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cosmiccastaway posted on Oct 15, 2016 at 11:16PM
Coming-of-Age Character Contest:

Rules: ~ Updated 1/11/17

• 7 days/Week to post your picture

• 7 days/Week to vote for the character you like
(Please vote for character, not user, nor yourself)

• Try not to repeat characters
(no big deal if you do)

• Must be square (Ex. 100x100 minimum or 500x500 maximum). No large images, will not appear well on poll.

• No gifs/animated icons

• In your post please state the character's name and the movie or TV show he or she is from so it can be put in the poll.

Character must be between the ages 12-20
(hence the title)

If you have any questions please ask.
Rewards: ~ Updated 1/11/17

1st place: 5 props & Pick next theme (optional)
2nd place: 3 props
3rd Place: 1 prop

I will make sure to send a message to those participating whenever I have posted a new theme and when it's time to vote.

Deadline: 10/22
Theme 1: Artist's Choice/Random

1st Place: makintosh
2nd Place: flowerdrop & nmdis
3rd Place: remy_46

Deadline: 10/29
Theme 2: Halloween Themes 🎃
Pick One: {Vampires, Werewolves, Supernatural, or Horror Movie character}

1st Place: cosmiccastaway
2nd Place: flowerdrop
3rd Place: shenelopefan

Deadline: 11/19
Theme 3: Friendship {Favorite Movie or TV Friendship}

1st Place: cosmiccastaway
2nd Place: Hermione4evr
3rd Place: boytoy_84

Deadline: 12/18
Theme 4: ♫ Character from a Musical or Dancing Movie
{theme by: Hermione4evr}

1st Place: boytoy_84
2nd Place: greyswan618 & Hermione4evr
3rd Place: flowerdrop

Deadline: 1/12
Theme 5: 🏆 Character from a Sports movie
{theme by: boytoy_84}

1st Place: flowerdrop
2nd Place: cosmiccastaway
3rd Place: remy_46

Deadline: 2/4
Theme 6: Battle Scene
{theme by: flowerdrop}

1st Place: greyswan618
2nd Place: cosmiccastaway
3rd Place: boytoy_84, Hermione4evr, mia44, and remy_46

Deadline: 2/26
Theme 7: Prom
{theme by: greyswan618}

1st Place: remy_46
2nd Place: sunshinedany & cosmiccastaway
3rd Place: greyswan618 & boytoy_84

Deadline: 3/20
Theme 8: 1990s {Favorite 90s movie or TV character}
{theme by: remy_46}

1st Place: michaelsmith81 & remy_46
2nd Place: boytoy_84, CABE4ever, greyswan618, cosmiccastaway
3rd Place: none

Deadline: 11/5
Theme 9: Disney Character
Have fun and thanks for participating!
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