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Munro Chambers whats your fave character on DeGrassi:The Boilinq Point

73 fans picked:
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ELi GoldsWorthy
Holly J SinClare
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 MrszMunroC posted over a year ago
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lauren13yrs picked ELi GoldsWorthy
lauren13yrs picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
eli is so hot!!! his smile is so cute.
posted over a year ago.
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girlsruleearth picked ELi GoldsWorthy
girlsruleearth picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
i completely agree with what u u said lauren13yrs, and i love his cool,sarcastic,emo,witty,and kind personality. =) (I can go on forever with Eli's personality, and his looks, but just named a few hot things bout his personality. <3 ELI <3
posted over a year ago.
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DegrassiClare12 picked ELi GoldsWorthy
DegrassiClare12 picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
Why does there have to be only one Eli in the world???? 8D
posted over a year ago.
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twilightlover17 picked ELi GoldsWorthy
twilightlover17 picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
Eli<333333333333 but Clare comes in a close second =)...
posted over a year ago.
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larrah111 picked ELi GoldsWorthy
larrah111 picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
Eli of course!!! Sooooooooo hawt XD
posted over a year ago.
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MSQuadee picked ELi GoldsWorthy
MSQuadee picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
eli of course y not
posted over a year ago.
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EmCon picked ELi GoldsWorthy
EmCon picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
uh yeah totally! then clare, then holly j, then kc, but thats on the list, other people that arent on the list, i would pick over kc. and thats ALOT of people
posted over a year ago.
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dino-slayer picked ELi GoldsWorthy
dino-slayer picked ELi GoldsWorthy:
he is so hot the guy liner makes him even hotter!
posted over a year ago.