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Alec's and Magnus's First Kiss  katniss311 1 2425 over a year ago
Who should play Jace in COB movie  kkluvbr 0 1268 over a year ago
Frank Mentier (House of Usher) a Super Sexy for Magnus Bane!  darkgoth 0 878 over a year ago
TMI Poem [Rise of the Nephilim]  Premonition 0 2881 over a year ago
Who is who of my Top 3 Contenders for the Casting of Alec Lightwood?  darkgoth 0 885 over a year ago
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Re: Why Edmund Entin the best choice for Alec Lightwood..?  darkgoth 0 2311 over a year ago
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Letter to Juliet’s actor to star in The Mortal Instruments…?  darkgoth 0 3283 over a year ago
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the time game  RoseIvashkov 48 2530 over a year ago
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Choreography for Shadowhunters…?  darkgoth 0 463 over a year ago
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Favorite character, quote, anything :D  MiissxJadee 3 1575 over a year ago
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favorite book in series???  Hanneybean 21 659 over a year ago
Jace  sarbear137 0 502 over a year ago