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1.04 Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
1.04 Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
1.04 Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
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1.01 "Power"... Part 1
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The fans pick: I can't wait!!
I can't wait!!
Kind of
The fans pick: Detective William Murdoch
Detective William Murdoch
Constable George Crabtree
The fans pick: Never Seen It
Never Seen It
It was interesting.
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big smile
toshiba_AC said …
Finale tonite!!! Posted 6 months ago
scrubby21 said …
Horrible finale!! what the hell was that? i don't know if i want to watch the show anymore. assuming of course it even gets renewed. Posted over a year ago
NarcissaXLucius commented…
Then don't watch it, don't tell us your problems, all of us LOYAL fans will keep watching. over a year ago
flamingfeline said …
I haven't watched TV for at least 5 years - Detective Murdoch et al have me HOOKED!!! Love it!! Posted over a year ago