon and clary kissed at 84 and 25. They did not kiss at 160 because the queen interrupted them before they could even do it. The other person who claimed they kissed at 160 is wrong, he/she should've Reread that part again.
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posted 11 months ago 
The book is city of ashes
Abigurlz posted 11 months ago
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