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daitheflu4u posted on Nov 15, 2007 at 04:48AM
The definition from Wikipedia: "The trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is based on a variation of the concept of the small world phenomenon and states that any actor can be linked through their film roles to actor Kevin Bacon. The game requires a group of players to try to connect any film actor in history to Kevin Bacon as quickly as possible and in as few links as possible."

So do you think you can do it? I will start it off with
Uma Thurman.

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over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
1.Uma Thurmna was in Pulp fiction with
2.John Travolta who was in Phenomenon with
3.Keira Sedgwick who was in (the) Woodsman with Kevin Bacon.................

Next Try Clive Owen
over a year ago shannieannie said…
1. Clive Owen was in Sin City with
2. Michael Clarke Duncan who was in The Green Mile with
3. Tom Hanks who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon..... :)

hmmm... how about James McAvoy next
over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
1.James McAvoy is in Wanted with Angelina Jolie
2.who was in Mr and Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt
3.Brad pitt did Interview with a vampire with Tom Cruise
4.Tom Cruise played in a Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon .

Lets see if anyone can try Drew Barrymore.
over a year ago ineedcoffee said…
1.Drew Barrymore is in "never been kissed" with John C Reilly
2.John C Reilly was in the "the river wild" with Kevin Bacon
over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
How about Corey Feldman?
over a year ago MJB said…
1.Cory Feldman is in "Stand by Me" w/ Kiefer Sutherland
2.Kiefer Sutherland in in Flatliners w/ Kevin Bacon.

How about Harrison Ford?
over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
Harrison Ford- What Lies beneath with
Michelle Pfeiffer- Batman Returns with
Danny Devito- The Oh in Ohio with
Paul Rudd- Clueless with
Alicia Silverstone- Beauty Shop with
Kevin Bacon

Can anyone do Jon Heder?
over a year ago ineedcoffee said…
jon heder with will ferrel in blades of glory
willferrel and queen lathifah in stranger than fiction.
queen latifiah and kevin bacon in beauty shop
over a year ago MightyWilliam said…
John Wayne ?
over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
arrrg,I dont think i can do that one without cheating.
over a year ago LisaS said…
John Wayne - The Train Robbers with
Ann Margret - Santa Claus 3 with
Tim Allen - Toy Story with
Tom Hanks - Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon.

How about Fred Astaire?

over a year ago LisaS said…
Well, I don't want to be the one that ends this game, so:

Fred Astaire - Towering Inferno with
Robert Wagner - Wild Things with Kevin Bacon

And now for something really easy:

Julia Roberts.
over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
phew. I cant really do older actors that well. Julia Roberts did flatliners with kevin bacon.

How about Jessica Tandy
over a year ago LisaS said…
Jessica Tandy's not that much younger than Fred Astaire. Anyway, I'm sure there's a quicker way to get there but this was the easiest for me to find:

Jessica Tandy in The World According to Garp with
Glenn Close in Stepford Wives with
Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain with
Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones Diary with
Colin Firth in Where the Truth lies with
Kevin Bacon

Well, I better not write the next name cos the person I'm thinking of is older than Jessica Tandy. I'll leave it to someone else.
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over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
Jena Malone
over a year ago LisaS said…
Jena Malone in Cold Mountain with
Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones Diary with
Colin Firth in Where the Truth lies with
Kevin Bacon

Sorry, but it was too similar to the one above to resist. I'll definitely leave the rest for others.
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over a year ago daitheflu4u said…
try shirley temple.
over a year ago dazl said…
Shirley Temple was in A Kiss For Corliss with David Niven...
...Who worked with Joanna Lumley in Curse of the Pink Panther...
...who acted with Matt Damon in Eurotrip...
... Matt Damon was in Ocean's Eleven (2001) with Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts was in Flatliners (1990) with Kevin Bacon
over a year ago LisaS said…
How 'bout Charlie Chaplin
over a year ago mod_or_rocker said…
Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times with
Paulette Goddard in Gli Indifferenti with
Claudia Cardinale in And Now...Ladies & Gentlemen with
Jeremy Irons who was in The Magic 7 with
Kevin Bacon
Yay that was hard

Try Charlie Hunnam
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over a year ago thurmanfan08 said…
Charlie Hunnam was in Cold Mountain with
Nicole Kidman who was in Batman Forever with
Tommy Lee Jones who was in JFK with

try Teri Hatcher
over a year ago mod_or_rocker said…
according to they were in a movie called The Big Picture together.

How about...Jason Segel
over a year ago becca85 said…
Jason Segel was in Can't Hardly Wait with
Sean Patrick Thomas who was in Picture Perfect with

Will Smith?
over a year ago Raikoh13 said…
Will Smith in MIB with Tommy Lee Jones who was in JFK with Kevin Bacon

What about Hiroyuki Sanada?
over a year ago becca85 said…
WOW!! I completely forgot about this forum!!
over a year ago Myers666 said…
How about Donald Pleasence