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nandacavalieri posted on Mar 06, 2009 at 11:51AM
Many magazines have one, IMDB has its own, and there are even books about it! So why not make a Fanpop top movies list?
It will be voted by Fanpop's users and the most voted movies will get in the list.

.write a list with your favorite/best movies (up to 30) - use numbers in your list to help me counting (for example: 1) Movie Bla; 2) Movie BlaBla...)
.tell your Fanpop buddies, so everyone will have the opportunity to participate
.It can be a foreign movie, but use the English title, please
.If you add a movie that is part of a sequel write which one you mean, if you don't I'll consider just the first one
.Movies with more than one version should have the year they were made written (or atr least if it is the old or new one)
.Do NOT needto be in order

.Any question just ask
.Have fun!

->If anyone else add a list with more than 30 movies, I won't count the extra ones! I know it's hard, but it's the rule, do NOT add more than 30!
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