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News by HollyWoodBigFan posted 7 days ago
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How many people do you know who can say they landed a distribution deal for their first feature film with one of the biggest companies in the game?

Well, now you can add screenwriter/executive producer TONY GERMINARIO to that short list.

The romantic comedy “Wingman, Inc.,” which recently released on VOD/Digital from Lionsgate/Grindstone, marks Tony’s first feature film as a screenwriter and executive producer. His second film as executive producer is the Christian-drama, “Keep the Faith,” is set to premiere later this year.

So, was it a happy accident, divine intervention or maybe just pure luck? I’m still not sure. But, whatever you call it -- no one can argue that this isn’t a serious roll Tony’s currently on in the film industry.
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted 19 days ago
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Alright,last week I did a list of the top 5 movies that others hate but I like/love,so naturally I wanted to the the opposite.
First,this is all opinion based,and if you happened to like or love any of the movies here,I just want to say that I'm sorry if I hurt you,after all,nothing is without it's haters.
Second,I'm going to include movies on the list that I personally don't enjoy or think they're being over-praised.
Alright so without any further ado,let's do this:

5.The Lion King (1994).
Now first of all,I don't hate this movie,I really don't.I just dislike it on the grounds that nearly every compliment that it gets is an exaggeration of the actual good qualities of the film.The Lion King is by no means a bad movie,I just don't think it's very good.
The story fails to be relatable because the characters aren't believable or sympathetic.The characters are only the most basic archetypes,the love interest and the moral center,the foppish villain,the celebrity comic relief.Nala seems to have little to no character besides telling Simba and Scar off.Mufasa is just a cool father with no faults to make him believable,plus I never...
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted 25 days ago
fan of it?
I personally wanted to do this list but I didn't have time.Now that I have,let's start.
First of all,I will only include 5 because I couldn't find enough information to be said about most of them,so I will only include the 5 movies that I like the most.
Second,I will only include movies that I know it's bad but I enjoy it anyway,movies that I think don't get enough appreciation and movies that I think are over-hated.
And third,this is all opinion based.
So without any further ado,let's get started:

5.Man of Steel (2013).
I personally really like this movie.Now I can understand why many people would call this movie terrible.For instance,I agree that the product placements in this movie are beyond horrendous.But I think the people who hate on it don't really see how good it is.The people say that the characters are boring,but I have to disagree,those characters seem boring to them because they're not as over the top and single noted as the comic book ones and Christopher Reid ones.It's a new kind of Super-man that needs a less cliched character,it needs a tougher and darker out look because we've seen the other Super-man stories...