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johnnydlover said …
Disney's The Lone Ranger World Premiere Livestream Posted over a year ago
chuckylover911 said …
Horror fans! I need your help! Sign this petition for us Chucky fans (Child's Play) who want a "to scale" accurate replica of the doll in his unstitched form. Posted over a year ago
big smile
nelly3000 said …
im going to see man of steel on a premiere this friday.cant wait!!!! Posted over a year ago
nelly3000 said …
saw hangover part 3 on saturday fucking awesome of cource alan was hilarious and everyone laughed so much!!!! Posted over a year ago
iva098 said …
If you like you could join these clubs I made:

PLEASE JOIN! Posted over a year ago
Sipal said …
jioned Posted over a year ago
MegaraRider said …
I've started a club for re-tellings of fairy tales, legends and classic stories. Please join. Posted over a year ago
HunterVP said …
I'm guessing that Hollywood ran out of ideas so that's why they do sequels. Posted over a year ago
annale said …
Guys, there are two movies which should be seen: "Iron Man 3" and "Star Trek Into Darkness" *-*
AWESOME :3 Posted over a year ago
mimillama123 commented…
saw both of those they were really good. 10 months ago
nelly3000 said …
part 2
kung fu panda 1,2
how to train your dragon
ledeng of the gurdians
madagascar 1,2,3
chihcken little
shark atle
flushed away
christmas carol
hotel transylvania
corpse pride
frankwenie Posted over a year ago
Candycupcake commented…
I like cars 1, 2 , how to train your dragon, madagascar 1,2,3, kung fu panda and frankenweenie! :) over a year ago