My Fav Moments (Part5)
My Fav Mulder & Scully Moments These Are The Reasons Why I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Them So Much All My Fav Moments From :

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

XFiles:Fight The Future

Season 6
Season 7
Season 8
Season 9

XFiles:I Want To Believe

This Is Part Five Of There Best Moments



Season Five TRATB # ~ Scully : I Followed You
Season Five Folie A Deux # ~ Scully Holds Mulders Hand
Season Five The End # ~ (Scully Jealous) Scully See's Mulder And Diana Together And Is Kind Of Heartbroken
XFiles : FTF # ~ Scully Plays A Trick On Mulder - Scully : I Had You Big Time
XFiles : FTF # ~ Scully : If I Quit Now They Win
Season Six Dreamland # ~ Even That Yougurt Thing? That Is So You , That Is So Scully. You Havent Changed Thats SomeWhat Conforting
Season Six Dremland II # ~ Scully : I'd Kiss You If You Werent So Damb Ugly . (Mulder in Someone Elses Body)
Season Six HTGSC # ~ Scully - Mulder Shes Wearing My Outfit - Mulder : How Embrassing
Season Six HTGSC # ~ Mulder & Scully Give Each Other X-Mas Presents
Season Six The Rain King # ~ Scully Touches Mulders Hair
Season Six Tirthonus # ~ Mulder Holds Scullys Hand While Shes In Hosptail
Season Six Two Fathers # ~ Mulder : Hey Home Girl , Word Up???
Season Six Agua Mala # ~ If Agent Scully Hadnt Been There With You , I Shudder To Think What Would Of Happend , I'd Say You Owe Her Your Life
Season Six Monday # ~ Scully Holds Mulder In Her Arms After Hes Been Shot
Season Six Arcadia # ~ Mulder : Lets Get It On Honey
Season Six Arcadia # ~ Mulder : It Was Wonderfull, We Spooned Up And Fell Asleep Like Little Baby Cats , Isnt That Right , Honeybunch??? - Scully : Thats Right , PoopyHead!
Season Six Arcadia # ~ Mulder Leans In To Kiss Scully
Season Six Arcadia # ~ Mulder Jumps When He See's Scully In Her Face Mask
Season Six Alpha # ~ Mulder Wakes Scully Up By Touching Her Face
Season Six Trevor # ~ Mulder : Dear Diary , My Hear Lept Today When Agent Scully Suggested Sponanous Human Combustion