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Without a paddle let's disscuss the funny bits!  lilmisszoe 0 1019 over a year ago
Without a paddle let's disscuss the funny bits!  lilmisszoe 0 1208 over a year ago
CLOSE THIS TOPIC  ultimatefan 13 1690 over a year ago
A-Z of the movies  miss_little 105 7119 over a year ago
Does anyone here BUY movies?  TheCountess 18 1417 over a year ago
need help on a site...  g3u16 1 1138 over a year ago
Help please!  amberRocks 2 1402 over a year ago
Things You Wouldn't Know Without Movies  berly 19 1512 over a year ago
Last good movie you saw or are watching right now ?  MightyWilliam 16 3326 over a year ago
Did anyone like Valkyrie?  ganondorfslayer 1 1436 over a year ago
Twilight  jennyrules1504 10 1831 over a year ago
MOVIE RE-MAKES  snoopdbg2007 7 1129 over a year ago
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Dream Cast  marissa 2 1584 over a year ago
Attention all Tyler Perry fans in the Los Angeles area!  MarchforMadea 0 1310 over a year ago
Worst Movies of 2007  lindsey2182 11 1646 over a year ago
Movies A-Z  tubby2002 59 3498 over a year ago
Fantastic Four  Jameson 1 1176 over a year ago
Ratatouille or The Simpsons Movie?  ampm 1 1285 over a year ago
A.V. Club's "Worst Movies of the Year of 2008" list  oneshyguy46 8 1380 over a year ago
Movies I have posted  kathiria82 17 1967 over a year ago
Godzilla 3-D  izf 0 1018 over a year ago
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa  thereisano 1 1499 over a year ago
The Punisher: War Zone (2008)  certinora 1 831 over a year ago
Advertise You Movie Spots Here!  judesmommy 1 1383 over a year ago
bond 22  certinora 0 885 over a year ago
Movie Request  smoore23 3 1143 over a year ago
Finding Movie Clips  dramallama56 1 1093 over a year ago
requests  amazondebs 2 1296 over a year ago
A little request from a girl with unusual taste...  ilovehinder 2 1249 over a year ago
please help!  Boothy09 3 1650 over a year ago
Vote in the comic book movie tournament!  Earl-h 0 656 over a year ago
Movies quotes  TMC 1 1266 over a year ago
help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls?  36mystik63 1 870 over a year ago
Whats the name of that movie  adavila 2 813 over a year ago
SPOILER! 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' What did you think?  thecon 5 980 over a year ago
Speed Racer... What did you think?  thecon 2 895 over a year ago
best place to watch movies and tv online?  tvfan5 3 1474 over a year ago
Enter your Movie Spoof Video with Dailymotion for a chance to win a 2008 MTV Movie Award  SSmithNY 1 1752 over a year ago
Videos on Fanpop...  0hKneeKey 1 1546 over a year ago
help anybody?!?!  baebia 6 1756 over a year ago
Do you use random quotes?  Heptephobiac 8 1389 over a year ago
Movie Request?  smoore23 2 1242 over a year ago
What movie is this?  doonis 0 1096 over a year ago
movie lines  dec2404 3 1327 over a year ago
"Cloverfield" discussion (SPOILERS!)  harold 4 1391 over a year ago
Keywords  DrDevience 2 1429 over a year ago
the new james bond movie is called...  amazondebs 3 847 over a year ago
What movies that have been on tape, do you wish they would release on DVD?  TheCountess 0 1109 over a year ago
Problem with video uploading. . . . .  tina_1989 0 851 over a year ago
non-Christmas movies with references in the background  TheCountess 3 1095 over a year ago
JUNO!!!  MJB 2 1314 over a year ago
movies that are not on here  tmoneyxedge 19 1241 over a year ago
Dan in Real Life (with Steve Carell)  charleybrown 4 1192 over a year ago
The Stand - Stephen King (Movie Links)  Dominator 0 1938 over a year ago
'Mr Brooks'  Rachel5658 0 1096 over a year ago
Support Cult Films  daitheflu4u 0 1043 over a year ago
Book to Screen Adaptations  cressida 0 1170 over a year ago
2 questions about Reservoir Dogs (SPOILERS)  Earl-h 0 827 over a year ago
HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHOENIX  xXRizXx 1 1096 over a year ago
armaggedon  duffman1038 3 1558 over a year ago
Peter Pan?  emilee24 1 2012 over a year ago
Movie List in the "Movies Spot"  cressida 15 1879 over a year ago
Running Scared  XGerrardsGirlX 0 1041 over a year ago
Could Someone Get the first episode of ESPN Miniseries The Bronx is Burning on Here  tvman 0 1036 over a year ago
Rat Race  tvman 0 901 over a year ago
About the movies  aleciane 1 1025 over a year ago
how do you  ciaran 0 849 over a year ago
Transformers  fate-late 0 1206 over a year ago
Movies That I Have Posted  aleciane 1 1198 over a year ago
THE COMEDY MOVIES SPOT  ciaran 0 1716 over a year ago
THE DOORS SPOT!  megloveskyle 0 1177 over a year ago
Movies that I have posted  aleciane 0 1339 over a year ago