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Missing Film Quote from Network (1976)

Howard Beale about Middle-Eastern billionaires
and the American things they own(ed)

« They own a chunk of 5th Avenue,
twenty downtown pieces of Boston,
a part of the Port of New Orleans ;

an industrial park in Salt Lake City,
the Arizona Land & Cattle Company,
the Security Pacific Bank in California,
the Bank of the Commonwealth in Detroit.

They control Aramco [Mobil] - they're all over!
New Jersey - Louisville - St-Louis, Missouri.

And that's only what we know about -
there's a helluva lot more we don't know about,
because all of those Petro-Dollars are washed through
Switzerland and Canada and the biggest banks in this country. »

[ you can't find that quote on the Internet MooVie Database lol ]

 Stormbeach posted over a year ago
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