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EllaBlack posted on May 10, 2011 at 06:19PM
So I just randomly came up with this idea of a fun little game/contest we could do.

You start with someone stating the year of their birth, then everyone chooses their favorite movie of that year, then in four days I'll create a pick that lasts the same amount of time and whoever wins will state their birthyear and we'll continue.

1. you can not pick a movie that has already won.
2. if someone wins twice then they wil specify a genre to go along with their year.
3. if someone wins three or more times they will use the birthyear of a relation and state the relation along with the year.
4. if we redo a year, which is bound to happen, everyone has to choose a different favorite movie, and no one can choose the previous winner.
5. two people can't post the same movie (for obvious reasons).
6. Don't lie about the year (it's not any fun that way).


3rd place-one prop
2nd place-two props
1st place-5 props and I will make a special icon of the winning movie

sound fun? hopefully it works out, it's my first time doing a contest so if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to help me out.


1.) [1991]: jlhfan624-Silence of the Lambs
2.) [1987]: Eline_K-Three Men and A Baby
3.) [1991]: Pastagirl-The Addams Family
4.) [1995]: BeautifulN-Toy Story
5.) [1990]: PastaGirl-Home Alone

I'll go ahead and start with my birth year:
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