"People have a right to know what they're eating. . . to not know what you're putting in your body?"

Each weekend millions of people worldwide consume large amounts of popcorn at movie theaters including in the United States. Whether by a youngster or a more senior person, both practices are done regularly.

While some are aware that popcorn carries a certain level of nutrition, the rate of death in America and various other countries from heart disease can be cause for legitimate concern. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans.In many cases it is cholesterol build-up which leads to heart disease. Oils, butters and certain topping liquids placed on popcorn, which may already contain high amounts of sodium, can make the chances of a heart attack or having heart disease a likely possibility. Popcorn is "very salty, especially with butter on it. It's not good for the younger generation, and it definitely is not good for older people," one woman opined. "There should be labeling," she continued, "and people should be made aware." Awareness however, did not seem to matter to a man who was jaded by the very question of whether labelling popcorn bought at movie theaters should occur. "I really don't think it would do much good. It's like cigarette labels for smokers. Smokers just ignore them and keep on smoking." This difference in opinions was typical of those questioned.