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Opinion by zanhar1 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I ordered them from favorite to least favorite.


Summer will always be my favorite season for many reasons. To me it's always been the most free and I have a lot of fond memories from wonderful summer days and relaxing summer nights. Summer is the season when I got to go out of starts, it's the season where I went to two huge music festivals, and it's the season where I'll be going to my Once Upon a Time convention. Summers are the days where I get to enjoy simple pleasures like going to visit my grandmother in the woods, sitting on the swing and reading my book and/or listening to music as I watch the sun go down and the air get cooler.

Which is another reason why I love summer. I adore the weather. I've always been more for steam weather and bright sunshine. I fare much better in the heat than I do in the cold. To be honest I actually really love the feeling of the sun on my skin.

When I think of sunshine I think of beauty. For me it's the third most beautiful season. I'm always a sucker for watching sun glisten over water like tiny diamonds. How the water reflects all of the greenery. I love just listening to the...