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trisha1 said …
For the longest time I thought J. K. Rowling made up the phrase "Bloody hell" because Ron is a dork. Posted 7 days ago
HaleyDewit said …
Hey, guys! I'm having a 20in20 icon contest over in my club and this round is 'Elissa-House at the end of the street' Maybe some of you movie fans would like to participate?

link Posted 5 months ago
hatelarxene said …
* Razzies *
- We need to do something for attention! Do you have any ideas?!
*Random guy*
- What if we nominate two of some of the best actresses for their phenomenal performances?

And that’s the story of how the amazingly talented Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence were nominated for the Razzies.

Disgusting. Posted 6 months ago