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MegaraRider said …
I've started a club for re-tellings of fairy tales, legends and classic stories. Please join. Posted 11 months ago
HunterVP said …
I'm guessing that Hollywood ran out of ideas so that's why they do sequels. Posted 11 months ago
annale said …
Guys, there are two movies which should be seen: "Iron Man 3" and "Star Trek Into Darkness" *-*
AWESOME :3 Posted 11 months ago
mimillama123 commented…
saw both of those they were really good. 6 months ago
nelly3000 said …
part 2
kung fu panda 1,2
how to train your dragon
ledeng of the gurdians
madagascar 1,2,3
chihcken little
shark atle
flushed away
christmas carol
hotel transylvania
corpse pride
frankwenie Posted 11 months ago
Candycupcake commented…
I like cars 1, 2 , how to train your dragon, madagascar 1,2,3, kung fu panda and frankenweenie! :) 11 months ago
nelly3000 said …
the following llist features some of the coolest and most fun animation movies i have ever seen(as always leave a comment the list will have 2 parts and if some movies have continue like 1 or 2 i wont write the whole tittle because im kinda lazy)lets get started

toy story 1,2,3
spongebob movie
despicable me
the incredables
shrek 1,2,3,4
cars 1,2
open season 1,2
ice age 1,2,3,4

that was part 1 Posted 11 months ago
nelly3000 said …
we have been watching the succesful tv series friends and we just love rachel but before jennifer aniston courtney cox had auditionded for rachel but made the perfect monica after all

now that was all an plzz dont forget to post a comment to say any other role(check last posts) or if u share ur opinion on which of the actors that i mentions should have taken the offer or which actor is better off Posted 11 months ago
nelly3000 said …
who gave audition for the role of bella in twilight but did not make it and the role was finally given to kristen stewart our baby doll from sucker puntch emily browling
an actor that was so much close on getting the role of edward in twillight instead of rob paterson was henry cavill our new man of stell but did not
do u know why we hadnt seen for a long time lindsay lohan because she turned down the hooker role in the hangover thinking it will not be succesful movie but it was Posted 11 months ago
nelly3000 said …
rachels mcadams carrer wasnt going to be that succesful if there wasnt her lead to the movie the notebook but who else had the same luck jessica biel

adrew garfield did a very diffrent peter parker than we imagined and after all this years we became again fans for the spinder man movies because of the amzing spinder man but an other actor who had allmost the role was our kick ass aaron johnson Posted 11 months ago
nelly3000 said …
so im going to write some roles that other actors had the chance of getting but did not the last minute or just turned down the offer(the following which will be written in a diffrent post was all i could thinkof but if u have any other please add in a comment) Posted 11 months ago
Fassmckee said …
Not to ruffle any feathers, but isn"t it racist, to have Johnny Depp play a Native American in the Lone Ranger movie, when it s obvious he isn"t Native American at all? No offense Johnny!!! I love you. Posted 11 months ago
PandaKISS commented…
yeah thats what I thought but apparently he's a quarter Cherokee so I guess hollywood was fine with it, though I don't know if the Cherokee nation will be. 11 months ago