So hi every one, this is my very first article so please forgive me if I blew something. This was actually part of my english portfolio which I made a few months ago. I added few mistakes more after that because it really annoyed me that I couldn't find any big article about Mulan's mistakes with pictures. At least I didn't find such thing in fanpop so now I made one.
I'm sorry the explanations are so short and stupid but I hope you get all mistakes from the pictures. Please tell me if you know some mistakes which I didn't notice. :)

Mulan's notes

Mulan wrote notes on her right arm but when she let Little Brother out it disappeared and later we can see them again. I also found out Mulan used simplified characters which are used in China today though in Mulan's time they didn't exist.
The notes disappears


Mulan's sleeve is clean after she wiped her make-up off.
Amazing make-up

Mushu's gesture

Mushu's line "How 'bout I pop one of your antenna's off and throw it across the yard. Then who's a loser, me or you?" he points Cri Kee when he says "me" and himself when he says "or you".
Can't notice from the picture though

Sword disappears

Mulan's sword disappeared after she threw her shoe to Khan's head.
Probably the sheat drop too?

Mushu's eyes

Mushu's shadow show also his eyes.
Empty head maybe?

Shang's clothes

The gray cloth under Shang's belt is colored black in right picture. It supposed to be like left.
Wrong color

Shang's sword

When Shang orders pick up every grain of rice his sword disappears
He lost his new sword on the day one

Shang's armor

Shang's shoulder armor appears from nowhere for a second and disappears again. That happens twice during the movie.

Shang actually has two slightly different armor

Sword's sheath

Mulan's sword got magically its sheath back before a cart exploded. It also on when the sword dropped on the snow.
Sword is safer in its sheat

Yao's sword

Yao's sword changes its shape when he ran towards avalanche. A other times it's the same as e.g. Chien Po's.
Sword changes with his mood

Mushu's tail

Mushu's tail changes its colour in one scene. On DVD the filmmakers said it was changed because when they designed Mushu's color one of them wanted Mushu's tail to be blue. Though his/her wish didn't happen they add one scene for that person where Mushu's tail was blue.
Nice color actually


Mulan's helmet design changes little bit during movie. The marked square in the pictures show a small difference.
Weird helmet, I wonder how Shang found it?

Imperial City

Background artists painted Imperial City from a different perspective in a same scene.
City run away from Shan Yu

Emperor's clothes

The emperor's chest and his belt switch colors one time.
Wrong color again

Mulan's fan

Mulan has a green fan inside the place but on the roof she has a yellow.
Again wrong color... or two fan

Saving emperor

Chien Po left first with emperor but Yao and Ling were on the ground before him.
Ladies first

Shang is unconscious

Shan Yu throws Shang on his back but after Mulan cut the line he is lying on his stomach. His left foot also moved between the top two pictures.
Shang can't be stationary

Thanks for reading :)