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News by HollyWoodBigFan posted 1 month ago
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Marianne Bourg
European actress Marianne Bourg is earning some big laughs in America with appearances in Universal Pictures “Neighbors” and the indie-flick “Helicopter Mom.”

A mix of Luxembourgish and French, Marianne studied at the Luxembourg National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Cours Florent in Paris and then at the University of Cambridge before moving to Los Angeles. She recently debuted on the big screen in “Wizardream,” starring Malcolm McDowell, and also appeared in the Japanese film, “Gun Woman.”

Marianne recently took time to answer a few questions about her latest projects.

Holly: Can you tell us about your role in “Neighbors”?

MARIANNE: Sure. I play a sorority girl who supports the main characters, Zac Efron and Dave Franco, in their battle against Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne’s family. In one of the scenes in the movie you can see me buy a very particular item from the frat boys. I can’t mention what the object is exactly, because that would ruin one of the biggest and funniest reveals in the movie.
Review by SentinelPrime89 posted 2 months ago
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Oh my God....zilla! Caught the grand opening of the film and it was epic! It was dark. It was gritty. It was realistic. The CGI was as real as it could possibly get. The story was really good and it fit the kind of story you would find in any of the old Japanese films. The characters were genre cliche'd (soldier, nurse, monster expert, military general) but that's all part of the magic of reliving your childhood.
Also, the action scenes and monster fights were really well-done. The only flaw I saw in the whole film was some dull acting bits, primarily from the lead.
I give this film a 9/10.
Opinion by KotokoAihara posted 3 months ago
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Who will make my list?
This is my first article on this club so I hope you guys like it. Please comment on my article I love reading comments and I respond to them quite quickly. However, please do not insult me or any one with your comments. Now lets begin.

Audrey Hepburn
This girl is iconic! I think is so beautiful and she sings. She aged quite well as well, but its a shame she died in her 60's. A lot people compare her to Elizabeth Taylor, but I think there is no comparison. To me Audrey is so much prettier! I love how she speaks as well. Such memorable quotes from her.

Carla Borelli
I saw her in the Wild Wild West, an old 1960's Tv series. She played as the Aztec Sun Goddess and she is just breathtaking. My dad said she is the prettiest girl on the show and my dad is very picky. Plus this show has lots of pretty ladies.

Spohie Marceau
She was in Braveheart and when I was little I thought she was so pretty. In fact I only watched parts of the movie that she was in. Apparently, she is also in a James Bond movie and you know the Bond girls are almost always attractive. [img3 center,...