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EllaBlack posted on May 27, 2011 at 06:04PM
Alright, so here I am with a new game idea lol.

So this is pretty simple, this is a game played off of movie titles, I will throw out a random movie title and then the next person will throw out a new movie title starting with the last word of the previous title.
for example:
Resident Evil...
Evil Dead...
Dead alive...etc

1. each title must sonsist of atleast two words
2. "the" does not count
3. no repeat movie titles
4. if somone gets stumped they can request a pass and if no one else can choose a title the last person will throw ot a random new title
5. cannot end in a name

Alright I'll start, (I'm flipping randomly through my dvd cases to make it fair)

Practical Magic
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