OMG Where do i start she`s so diffrent from the normal kind princesses and i love her personality and how she went to war to protect him she is also very brave and i think she has nice asian eyes and also she saves china and she also makes me laugh with tears espically the matchmaker scene

The Movie is AMAZING it has iconic characters and who could forget the darling mushu and cri kee and the movie is not based on romance but it still is a good disney princess movie.

The Songs
Honor to us all
The first time i heard this songs it was stuck in my head and its a good first song its shows how mulan is not really on the feminie side.

is a heart breaking song it makes me upset and it shows how she does`nt want to pretend to be something she wants.

ill make a man out of you

where do i begin this is my favourite song of all time its so iconic every disney fan will know it and its just so ahh i just cant describe it its just so amazing.

a girl worth fighting for
Love Love Love this songs its so funny and a great sidekick song it must be so awkward for mulan.

Mulan is a great movie and it will always have a special place in my heart its funny and a definate disney classic GO MULAN WOO.